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  1. I agree, I am either taking a break to see if the grab gets changed back or I might change my preference to counselor which sucks because I loved being Jason before this. The items being on the map was more then enough of a buff for the counselors not to mention Jason cant see them so there was absolutely no need to nerf his grab. Could care less about the traps, that change is fine.
  2. I love being Jason but now I might Switch my preference to counsler unless some changes are made or I’ll just stop playing if it stays like this. I’ll copy and paste what I just put in another post.... Grab range was nerfed way to much! That on top of seeing dropped items on the map is to much. Jason is supposed to be over powered and he’s not now. Counslers have it way to good now. I don’t mind the map item change but the grab range needs to go back if they are keeping it like that...trap change is no big deal.... and also when a counsler animation is happening g through a window if I’m right there swinging my weapon with Jason it should hit them
  3. Grab range was nerfed way to much! That on top of seeing dropped items on the map is to much. Jason is supposed to be over powered and he’s not now. Don’t mind the map item change but the grab range needs to go back if they are keeping it like that
  4. Ive seen a few comments like this and gimme a break, it ruins nothing, they look great and I was thrilled when I saw this last night. Halloween is my favorite holiday and this is my favorite time of year and wearing Halloween costumes in a Friday the 13th game is perfect. Gun - Good job and don't listen to these people.....fix the servers and disconnects!! Punish the host big time at least with negative XP or something for now if they leave.
  5. Love this, will buy tomorrow....people complaining gimme a break.
  6. Before anything else, this is past the point of annoying and needs to be fixed ASAP
  7. Tiffany keeps messing up, she is invisible on the character select screen and if I choose her she is invisible in game too!! ..... and just now same thing with Chad and 2 nights ago Vanessa. Really annoying
  8. I was Tiffany and I was invisible the whole match and could only see my weapon etc... never seen that before ..... 2nd match same thing wtf ..... and I just noticed in the player select screen Vanessa and Tiffany are invisible there too and everyone else isn’t so when I switched my character to someone else it worked normal in game. So right now I can’t be Tiffany which sucks.... people could see me in game however I just can’t see myself..... one more thing just now someone else was invisible in game and I only saw them because I could see floating gas can, weird because when I was invisible people said they could see me
  9. Glad there's a new map but not sure how I feel about it yet I need more time. Definitely seems the most challenging, its very big and things are spaced out, hope we get a small version. People keep quitting too, FIX THE HOST MIGRATION OR DEDICATED SERVERS
  10. I bought this morning before work, ill continue to support little transactions like this as long as they keep updating and improving the game....any confirmation that when dancing for example it doesn't effect stealth?
  11. Glad its all maps and having the option to turn on and off would be nice and hopefully in public matches you can too.....I know this is obvious and should happen but love how when inside the rain is quiet but can still hear it....good job
  12. Rain and lightning look and sound amazing, much better then I thought it would and I hope it comes up often, I played 6-7 matches and only got it once. Is it just random on the Jarvis map or all maps? Would love for them to ad a setting for private match at least that we can turn the rain on and off. Love all the stuff coming and support just fix the host migration or dedicated servers because that is still very frustrating
  13. Since the update was early how about this on Friday the 13th, won’t happen but would be a nice surprise.
  14. New map is prett hard.... probably need to just get used to it but 6-7 matches and I found no propeller or gas and just hard to get around... definitely the toughest map for Jason..... rain looks and sounds great though so nice job on that and I hope we have rain on other maps too not just Jarvis
  15. Wish the double xp started early too, I’m only 33 and I’m dying to try the new Jason rain? Haven’t seen it yet, is it just in the new map or is it all maps and random?
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