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  1. Since the game has started getting patched again one of the last things the devs did before going on hiatus from the lawsuit was removing the workaround allowing Ultrawide players to play without a zoomed in screen. Is there any chance that this can be re-added or at the very last have official support given, I understand the point being that having such a huge FOV from before could give an advantage but a compromise besides a zoomed in screen would be ideal, currently I just run the game in 1920x1080 but it would be nice to enjoy the game with every pixel on my monitor. What the game used to look like (bonus clothing glitch they patched and reset as-well :(.) Current 2560x1080 the screen zooms in quite a bit. Current 1920x1080
  2. Stalk honestly needs to just be built into Jason from the get go and always active when not in chase, plus making it his last ability unlock is dumb as it would be most powerful early game when councilors are careless.
  3. Except when it was made available for purchase on PS4, and Ebay, and for free on Xbox One...
  4. Savini Jason is worthless to backers everyone and their mother has him now. Give us something new to make people salty.
  5. I've never been killed as Jason but I only have a little over a hundred matches with him. They have made things easier for counselors with the addition of the axe kill for Tommy, double stuns as-well. If i'm in a lobby with Jason hunters first thing I do before leaving the shack is place a trap at the front door. Somebody will always set it off and they feel my wrath, they can either A, waste the sweater or B, get slashed to death by mommas head. Although at this point in the games lifecycle killing Jason should be revamped into something more interesting. They should have made Jason killing a special event for Friday the 13th, game anniversary or other notable days with various new ways to kill him being exclusive to the date. IE kill Jason in the graveyard with the special dagger after knocking his mask off, chain him underwater. Things like that, killing him shouldn't be a normal occurrence you see every 10-20 matches but something rare, special, and rewarding.
  6. Not release week and i don't recall even running into anyone with it for the first month but yes Thick Skin was ridiculous before the nerf, I'm glad I got all my Epics early on as getting those same perks now seems almost impossible considering how much CP I spent trying to get Legendaries and barely getting any decent epics.
  7. THICK SKIN - Nobody had this perk, if Jason hit you with a knife you were in for a world of hurt, if he trapped the phone you weren't going to run onto unless you had a medspray. He could easily slash you and negate your pocketknives. Nobody knew the meta either, plus he had Mr fantastic grab range and if you were in a cabin with him he'd get you.
  8. In a perfect world Retro Jason wouldn't even be in the game but at-least it's better then what we currently have IMO. Only trolls use him or mic spammers from my experience anyways.
  9. This is how I think a retro match should look for everyone compared to the original.
  10. Retro Jason is in a weird place in comparison to the rest of the games artstyle, he needs his own intro and explanation as to why he looks like Barney. Show the counselors eating some Mushrooms or doing Acid around the campfire in his opening cutscene along with a saturated retro overlay turning everything blue/purple would be great. Then a big purple Jason cracking backs and chopping off limbs makes sense and turn the game match into an interesting experience vs an out of place meme one.
  11. That's why I propose just a recolor of Savini, the old ones can stay in circulation but the new one can be resent out to backers.
  12. That's why in my other thread I said just forget about normal Savini he is already tainted, let people use him, his weapon whatever as he's inherently worthless to backers since anyone and their mother could have got their hands on him if they were in the right place at the right time. Release something new for backers since I agree, there is no proper way to remove the character without a shitstorm brewing. Both parties can walk away happy if done right, backers won't feel betrayed/let down and have something actually worth showing that we helped create the game and get it off it's feet during it's infancy.
  13. They can very easily simply disable the current codes in circulation and resend new codes through email. As you can see by my thread lock they don't even want people discussing how many illegitimate Savini's are actually out there and I'd argue there are far more people who have got them by XBOX or PS4 Marketplace glitches then there are people who actually backed the game. I just wokeup and didn't get a chance to respond I want the devs to release something for backers that hasn't been tainted by someone with a code generator or Microsoft/Sony incompetence. Hence Blue Flame Savini sent out to backers, only one code so those that purchased 10-20 trying to make a profit won't, it could be considered free and not paid for as regular Savini was what was paid for so people who purchased multiple codes have no ground to stand on when they can't sell multiple ones.
  14. The only way to fix the glitch is by killing him, nobody is going to wait 15 minutes just so that person "stuck" at the car can escape. Either know the risk you take by getting in that drivers seat or don't let Jason crash the car while your driving it. Until it's bug-fixed know the risk and see if it's worth the reward of escaping by vehicle.
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