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  1. I wish Micheal Myers had his own game instead of being a guest character. I don't like how DbD is all about the chase and not about clever scare tactics which is how michael' hunts people down.
  2. I guess I should mention Jason was in the Higgins lodge when I was running away. Also you can see the vhs effect for when Jason shifts once i get to the window.
  3. I heard you can use shift to go through doors. That Jason cant break down doors that fast.
  4. When does Jason team up with a counselor to kill other counselors in the movies? I think you missed the point. What you are doing basically is playing poker and looking at everyone cards. Its cheating and shouldn't be allowed.
  5. What if you betray someone your avatar has a stupid hat or something like that.
  6. OH, that's great to know! Now I will just leave next time this happens. But I would love to actually report these types of players instead.
  7. I think they should create a system that tracks how often you attack other players that isn't round based but effects your account as a whole. If you fulfill the requirements you should loose a level or something harsh.
  8. A agree, if the devs just let us keep our exp after we die and leave this wouldn't be a problem. Maybe implement a report system, but that would get abused too. Although I wouldn't assume the devs left this in on purpose.
  9. Oh i didn't know people could use it intentionally. I have seen it twice and both were on accident and it sucked for the players it happened to.When I hear hack, i think there is some 3rd party code interfering with the dev's code. Like an Aim bot or wall hack. I just wanted to point out that it's not always the player's fault when that happens. If you do glitch the game to gain an advantage that is just as bad as hacking for sure!
  10. You know if they ever allowed mods, the first one would probably be a Michael Myers mod.. Replacing the music with the Halloween score would be fun too.
  11. Dude there are some funny Jason players out there. I love the mic system in this game. XD I would just avoid playing with children.
  12. Yeah I love this idea! It wouldn't be too hard to change the lighting and it would had a little more variety.
  13. A server browser would be great. I never understood why we ditched them for quick play.
  14. Yeah I agree with you. You shouldn't loose xp for disconnecting. If you die early game and you don't want to watch the 20 min round finish there should be no problem leaving the match. Also I didn't know it effect the Jason player too. That kinda sucks.
  15. Wouldn't it me cool if the Jason that is shown on the main menu was the same one that you have selected?
  16. Feel free to add me. My PSN is YautjaZer0 I am up for hosting or invites!
  17. I don't think they can troll him forever. Since there is an actual stamina mechanic in this game. In DBD (which probably just lost a bunch of players today) you can just run for ever looping and juking like a mad man. Its almost made so you could troll the killer. I think they might be salty that Jason isn't to be fucked with in the same way.
  18. I don't know if this has happened to anyone else but I ordered 2 keys. One for Steam and one for the PS4, but when we got our codes yesterday I revived 2 steam keys instead. Has anyone had this issue, and was it resolved?
  19. I bought both steam and PS4 version to play with different groups of friends. But I too was sent jsut 2 steam keys :\
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