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  1. I wanted to try out private Matheson because it seems that everyone likes them. So I joined one via a PSN community but I got kicked immediately. The reason was apparently because I don't wear a mic. So yeah, public matches are still the best option.
  2. Jason is fine how he is. Communicating players are really rare so you maybe have this problem in 1 out of 100 matches.
  3. I would instantly mute you. Sorry but all that screaming is really annoying and not scary at all.
  4. No money and Retro jason doesn't have a special kill. I can't believe how often gun fucks up with this game.
  5. Officially the 21th June in Germany. My heart is broken.
  6. Many people here are against friendly fire but it actually can save your life AND the life of others. So here is the proof that friendly fire is really useful and can lead to hilarious situations. https://mobile.twitter.com/Quagmire4pain4/status/876292709560053766/video/1
  7. I also never play with mic. I tried it for some time but it became annoying really fast. Now I just mute everyone in the lobby before the match starts.
  8. So at last we are able to buy the skin. At the moment it's only possible on the US store but I'm sure other stores will get it soon. Can't wait to test Savini jason out!
  9. I you hide in a tent for too long and leave it, this sometimes happens. Happened 2 times to me today.
  10. If I could choose I would play only jason. People aren't communicating at all so being a counselor is extremely boring and frustrating.
  11. Just waited 20 minutes and gave up because I got bored of waiting. Never waited so long just to find a lobby in any game. Also apparently someone from a forum i know had to wait over 40 minutes. What was the longest time you guys waited to find a lobby?
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