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  1. If you try to drop a large item and you get hit during the animation you will not be able to drop the item anymore. Only picking up another large item fixes the bug. I had it happen when I got hit by a knife. I don't know if it will happen with a melee swing as well.
  2. I've asked tons of questions through twitter, but they have only responded on some bug and exploit reports. When they did respond..... They're response wasn't always filled with intelligence.
  3. Would be nice to hear their official stance on shift-grabbing and shift-attacking. The forum is very divided on this. All I heard is an unconfirmed source of something they said after the beta, so we can't use that info. I'm going to tweet this thread to them. Others should too.
  4. A player was able to get on top of the southeast exit of Packanack. He was already out of bounds there. He dropped off the back of it and was standing inside the exit where Jason can't touch him, not even with throwing knives.
  5. This is not what this discussion is about. This thread is not really even a discussion at all. This thread is just another one to make sure that the devs know of these problems they haven't fixed yet.
  6. If you had bothered quoting my entire post you would know I actually put an explanation in there for exactly that. Also, not everything has to make 100% sense. It also doesn't make sense that he can appear out of thin air, yet you are a great supporter of shift-grabbing. Stop contradicting yourself so much and learn that it's a game, and sometimes, you have to think about balance and fairness and not about bragging that you can push a button 100 times in a second manually(which no one believes by the way).
  7. Or you make combat stance attacks deal less damage to doors. People can still use combat stance if they want and the time it takes to bust a door goes back to the time the devs had planned. They actually should make it take a bit longer in combat stance. Swinging to chop down a door is different compared to swinging in combat, so the hacks would not be as effective. On the balance side of things, if they were to take the same amount of time, combat stance would still be better, because it allows you to react faster after a swing.
  8. The amount of time his weapon gets stuck is dismiss-able. Why even bother putting an animation in the game if the other way is simply faster. It's clearly an unfixed exploit. I feel like he should only be able to block flare gun shots if he's actually blocking, I don't know if that is currently the case. As for lock on, all they have to do is give us a target switch button, because right not it's just the worst thing ever.
  9. In my opinion we should also get rid of shift-melee, but what you say is not entirely correct. With people getting epic damage resistance, it takes a good amount of swings to slow down a survivor. I also think Voorheesajollygoodfellow's argument is BS. A small delay of 0.5 seconds is all that's needed. With this Jason can still kill everyone without hitting/grabbing straight out of a shift. Sometimes you will have to drain their stamina, yes, but why is that bad that that is there?
  10. I'll admit that I haven't read through all the posts so if this has been posted, I'm sorry. This poll is lacking. I personally feel like counsellors shouldn't be able to struggle, but Jason shouldn't be able to instakill. I feel a slightly longer delay before killing is enough(and I'm talking 0.5-1 second here) to make hitting Jason more manageable when he picks someone up. In return I do not want people to be able to escape on their own unless they have a pocket knife. Of course this would make composure less useful. I do not have an answer to this just yet.
  11. I have thought something similar. The headpunch kill is clearly superior since it doesn't require a lot of space and is incredibly short.
  12. Sorry to side-track but this is exactly why we should get rid of shift-grab. Vanessa is there to be able to distract Jason. A good Jason will not waste his time early on with plenty of other targets around. And Vanessa can use her speed to move items to where they need to be.(like someone else said they used Vanessa(very smart)) But instead he can completely counter the possible usefulness of Vanessa by just doing the shift-grab... If you only face Vanessa's though, that can be annoying if they are good, but they'll have a hard time actually doing objectives. This is where traps become very useful.
  13. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA So that's why the lake rock exploit is in the game? Because the devs wanted it to be? That's why the flying bug is in the game? Because the devs wanted it to be? That's why the VR bug was in the game on launch? Because the devs wanted it to be. This is the worst kind of reasoning. Completely faulty. Just about whatever you have said and will say will fall on deaf ears now. This just proves your thinking prowess aren't up to par.
  14. Once again, I prove every single game I am Jason that it doesn't. And I have not just faced bad counsellors. Some of them are good and cooperate. You say you can't get through to me with your info, but I just know it's wrong, because I never shift-grab and shift-attack, yet I wipe the board. This proves that the game won't be ruined by it. Maybe the Jason players need to get better that they don't have to rely on shift-grabbing or shift-attacking.
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