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  1. I wish more people would understand this, if I didn't care about the game and didn't want it to do well, I wouldn't waste my time complaining.
  2. That could be true, for a little while at least. For people who still have a place in their hearts for this game, I hope you're right and I'm wrong.
  3. Oh I'm sorry, I'll keep my opinions to myself unless they're praising and glorifying the game.
  4. Another pubs/devs team didn't give me this *broken game. Fixed.
  5. Bottom of the barrel with the majority of them. It had great potential but has been a non-stop shitfest. Whoever put this in the same tier as GoldenEye N64 is downright delusional.
  6. In 20 years? Maybe. Anytime soon? Hell no. Unless they can magically become a competant team over night, I'd expect more of the same shit all over again from this dev team.
  7. Right. I try to learn from my mistakes, not repeat them. I would honestly be pretty dissappointed with myself if I jumped on board this teams next project, after the hot mess and bullsh*t state this game was in for it's whole first year of existance.
  8. I've done it before, but never on purpose. Just had a match where I was trying to collect some councilors in the 4-seater as Tommy, thought they were all in and backed right into an AJ. Poor thing, hope they could tell it was accidental. The lag that match wasn't helping matters, was trying to defend people as Tommy and the swings werent registering, one minute, literally a whole minute later, i was teleported to some random spot on the map and was like .... huh?
  9. I have purchased all of the previous dlc but I'm finally utilizing my self control and NOT buying this one, at least for now. I can't justify giving the developers any more of my money when this game is still a hot mess after a year.
  10. Yeah, trying to implement a punishment system when they're game isn't even in a reliable state is such a joke. It's what I've come to expect from these people though. I think I'm finally calling it quits with this game, I held out hope that the new big update would set things on the right track, but I should have known better.
  11. Not saying anyone in specific, I just mean in general.
  12. I'd rather be honest with my opinions on the game and hope that one day it will be better. Rather than blow smoke up the devs arse and sugarcoat blatant issues. I want this game to reach it's potential, if I didn't then I wouldn't care about it's issues.
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