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  1. Stop doing this shit in public matches. Take your ass to private match, I don't fell like looking at you grind for xp/cp for 6 minutes
  2. It's a laptop , right? Yes, You can run it safely, like most games on laptops. It will make your pc run super hot but it should be ok. It could crash if you running lots of shit in the background
  3. I don't have a problem with the underage kids. As long as they're cool and don't act like asses. I was 8 or 9 when I saw the Friday the 13th part 4 but I was a child of the late 70's. The real problem is the 15 to 25-year-olds 4chan /b./ trolls.
  4. People have to understand, we're talking about the game launch. Not if the game was good or bad. Is this game fantastic and maybe one of the best games in 2017? Yes!! Did the game launch turn into being a huge fail? Yes!! I would still recommend this game to friends but I would them pick it up in a couple months. Because of the server problems and bug. It's great but this has been a nightmare for us and the Devs.
  5. Both are Karma for buying a console, Hahaha! PC Master ...
  6. Seriously?!

    All this stuff can be fixed, I'm just happening it doesn't take the rest of month. Sad, Because the game is actually good.
  7. Like please no..Just no.. Don't be a snowflake
  8. Level 0

    Oh, Shit!!! It's Back!!! Time to kill people ....Thank You!!!
  9. Also you didn't answer the question. What should we do or what should Gun Media do?
  10. I don't care if they kick me out. Why would I want to play with them anyway?
  11. Status Right Now

    Yes, Get some coffee, cigs , tell the wife and kids you're not coming home this weekend, get some Stimulants off the street corner. I don't care, get this shit done. I believe in you guys.
  12. What just blocking people like that? Or something like that. I just like away so I can block them and never to play with them. That's all, I really don't feel like putting up with bullshit. Or Kicking them out of the party and making them lose xp for friendly fire. If you keep doing you lose half of your xp you could have gained during the match.
  13. So, You think we should do nothing? If like playing with assholes, cool... But I would most likely quit if it gets too bad.