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  2. Yesterday I popped into a LFG match on Xbox. Every player in there but 3 of us had the same prefix to their gamertag. When I saw they picked me as Jason I knew what was going to happen. Sure enough they all grouped up went after the sweater and called Tommy. One of the guys followed me by himself so I'd kill him and he came back as Tommy. After that they all hid in the barn and I mean all of them. Unfortunately Tommy Jarvis got himself injured somehow, because only one knife throw from outside the barn killed him. I could only imagine their outrage in the part chat. After that they just wailed on me and they did get my mask of and used the sweater on me afterwards. But no Tommy means Jason can't die, so I ended up RT spamming until no one was left. The least fun I ever had as Jason, but at least they all died.
  3. That's just great.

    Yeah. I'm hoping this will all be fixed soon. I tried it with 3 different accounts other than my main and it still happens.
  4. I just came home, hoping to play some more and now I get the Database login failure even on my alternate accounts on Xbox. I can't play at all now.
  5. That actually makes me feel better, considering that I backed the game from day one and never watched any streams of it or anything until I played myself. I just thought I spent my money on a half finished game, but it seems like that won't be the case. Thanks for bringing this up!
  6. You're still lucky I've never not had the database error.
  7. I agree. I was just giving an example of what it seems the PS4 patch fixed. At least that's what people say. I just want to play.
  8. My ping in those private matches is so high mist of the time that I time out and get kicked.
  9. Since people are saying patches have already rolled out for PS4 with dynamic hair etc. I assumed Xbox would get patches too. Am I wrong?
  10. Just wondering, because everything seems to roll out especially slow for me. Still haven't been able to login with my main account either and I can't find any public matches either.
  11. I know but I haven't played at all so far and I really want to try it finally!
  12. If you get this error on Xbox, sign in as a guest and it'll work. It just did for me.
  13. Just got mine too.
  14. I'm in California so I still have a couple of hours to go.
  15. I backed $50 for one Xbox key and one PS4 key. The PS4 key is available yet, but it's for a friend. The Xbox key is still pending however...