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  1. It all depends, really. I've seen Jasons in QP use them exclusively to trap counselors. Whether that's due to being unaware of trapping objectives or complete confidence in their ability to kill the lobby without that, I can't say. I'm sure there's people who play together in private matches that use traps on people who have certain patterns or tactics they've noticed over time.
  2. Hey, haven't posted in forever, so why not post in a topic I can contribute to? ? So I was thinking about this awhile back. I'm a nerd and would prefer to be as accurate with weapon selection as possible. So I put together a list of weapons used, kill or otherwise. Everyone is, of course, completely entitled to do whatever they want weapon-wise, Part 2 - Machete, Pick Axe or Spear Part 3 - Machete, Pig Splitter (substitute for meat cleaver here, along with Parts 4 and 5) Part 4 - Spear, Pig Splitter, Double Bitted Axe Roy - Machete, Pig Splitter, Shears, Double Bitted Axe, Spear (substitute for metal post) Part 6 - Spear, Machete Part 7 - Machete, Wood Axe Part 8 - Machete, Fire Axe Part 9 - Machete, Spear (Substitute for road sign) If at any point, a generic pitchfork is added, Parts 2 and 3 would have those as options as well. Couple of interesting facts/observations about this research... The double bitted axe, pig splitter/cleaver and spear all got more use than I remembered, especially the spear (though different in design from the Part 6 spear). Part 3 was given the wood axe, but he never actually used it. It was used against him by Chris. Part 9 also never used a double bitted axe, though it's obviously appeared a few times in the series. Part 9 had ONE kill in his true body; a bear hug to Creighton Duke. If all else fails, the machete is a safe choice for every Jason. If we're being technical, Roy has the most options available. Most Jasons have at least two options. If we're being picky, Parts 3 and 9 have the least options when taking away the pig splitter and spear, respectively.
  3. A challenger appears! Or something like that... PSN - PsychoRAIJIN
  4. Guess I'll see some of ya soon... Tomorrow... Some time after 11... I'll just be waiting, not envious or anything like that! Okay, maybe a little bit. For real though, have fun peeps! See ya soon!
  5. The way it was talked about made it sound like something you'd really have to work for. Now, I haven't watched any videos on how to do it, so I can't speak for the difficulty... But it's disappointing, to me at least, that something that was alleged to take some time and discovery was both found quickly and easy to do. As I said, I can't speak for the skill it takes personally. Such as it is, disappointment is a part of life and surprises seldom last any amount of time in video games. I'm still getting the game. I still plan to enjoy it.
  6. Well shit... It may not have been through datamining, but you certainly called this. I owe you a coke... A can or a brick, whichever is your preference. Er, not that I'd know how to get a brick of cocaine! Nope, totally not connected with illegal drug rings at all!... On a serious note though, definitely bummed such a thing has already been discovered. I still plan to get the game and have fun with it, but damn...
  7. Welcome Shawn! Hope the game meets your expectations
  8. That didn't work well for anyone last time... Oh, right, new person... Welcome! As a fellow former lurker, I can attest that everyone's been very kind thus far. I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here!
  9. Ria67


    Welcome! I plan on playing AJ quite a bit myself, but on ps4. Good luck!
  10. Maybe we'll find a way at some point
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