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  1. Me and a bunch of buds got together last weekend and played, but almost every game 2 out of 8 of us kept getting Jason, it was really annoying seeing the same name over over again, they were even getting sick of playing as him.(like the person above me stated lol) On the other hand, I love being Jason and want to get better at it since I've been away, and I rarely have gotten to play as him in the past few days. I wonder if it has to deal with lobby hopping....
  2. I see, good thing I played that day then lol
  3. idk man totally wasn't affected by that at all....
  4. I'm confused what this whole thing was about, I haven't been on the forums since release and just recently got back into the game....
  5. Yeah, it sucks. Playing against really good counselors can be a huge pain, even if you are a decent Jason. Mostly due to the fact that grabs are useless most of the time because of pocket knifes. But then you have to resort to melee and knives, all which while doing that you can be stunned. Blocking works well however, and I heard for whatever reason it blocks firecrackers and flare guns ...though I'm not too sure about it. But anyway, I've been in the same place before, I've had countless team wipes, but also times where I just get screwed over and I only kill 2 people at most. It doesn't feel good at all I can assure you but I'm sure it helps in the learning process to prevent it from happening again.
  6. Yikes Double post. Forgive me.
  7. I wasn't aware of that pricing in the UK, that really sucks. @DJ_StankiAlright dude, fight in what you believe in I guess. I'm just glad they brought this game to us.
  8. It just released, its an indie studio, its $40 not $60, first few days for any multiplayer game stink. You expect triple AAA quality when only a few handful of people made the game? Its just not realistic. People should be happy its even on consoles.
  9. Gents

    database login failure

    Why even bother with the game if you just say it sucks all the time? I'm not trying to be mean, its a legit question.
  10. Gents

    Steam (PC Players)

    Yeah, I had 12 hours on the game after yesterday haha. With people tho, it kinda stinks because we have so many people that we can play with, but unfortunately not enough room. We like to keep our little group we had going at release, but sometimes there are slots open for a few new peeps. Kinda sounds like a jerk thing but I'm sure others understand. But, if you can't get in with us, I'd say try to make your own private match and invite people who also want in, I'm sure you'll be full in no time. But other than that, I had tons of fun with you guys and never got to say anything about it here because I went straight to bed, then after that, got up, showered, ate dinner and played again! I had some really good moments, and realized how fun it was to play Jason! Like really, nobody likes it when I get him because I leave no survivors! (most of the time ) @SolidusPrime If you did that video thing I'd been fine, the only bad thing is I get to hear myself talk or laugh like an idiot
  11. Gents

    Steam (PC Players)

    What? The game releases on steam in 25 mins EDIT: STEAM IS LETTING ME PLAY IT RIGHT NOW!!!
  12. Crap! Better take a a 30 min nap to ensure I don't get sleepy, 1 more hour!!!
  13. Gents

    Steam (PC Players)

    Nice steam group, was going to suggest someone make one, but looks like I don't need too lol
  14. This was after I read a bunch o' crap people were saying, so it felt appropriate... you can pretty much disregard it now. Edit: I guess I'll also add that I'm 100% not on the hate train, quite the opposite, I just thought people would jump on this in a frenzy to add flame to a seemingly now dying fire.
  15. Gents

    Steam (PC Players)

    My names the same