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  1. I'm 21, student, avid gamer and a fan of the series. Looking for a group to play with or some individuals that i can have on my friends list that I can just invite to some private matches every now and then. I'm one of those Bugzy mains and am from Australia. However any region will do! IGN: The DialUp DMG http://steamcommunity.com/id/stokyj96
  2. Yesssss doing a good job at that ^
  3. I've played around 15hrs so far, so i've had a decent amount of time in the game. There are a lot of ranty reviews on the steam game page from people with only half an hour game time and dont fully appreciate what we have here. The Pros Atmosphere is top notch - no seriously kudos to you guys for this Sound Design well constructed Perk Customization - I kind of like the random progression (Harder to progress), but perks need to feel more impactful. Jason being OP - As he should be. Sprint and energy system - Keep it this way works well. Matchmaking - Smooth to get into a game, Also a con but i'll go into that later on. XP not being awarded until end of the match - This is good, it stops people from leaving instantly after they die, makes for a better party/group system. However those that do choose to leave need to be given some sort of xp boost, although make it significantly less. The Cons Should be able to talk to dead players. Choice of server should be available (Australian Player here) You will need to stray past the films as far as setting goes to keep a lot of players as there is just not enough raw content to warrant the $40 spent, either lower it $30 or bring out new content within the month. I do not believe an AI mission will change this. I believe single player is wasted and should be put into further adding content to the multiplayer side of the game. Party with friends - Seems to be common. Unfortunate that single player was being worked on as it is not what this game requires as of now. Looking forward to see what becomes of it
  4. Jake from Australia here, I was looking at dead by daylight the other day, and stumbled upon this beauty. Keen for next week! Quick question: Are there any perks for pre-ordering the game? Because I've noticed it has become available within the steam store. Looks like I know what I'll be doing at night on the 26th after checking out beta gameplay.
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