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  1. Maybe it's time for Gun and Illfonic to remove Jason's mask, change his head and clothing completely, rework the maps completely, re-work Jarvis completely, and change the game's name to "Summer Camp Vol.1"
  2. Are you basing that statement on personal speculation or are you doubting what the devs have said as businesses need money to survive? It's been said that dedicated servers are still coming. Not sure where you're coming from with that statement, just trying to understand.
  3. So what can the fans do? It is just a waiting game at this point? If so, I can accept that. I'd just like to know from someone who's in the know.
  4. @wes What can we fans do to help? Will a friendly letter writing campaign to Mr. Miller help?
  5. @wes@Tim Voorhees13... Looks like some people didn't read this part of Wes' post before getting mad at him for "cutting and pasting" so to speak.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I guess it's my bad for just not being aware of how the blank to get up there.
  7. Hello All! Below is a video of a player standing on a rock at Higgins Haven in order to evade me as Jason. I spent much of the match trying to get him with knives but at the last moment he tells me how to get up there. The rocks leading up to it DO look like legit steps, although he did let me waste a lot of time gathering knives only to throw them at him in vein. Is this legit or an exploit that i should report? The fact that he told me how to do it is irrelevant to it's legitimacy or lack thereof. https://youtu.be/lik_2Qd72-4
  8. Great. The more exclusive, the better. There needs to be things that are exclusive to those who have put in the time. Hoping Jason X will be level 150 Req, maybe even with a large CP purchase, assuming he's a top tier Jason of course. Also, will this update include the Unreal 4 Engine upgrade? I may be the only person whose excited about the UE4 upgrade but AM I EVER! Thanks for the hard work.
  9. Hello Fellow Preferred Jasons! So I'm finally Jason and I'm Part 4. There's a boat. I'm "Merc"ing EVERYONE, no one's going for the boat, I'm checking map every three seconds like a boss pimp Jason who knows he has -Water Speed. I get to the LAST kill for that SWEET 7/7 (Better than 8/8 since you prevented Jarvis). Sore loser and last survivor begins scraping their taint over a broken window until they die to death (Yes, die to death). In other words, they commit suicide on purpose because they can't handle the idea of being the last to die at Jason's hand, and in doing so, rob a performance-Jason of his last kill. SUGGESTION: Climbing over windows makes counselors LIMP as normal, but it doesn't KILL them. This would discourage "rage-quit-via-suicide". Thoughts? -Espionage Cosmo
  10. This is by FAR the best patch/update to this game that it has seen so far in my humble opinion. I care far more about under-the-hood mechanics as opposed to new content, and I am so glad to feel fear as a counselor, yet powerful as Jason. You've made both aspects of the game great again and I greatly appreciate it! It's almost as if this patch was made just for me! THANK YOU!
  11. I forgot I wrote this. I miss you and this forum. *Ahem* (Enters Character) What a risky design flaw in humans to put something considered repulsive (source of bodily waste) so close to the organs necessary for reproduction; both from an appeal standpoint and from an infection-control standpoint. Reproductive organs should be fixed atop the head while the waste sources should be drawn down to the bottoms of the feet so as not to be visible during the mating process. Who was in charge of organism design in this sector? I must have a word with this entity. (Get me the manager)
  12. I absolutely cannot believe I waited all ----ing day at work for this only to come home and find no PC patch, no one knows what's going on, and now it's too late to play since I have to get up early again. Un... --------- believable. How many more fumbles, Gun and Ill? It's like a prank, except not funny.
  13. Any words yet on what's going on with Steam? All media seems to say we should have it by now.
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