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  1. I enjoy them all of course, but since we're choosing favorites, I'll go with part 4 The Return of Michael Myers along with Part 5 The Revenge of Michael Myers. I've always had a thing for the sequels it seems. For example, I love all the Friday the 13th Films, but if I have to choose a favorite, either 4 the New Chapter, or 6 Jason lives.
  2. I chose two. His Eyes and the Darkest Side of the Night. Ah, that spectacular credit roll at the end of Jason Takes Manhattan.
  3. The DVDs I own of the Friday the 13th franchise are all individual releases from paramount released in 2001 up until Part 9, Jason goes to Hell. That, along with Jason X and the remake, are of course newer releases. Same with Halloween, Children of the Corn. Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw, Hellraiser. I started with no box sets, So I try to keep it that way. So, all those double sided sics, and newer cover arts, no. I have the older releases.
  4. I'm a huge movie and horror buff (especially 80's slashers) and have been a DVD/Blu-ray collector for years, and back in october of last year, I decided to watch the entire Friday the 13th franchise again. This time I decided to watch them all back to back, including the remake, Jason X and Freddy vs. Jason which I wouldn't count as part of the actual continuing franchise of course, except perhaps for Jason X. -- Anyway, I just thought you might get a kick out of this. Hopefully I'm publishing this in the correct section. Enjoy!
  5. I could go on for ages, however, the following should suffice. 1. Tourist Trap 2. American Gothic 3. Dolly Dearest 4. The Stuff 5. Just Before Dawn 6. The Burning 7. Dolls 8. Silent Night Deadly Night 9. House 10. House 2: The Second Story 11. Sleepaway Camp I, II & III 12. The Pit and The Pendulum (1991) 13. Dead-Alive 14. Final Exam 15. Terror Train 16. Mountain Top Motel Masacre 17. Maniac 18. Graduation Day 19. Happy Birthday To Me! 20. Slumber Party Massacre I, II & III 21. Basket Case I, II & III 22. It's Alive I, II & III 23. Maniac 24. Burnt Offerings 25. The Changling They're not all 80's films, does it matter? To me it does, I have an unusual obsession with them.
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