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  1. I tried this, didn't work there. Unless it's fixed now. Had to join my friend's game to get out of the menu with the Jasons.
  2. It kinda stinks that I can't select my Jason kills, but other than that, I don't really mind. I'm getting better at playing counselors and playing as Jason, knowing what to look out for both sight wise and hearing wise.
  3. I also sometimes use the steam name Miccia, so if you ever see that name, that's me as well! (Accidentally used the code on the wrong account )
  4. I'd say that the YouTubers revealing how to do it ONE WAY is fine. There are probably many ways to kill Jason and that was the first to be discovered. Why would they make some Jason's weaker in the health department if there wasn't multiple ways?
  5. Always fun to murder your friends. Too bad I don't have friends to murder
  6. Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone. I am Macho Deadpool, same as my steam name. Been a fan of Jason for a long time coming now, and I thought I'd introduce myself, seeing as how I may be surviving with ya or killing ya one day. My counselor main will probably be AJ and my Jason mains will be part 3 and part 6.
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