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  1. Hello Campers I managed to get in a private match. If anyone want to join my ps name is Butcher-Babies19
  2. Hello Campers ?⛺️? So only a few hours left till the 26th. I'm getting more excited with all the early game play I've been seeing on YouTube. I was just curious if anyone knows if it will be released at midnight? I'm hoping because I've got my coffee and Jason mug ready lol. ?⛺️??
  3. Bella91

    Good evening ?

    lol that's transformers right?
  4. Bella91

    Good evening ?

    Hey nice to meet you ?.. I know exactly what you mean.. I'm not into cars either but I've always thought beetles were cute and awesome cars.
  5. Bella91

    Good evening ?

    Oh ok cool thank you , I just wasn't sure if people were getting it or not and I didn't want anyone to think I was ignoring them and no worries with the likes , they will be used wisely. ?
  6. Bella91

    Good evening ?

    Hello campers ?⛺️? Thank you to all that welcomed me into the forums. F13 army rocks ??I'm new to this forum stuff tho, so I was wondering if hitting quote is how to correctly respond to someone ?lol. I also wanted to take this time to start showing off some of my cool F13 stuff so attached to this is a pic of one of my favorite items and it's Ricks Volkswagen (sorry the pic isn't that great). I've always loved these cars especially this one from the movie so I got excited when I saw this on Amazon.?
  7. Thank you. Happy to be apart of it ?
  8. Hello Campers ?⛺️ Bella here and I'm excited and happy to be apart of anything and everything Friday the 13th. I'm really hoping to meet a few awesome down to earth fans to chat with and maybe play online with. Well I'm pretty laid back and keep to myself because people frustrate me lol. I love horror, music boys, weed ,makeup ? ? ...and Jason ?. Anyway thanks for reading and have a scary night ???
  9. Yeah car skins would be cool but it would be extra work and money.. even the smallest things im sure take a lot more work then most realize. That's why I get annoyed when fans complain and ask for more. I'll be more then happy with the finished product. I just like to post what ifs and see what other fans think ?
  10. Ok so I know this section is for other games, but I was watching F13 part 3 and thought it would be cool if they put the hippy van as the 4 seater and Ricks beautiful Volkswagen as the 2 seater for the escape cars in the F13 game. I hope for the final release they do something cool and different then the two cars used in the Beta. Let me know what you guys think ??
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