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  1. Personally, because apparently I love to give myself false hope, I try to hang in there and wait for the game to improve. I think it has some good qualities and some great potential, but considering it's been such a hot mess ever since it's release and not much has helped to fix that, I should just accept the fact that it's always going to be an amateur pile of feces and move on.
  2. How is Balance?

    Balance? What's that?
  3. Also a Tiffany main and the amount of matches that I have to repair almost everything on my own because the repairers don't do shit is unbelievable. Even worse when you give them the repair parts and they just stand there or run around like an idiot not doing anything helpful.
  4. Slowly over time I've let go of most of my glitched outfits. But I will never change A.J.'s skull swimsuit or Jenny's fashionably ripped swimwear bottoms.
  5. Are you a Rando?

    I played on rando counselor for a couple of months, it was fun once it stopped giving me Lachappa every round. Now I'm back to maining Tiffany.
  6. Jason is a freaking joke.

    Whoa man chill, I'm not defending the current state of Jason in the game, just that the force grab was cheap af and doesn't need to make it's return.
  7. Jason is a freaking joke.

    These are absolutely ridiculous. You clearly don't give a shit about balance in the game, just what can make your time as Jason require as little effort as possible. Yes Jason could use some buffs, but going from one extreme to another is not an ideal way to fix things. -One second stuns? What's the fucking point even having stun in the game then? -Actually this one is not a bad idea. -What's the point of having med sprays that take so long to use? If you're limping and need to heal with Jason right on your ass good luck getting away from him for long enough to heal. Health sprays become rather useless. Fun. -Why the hell would counselors just up and drop their weapons with 100% fear? That's just stupid, if anything someone who is THAT scared would likely be gripping their weapon even tighter. -Just no, actually you know what? The car part isn't a completely bad idea, but one stop and the car is dead is a little much. The cars should be more prone to being destroyed from multiple crashes than it currently is. But making every possible escape a simple 1 time destroy and their gone sort of thing is just wack. Jason could easily destroy any chance of escape. But I guess that's exactly what you want. -If pocket knives were to require a skill check then grab kills should as well. I know I know, that defeats your whole purpose. You don't want pocket knives to be instantly used but you sure do want those instant grab kills.
  8. The disastrous hit detection and bugs are not exclusive to Jason (though I think the hit detection is worse for Jason). Those absoltely need to be fixed. His grab could use a bit of tweaking, but he doesn't need his ridiculous force grab restored.
  9. Jason is a freaking joke.

    It didn't make him scary, it made him feel cheap.
  10. My bad I think I misread you as saying 1 pocket knife. 3 is OK. 7 is probably too many. I think 5 would be just right.
  11. Now that's just ridiculous. Going from one extreme to another is a silly way to 'improve' things. People exaggerate immensely when it comes to pocket knives, if there's so many damn knives all the time there would be at the very least a good handful of vids to prove it already. Until there's just one or none at all people will continue to bitch about this.
  12. Twas a great ending. They get so bent out of shape over it lol.