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  1. I also don't get the "Roy was human, he should be able to run" argument, for the simple fact is, Jason until after part 4 was also human. Should Jasons 2, 3 and 4 therefore all be able to run too? See, if you solve one problem, ten more pop up... But Roy gets run, I think, to compensate for less shift and morph. That I totally agree with; Roy is human, but not supernatural; Jason ought to have the best shift, morph and sense, thus.
  2. Seven months ago, this game was so fun to play we blew the servers up. Jason was a force, and used to scare people. Now Jason is a farce.
  3. looks up, sees no patch today "OK Jason, we'll see ya later, now." goes back to streaming pr0n
  4. My point was, it's the inevitable Law of Diminishing Returns™ that hits every franchise. The producers get drunk with power and start making shitty (movies, games) just based on their name, usually because they farm out the actual work which they once did to lesser people. But I do agree with you, maybe they should remove Jason entirely, because the way he is now insults us "purists."
  5. Anybody noticing how this game is following the same path the sequels did? As in, each successive movie (or patch in the game's case) is diluting the strength of the original? I've played since May 26th, my birthday, and couldn't have asked for a better present. The game was new and exciting and fun, the trolls were mainly still under their respective bridges, and there was laughter and screaming... and people actually feared Jason. Going on 6 months later, it's like we're already making "Jason Goes to Hell 2, or: How to Kill A Dead Franchise to Death." I haven't played in several days, but last time I did I was so bored I left after only one match. I found the keys, dropped them off at the 4-seater unmolested, found the fuse, repaired it unmolested (and I'm playing as Jenny, mind), called the cops -- again, do I have to say it? UNMOLESTED! -- and escaped when they showed. It's like a Paint-By-Numbers™ velvet Elvis out there now, it's easy, takes very little skill, and even the worst painter can do it. History always repeats.
  6. Had one I got early on that was 37% and 0; when they nerfed it, now it's at 17 and 0, and I never touched or re-rolled. Perks are disastrously, hilariously bad when it comes to being a CP drain.
  7. This is true. But when I'm Jason and up against a true team, that just makes me step my game up too, though to tell you the truth it kinda makes me nauseous when I go into full-out merciless serial killer mode. Really takes the fun out of the game when it seems like mechanical execution all around.
  8. Gotta roll with Vanessa on this one. She's loud, so I never worry about finding her, it's just like Tortoise v. Hare when I do. And you know who wins that race.
  9. You just said the magic words, Ralph: if the team was (or is) cooperating. Because if you are on a team of cooperating individuals, each counselor picks up the other's slack if they all stick together. They're unstoppable, really; Jason hasn't a chance! I know, as I had it done to me once when I was Jason. All 7 counselors worked as a team, stayed together, got in the cars... and literally held me hostage while they did so, as 2 or 3 encircled me and stunned me every time I tried to move (or shift -- morph was all I could do, pretty much). And talked mucho shit while they did it, that's the worst thing.
  10. I'm sure he hates the franchise every time he cashes his residual checks.
  11. As much of a fan as I am of Deb's and Kenny's costumes, I've gotta go with LaChappa here.
  12. While I understand these are in-game mechanics we're talking about, if you watch the movies from 1-4 Pamela and Jason BOTH had to be able to move supernaturally just to catch anybody. So they had to have some sort of abilities normal humans don't have, whether called Shift, Morph, etc., or not called anything at all, the point is, before Jason was "dead" he could still be in about 3 places at once, it seemed. And, if we're sticking with lore/canon, none of these were truly explainable until they threw in the possession caveat in Part 9, until then nobody thought much about it. I'm still sticking to my opinion that Part 5 was just horribly, lazily written, edited by monkeys, and there's no way Roy should have been able to copycat Jason effectively. So in answer to @Dandan10, yes, I would say no, because there was never any mention of Roy being possessed by Jason in the movie -- christ, if ANYONE was possessed it was TOMMY -- but there's just simply no way Roy could or should have Jason's powers. Speaking of Tommy, if Roy is put in-game, his stats ought to be more like Tommy's, be maxed out on everything... but still only a dude (albeit one seriously angry). After all, who's the only one who can kill Jason in-game? So don't you think putting Tommy's stats on Roy, as Jason, would be doable? Because Tommy has got to be Jason-level to be able to kill him, thinking it through further; and that way, if Roy was the Kenny of all Jasons, I wouldn't say that was wrong -- but Shift and stuff? Roy shouldn't have those. Stalk, for sure, and Sense, but not Shift or Morph. I can also go with, Roy would probably be the fastest runner of all, which would mitigate the loss of S&M (you see what I did there?). As for the Morph loss, though, I think maybe we'd need to give Roy a Segway or something, I'm open to suggestions on that.
  13. Since Roy was a madman, it's only logical he would have increased strength. He also ought to be able, therefore, to be superhuman in his movement and kills. But when it comes to supernatural abilities, like Shift and Morph, he mustn't have any, because he's still only human. Maybe Danny Steinmann was too busy playing with his film roll (ha!) while he drooled all over Debisue Voorhees in her soft-core blanket romp out in the woods (Steinmann bemused a lot of the cast by spending an inordinate amount of time shooting the nude scene; the word "sleazy" is used to describe him from several of them) to have noticed, or cared, that Roy was no Jason. And it is simply poor quality writing that Roy could be across the camp in seconds, it's ludicrous, but in order to set up the next kill he had to be there to do it, so... he was. Is it not apparent to anyone else that Part 5 was never supposed to fit into the Jason canon because it wasn't Jason? I'm actually glad Part 5 didn't lead to a "new" Jason, because based on its terrible execution (pardon the pun) all the latter sequels would have had a tough time trying to retcon its mistakes (which were hard enough to do with the "canon" F13's after 5). So if Roy ever does get into this game, I don't see any way he would or could have the same powers as the real Jason.
  14. A very smart move, tying the two franchises together like that. Well done Gun! You do have to wonder, though, who refers these kids to Neil. It's not like he's got a track record like Dr. Kildare.
  15. Maybe they should try those stats with Roy. I mean, other than being a lunatic (with the strength of one), what did he really do that was more than just meh? Since they have Kenny for counselors, Roy ought to be the counter-balance for Jasons. Though I'm still really pissed at Roy for hedge-trimming Debisue Voorhees' eyes -- totally uncalled for (and misogynistic)!
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