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  1. Mine would be quite similar (I've planned this out before as I am a writer and at one point wanted to write a fun little slasher story using the councilors, but never got around to it as Fan-Fic has never really been my thing) I excluded Fox since she's already dead in the canon, as well as Tommy since I didn't want to use an already well established character (Though he was going to have a cameo near the end). 1) Mitch. A friend of A.J. who only showed up to deliver some weed to her. Ends up smoking a joint in Jason's shack with A.J. and Adam before they head back to the main cabin. Mitch stays in the shack to finish his joint, of course Jason shows up, Mitch stoned out of his mind offers Jason a hit from his joint. His arm is swiftly severed by Jason before being impaled through the stomach and left dangling from the wall in the shack 2) Lachappa. Gets pranked by Tiffany and Lachappa, with a topless Tiffany cornering him in a cabin and pretending that she's about to give herself to him. Of course Buggzy is filming the whole thing waiting to pop out and humiliate the poor virgin. But Lachappa ends up rejecting the nubile Tiffany since he only has eyes for Deb. Buggzy and Tiffany head off for some skinny dipping while Lachappa stays in the cabin reading his favorite comic book, he ends up being attacked by Jason (Thinking its another one of their stupid pranks) and thrown through a 2nd story window, impaled by landing on the butt end of a pitch fork thats sticking out of the ground. 3) Vanessa. She goes out for a jog and comes across Mitch & Lachappa's dead bodies in a shed. Naturally freaks the hell out and runs to go tell the others, she runs pass Tiffany & Buggzy by the lake with Jason following behind her. Takes a trowing axe to the head, right in front of Buggzy & Tiff. 4) Buggzy & Tiffany. Night falls as these two are skinny dipping in the lake, they witness Vanessa's murder and freak out. Buggzy tries to fight off Jason as the nude Tiffany runs back to the cabins. Buggzy seems to be holding his own against Jason but not for long, as Jason lifts him into the air and shoves his fist through Buggzy's chest. Tiffany ends up lost in the woods and is soon found by Jason who proceeds to chase her through the woods before catching her and ripping out her jaw. 5) Kenny. At this point the remaining counselors know there's a killer on the loose, with it looking like Kenny & Jenny will be the obvious final two standing. Unfortunately for Kenny thats not how things play out. He goes to use a radio he found to call for help, but all his does is manage to attract Jason's attention with all his yelling. Head is smashed into the radio repeatedly. 6) Deborah. She manages to repair the fuse box in order to call the police, but never gets the chance before Jason destroys the box as shes making the call. She manages to hide and escape. Soon after her and Adam are working on the car with Chad sitting at the wheel. Just as Deb finishes installing the battery Jason shows up and reaches through the drivers seat window to grab chad, who immediately loses his shit and steps on the gas, running over and killing poor Deborah. 7) Chad is losing his shit as he speeds down the road. Needless to say he doesn't make it very far before Jason appears in front of the car and brings it to a smashing halt, which results in Chad being ejected through the windshield. Bloodied and injured he lays on the road with Jason standing over him and probably says some shit like "Do you know who my father is?" before getting his face smashed in by Jason's boot. 8) Adam. Dies in some heroic manner protecting A.J. and Jenny. 9) Jenny. The obvious final girl, who ends up not actually being the final girl. Killed just minutes before the end credits in an unexpected and shocking manner. 10) A.J. She's about to meet the bad end of a pickax but is saved by Tommy, who made his way to the camp after hearing Kenny's cries for help over the radio.
  2. I'd rather have single player so that the game doesn't become completely useless when the online servers eventually close down. So bring on that SP!
  3. I ended up in a lobby yesterday that was mostly full of kids. Ok that's fine I'll have my mic off as I find it uncomfortable talking to young kids in a mature rated game (I typically try not to mute players unless they are extremely toxic right off the bat, in case they eventually have something helpful to announce in game). All started well enough, just kids being kids, and then the screaming started... all the screaming... and one kid kept telling everyone to let him do whatever they were doing "Let me put the fuse in im the best" "Let me put the gas in im the best" "Let me check these cabins im the best". Again I'm like whatever, he's just a kid. But then for the entire 20 minutes of the match it was 5 kids screaming the entire time... it got old quick. Managed to get the gas and battery installed in the 4-seater, which only made the screaming intensify as the kids (5 of them) scrambled to find the keys. The entire match devolved into these kids screaming at the top of their lungs looking for the keys and dying one by one. Turns out the only other adult in the game with me had the keys and intentionally did not go to start the car because those kids were being annoying af. After they all died off near the end of the 20 minute match me and the key holder made our escape in the 4-seater and we were quickly greeted by the screeching of these kids after the match ended. It was glorious.
  4. Too many pocket knives

    No I'm not defending the counselors, I just don't think pocket knives are an issue. Jason is in a piss poor state right now and needs fixed. But that doesn't mean every other little thing needs to be nerfed in order for him to be improved. Even when/if Jason does get fixed and balanced some on here will continue to b*tch, as if they expect to be able to just blink their eyes and tada, Jason wins. Even with Jason in his current shoddy state it's really not that hard to go 8/8, and I'm by no means anything special when it comes to my skills playing as Jason.
  5. Too many pocket knives

