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  1. Just tested it, its not the flashlight. My framerate just fucking dies on that map i crei.
  2. PC, might be the flashlight though, I don't really ever turn it off.
  3. Higgins Haven small absolutely DESTROYS my framerate, all the others are fine.
  4. It would make playing counselors too safe. We already have an option to start with a med spray in the beginning. The counselors' main fear should be getting grabbed, as there is only one way to really reliably defend against it. Making us start with a pocket knife would take most of that fear away, especially in the early game.
  5. Considering half the things people say on mic, I'd say immersion isn't really there to begin with. That being said I'm a little bitch so I'm always scared of Jason anyways.
  6. Imo, probably not. Allied Counselors (and Jason) need to see a counselor at a glance and be able to understand what they do. This allows them to plan accordingly to the situation, because the counselors we have have assigned stats making it easy to know what they're good at. You can't really do that when you make you're own counselor, you may know what you're counselor does but nobody else does without you verbally telling them what your counselor is good at.
  7. Hopefully if he gets trunks they'll be like short short trunks or something like that, lol.
  8. TL;DR at bottom AJ's suppose to be more for lone wolfing and finding things on your own and fixing stuff and leaving. She also boasts the highest combined stamina and speed out of the repair trio which means she gets to locations quicker than the other two. She also has the highest stealth at 10 though this doesn't mean much when compared to Deborah as Deborah can also jog silently with 9 stealth but it does mean AJ can sprint quietly with a certain perk. AJ however, has the lowest luck in the game making her the worst in group play (as in grouping up and fighting Jason together as a team) because she will break melee weapons easily (the bat will most likely break after 1 or 2 swings) and will have to rely on long range weapons to help with against Jason which will typically leave her with one shot to help without finding another weapon. AJ has a 7 in repair, making her have the lowest repair stat of the repair stealth trio, but these skillchecks are not very difficult they are just shorter than Deborah and LaChappa's so having a 7 really isn't that bad as it allows her to have stats in other places. The last thing about AJ is her composure. 7 composure allows her to be alone longer and get so afraid as fast meaning she doesn't appear during sense as often as Deb or LaChappa. This lets her not get as punished as hard for being alone longer than others. Deborah's suppose to be flexible between being by herself and being in a group, every now and then assisting at swinging at Jason if need be. Deborah has the same speed as AJ but has lower stamina which means she'll run as fast as AJ but for not as long. This makes Deborah more dependent on teammates in some situations compared to AJ (though the difference isn't that huge). She does have 9 stealth which means she can jog silently making her valuable in going solo, but cannot sprint silently with a certain perk. Deborah has a higher luck stat than AJ at 3 which may not seem like much but will make her more useful with the bat as she will get more value from it as it won't break as easily as it would with AJ. This makes Deborah better at group play because she can contribute to helping/protecting a teammate or an objective more often than AJ. Deborah is still dependent on long range weapons like AJ but not as much as she can still get value out of the baseball bat (which has a 100% stun iirc but breaks easily) due to her luck stat. Deborah has a 10 in repair which makes repairing a breeze, it is easily her best stat but keep in mind that having a 7, 8, and 9 are also good, having this high a repair stat can actually hurt her in other areas, as repairing with the said repair stats from before is not difficult. Having a 10 does make it practically impossible to mess up on repairs though, so there's that. Deborah's composure at 5 means she has decent composure and can be alone for awhile but not as long as AJ. This allows Deborah to tread between staying alone and meeting up with a group. LaChappa (I know you didn't really ask about him but he's the 3rd of the repair stealth trio, so I'll mention him anyway) is suppose to be the group player Repairer. He stays with a group because he needs people to protect him. This is due to his extremely abysmal stamina and speed stats at 2 meaning he will almost always depend on a teammate to help bail him out of a bad situation should Jason find him. To add on that, LaChappa has the lowest stealth of the trio, at 8. This means LaChappa cannot jog silently but will make much smaller "white circles" when he does compared to others with worse stealth stats. He has the highest luck of the repair trio with a 5, meaning his weapon is less likely to break than the others making him better in combat situations and supporting an ally would got grabbed more often. This gives him a better use in groups compared to both AJ and Deborah as he can help with teammates more often in group play as his weapon is less likely to break, making the baseball bat a good choice on him. LaChappa has the same repair stat as Deborah. Refer back to Deborah's section of repair. LaChappa's composure is the lowest of the trio, at 4. While this is not super terrible, its lower than Deborah's which means he will freak out more than she will and faster too. LaChapp will benefit the most out of the trio from being with others because being near other counselors keeps one's composure in check. tl;dr: AJ is usually best as a lonewolf due to her: Good Repair, Decent Speed, Decent Stamina, Top Notch Stealth, Worst Luck, Good Composure Deborah is best as a flex pick, she can work with a group if she wants or she can work alone due to her: Top Notch Repair, Decent speed, Pretty Good Stealth, "Meh" luck, Decent Composure Lachappa is best in group play where he can help his team fight off Jason around objectives due to his: Top Notch Repair, Bad Speed, Bad Stamina, Good Stealth, Decent Luck, Below Average Composure THAT BEING SAID AJ is probably best in random games due to the fact she's really independent, Deborah treads slightly behind her because of her lower stamina and the fact she can't lone wolf as well as AJ. Don't think the difference is that big though, tbh.
  9. Yes, but if you complain about anything ever you are a millennial That being said I don't see a reason why to be upset about nes Jason being added to the game. Free stuff is free stuff even if its not to your personal taste.
  10. He's for being hilarious with roleplaying and casting confusion (aka firecrackers) to stun Jason. But his weakness just comes from the fact that he has 3 points in Strength when Strength is not a good stat in the long run of the game (except when you're trying to kill Jason but there are much better options). He doesn't get much from decreasing the stamina used when swinging because he already has ass stamina. His composure is terrible, Deborah has 5 composure and he has 4 but he's designed to be a more fighting back version of Deborah. I'd suggest taking some points from other things (like Strength) and putting it into his composure or Luck, to make him better at stunning Jason. Hell, take a point or two from his repair because having 10/10 isn't that great, once you have like 7/10 or 8/10 repair that's better because you're not sacrificing a slightly faster repair speed for stats that are better in a wider prospect of the game. But the thing is, he's SO slow and has such low stamina that stunning Jason doesn't really help him that much. Give him better composure (so he's harder to detect in the first place) and better luck and he'll fit his niche of being a fighting back stealth repairer. This way Deborah and Lachappa have different niches to fit into. Deborah is harder to find in the first place but once found has to completely rely on her teammates, ranged weapons (that she can easily miss with) or get a cheeky stun. Lachappa would be easier to find but has an easier time stunning Jason, his weapon not breaking, stays calmer in the long run when dealing with Jason and finding bodies (these make him better in group situations where he can help people out more rather than having to rely on them more like Deborah does), and the (many)minor stat boosts he would get from luck.
  11. Not if Jenny runs near AJ first. There can only be one final girl. And Jenny is making sure as hell that its her.
  12. The most recent patch has removed the inhale sound, but I believe it was pulled back (the whole patch) because it was causing a major bug of some sort.
  13. This is good news, thank you for sharing this! Maybe now I can recommend my friends to buy the game without warning them about server issues. This is honestly a pretty fun game (even for someone like me, who really doesn't like horror games at all besides potential lore) and I'm sad that the launch was rather unsuccessful (though technically it happened because the game was "too" successful but you get what I mean). Hopefully with the servers acting properly people can get past the first impression the servers caused and help them see how fun (and tense) the game can be.
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