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  1. Xbox Private Match

    Serephin cain
  2. Lol too many of us wanna play lol
  3. Xbox Store

    I cant fine or get it.....is it not available in canada yet?....so frustrated!!!!
  4. Gamer Tags for F13!

    Aaaaaaaah yeeeeaa! Console=xbox one Gamer tag= Serephin Cain Add me and lets have a damn good time!
  5. Hello ya'll. Can't wait till the 26th!

    Sweet thanks
  6. Hey everyone. I know im only one of millions dying (i use the word loosly) to slay or pray at camp crystal lake. I found out about this game only a month ago when i caught my son watching H20 Delirious and OhmWrecker on youtube, but once i seen it i was hooked....hooked like a jason junkie!...on xbox one i am Serephin Cain . add me. Im an 80s kid. And jason was always the top killer in my books. Everyone else was just a copycat lol that being said....let the good times roll!...or heads.. Idk....counting down!....also my wedding anniversary is on the 26th....belated wedding peasent?....if the wife knew that the one thing i want the most on the 26th (besides her of course) was this game. Id be sleeping on the couch. See u there! See pic for a lafff.