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  1. UntilDawna

    Come on guys

    Not saying anyone in specific, I just mean in general.
  2. UntilDawna

    Come on guys

    I'd rather be honest with my opinions on the game and hope that one day it will be better. Rather than blow smoke up the devs arse and sugarcoat blatant issues. I want this game to reach it's potential, if I didn't then I wouldn't care about it's issues.
  3. UntilDawna

    About the graphics...

    I honestly don't think it looks any better, arguably worse actually.
  4. The unicorn blood and multitude of past bugs/glitches have me convinced they don't even test their own game thoroughly. Not to mention bugs that have been in the game for a long time now.
  5. Meh, good for a night, maybe it will be better if they add more chapters in the future. As it is with only the ten, I see this going the route of the Virtual Cabin, people liked it at first, but then once you complete it there's not much to keep people coming back. It's not like they present much of a challenge, go here press x, go here press x, etc. Really glad you're loving it though! I've enjoyed some of the kills.
  6. UntilDawna

    Patch broke game

    I'm experiencing a lot of audio issues, like sounds and such missing.
  7. Hate to be that person, but I will... They look so frumpy, rather underwhelming. But at least she's here!
  8. UntilDawna

    2nd crowd fund

    I try not to make the same mistake twice.
  9. Burger King has tofu burgers though All kidding aside, I suppose I can understand where you're coming from to a certain degree. This is a F13 forum after all, so for fans of the game I guess I can understand how it could be annoying having people come on here praising the competition. Like I said before I personally think F13 is a funner game when it actually works properly, who knows maybe once they get it all worked out(I hope) I'll be on here defending this game with you. I'm really pulling for this game despite my legitimate doubts.
  10. Look, I get it, you love this game. That;s great I'm glad you enjoy it. But with this defense you just sound silly or like some kind of, what is it again, white knight? Yeah I think that's it. I PERSONALLY think F13 is more fun than Dbd, WHEN it actually works properly! I find it hard to pretend this game is somehow miles ahead of it's competitor, one game is actually complete, the other has been in various stages of hot mess ever since it's(shitty) release. Having kills doesn't magically erase all of the shit that's wrong with the game.
  11. I see you spitting this out a lot, as if it's the end all be all to support which game is better, which is silly. I'll take a game that works over one that is still, since it's launch, a bug and glitch riddled mess. Friday the 13th has always felt like an early access game, and for a game that isn't early access... yeah not so cool. I prefer when a game I paid money for can actually be played reliably.
  12. Would never expect this to happen but for some odd reason I'd love to see.Jess Bradford (Black Christmas).
  13. UntilDawna

    Is Mitch crap or just underrated?

    Yeah that's why I never sweat it if some of the characters just aren't for me, plenty of options for everyone. I may hate playing as them but I'm glad others can enjoy them.
  14. UntilDawna

    Is Mitch crap or just underrated?

    Mitch, Lachappa, and Shelly are the three I can't stand to play as and the reason I stopped playing on random. Mitch to a much lesser degree than the other two, I'd play as him over Lachappa and Shelly any day. They're just not for me.