    Not my point, just showcasing how ridiculous it sounds when people complain about any and every little thing that may potentially benefit a councilor. We get it, Jason is a badass killing machine, but this is an online multiplayer game, both Jason and the councilors have to have ways of combating each other. Some people just want to grab and kill instantly, pocket knives can prevent this and thus some players start getting salty.
  6. Too many pocket knives

    Are people really complaining about this now too? Do you want to reduce the number of weapons on the map to 3 also? Oh f*ck it lets just have 3 of everything! Make it as easy for Jason as possible, after all it's his world, we're just living (and dying) in it. Better yet lets just remove everything and make it to where all the councilors can do is crawl on their knees and hope for the best. Really though there's much bigger issues to be concerned with than being salty over pocket knives. It's not like a pocket knife guarantees your survival or escape anyway (Usually).
  7. Starving for information

    While I have read PLENTY of valid complaints, some just sound like people wanting absolutely zero challenge when playing as Jason. Remove long tables just because you personally can't work around them?? Really? I've managed to catch plenty of counselors who try to loop the long tables it's really not that hard. There are real issues that need to be fixed and this is not one of them.
  8. Share Your Experiences

    Some highlights/memorable moments of mine from the last couple days(and beyond). -Instead of playing as usual(Frantically trying to complete objectives) in a match the other day I teamed up with another Tiffany player and we danced the night away the entire match in our naughty lil devil costumes. Jason was clearly digging it and enjoyed to show. Gave me some good laughs each time the Jason player would come across us and we would stand our ground by continuing to dance. He saved us for last and we danced for him. Eventually he killed us so that the host wouldn't leave. -Just 2 matches ago tonight I was again playing as Tiffany and a match started with just 2 councilors because people left. The other councilor also left not long after the match started so I was all alone, figured this would be a quick match considering we were on one of the small maps. Thankfully I managed to survive 20mins of 1 vs 1 with Jason, it was intense! It felt like one of my better earned wins and then I remembered poor Jason is still going through his nerf phase... -Back during battle Chads prime had a hilarious match where myself and 2 other Chads just knocked the snot out of Jason the entire match. Good times. -Glitched out yesterday when opening a drawer, was stuck bent over in the drawer opening position and could only glide around. Two other councilors happened upon me but wouldn't open the door to let me out of the cabin! (I couldn't interact with anything) Soon Jason shows up and starts breaking down the door, of course I greet him with some gliding demonstrations. As soon as he came in I glided around him like the laggy hotmess I was and went on to escape to the police. Lucky. -Has probably happened to a few people by now... but my dumbarse was trying to sneak out the back door of a cabin and unintentionally opened it right up for Jason, I was swifty grabbed/killed.
  9. Sometimes yeah, the other night I was playing as Tiffany and was driving the car which was near impossible once it started to lag. Slightly unrelated but the same night I had installed the car batter and the gas as Tiffany and I had the car keys, was stoked, got in the car and.... couldnt do anything... Couldn't start the car or exit, could only bring up the menu. Thought the game was going to disconnect for everyone but nope, it was just me stuck in the car waiting helplessly for Jason to kill me after all that hard work lol.
  10. There's usually at least one Buggzy in every lobby, he's a good/popular character to use. Just make a mental note of any TKing Buggzy's you encounter and avoid them. There's plenty of good Buggzy's out there. Although i've seen my fair share of TKing Buggzys I also see a lot of team killers playing as Jenny, are you going to avoid lobbies with Jenny players too?
  11. Using a mic

    I try man, lol. I know people typically don't care for no-mic players and I get it. But theres plenty of ways around it. Can't even tell you how many times the flashlight has come in handy for leading other players to useful items and/or leading them to the 4-seater should they not have a map but have the parts. I just like to think of myself as one of those mute characters you occasionally see in horror films.
  12. Using a mic

    I don't use a mic and I manage to be a good and helpful team player just fine. Hurt? I'll heal you. Have better offense than my character? Here have this cool weapon. Being persued by Jason? I've got your back (who doesn't enjoy seeing a Tiffany come to their rescue and start beating the crap out of Jason so you can escape?). If i find a set of car keys I almost always drop them off at the 4-seater or give them to somebody who has a mic. I used to play as a lone wolf because of being without a mic, but after many games I've learned you can be just as valuable to a team as someone who is using a mic (sometimes moreso...) I see how it can be frusterating though. Even if I wanted to go on mic it's often just not possible because my roommates are usually sleeping at the time.
  13. Share Your Experiences

    I have no idea haha, we were chilling out waiting for the keys to the 4-seater, the other Tiffany went all homicidal with the shotgun I gave her so I was distracted watching her, then bam, 2-seater takes me out. Couldn't help but laugh my arse off. No good deed goes unpunished.
  14. Share Your Experiences

    I was being such a good teammate, helped get the 4-seater ready asap, healing people, giving out a shotgun and some flare guns. And then this this happened... LOL.
  15. What does A.J. stand for?

    Adrienne James? Adrienne Joyce? Adrienne Jean? idk