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  1. I'm waiting to get in a game via quick play and nothing. On xbone
  2. Yeah right, it's Friday they took of today for a long weekend.
  3. The pressure is to make the game exciting as Jason and when you suck as Jason it's really easy to play as a counselor and escape.
  4. I don't even have an epic perk yet so hopefully I'll get lucky, I've been wanting thick skin. I start with the map also, latley as soon as a match starts I just head to Jason's cabin spawn points for Pamela's sweater so it's pretty helpful for finding them.
  5. Yeah rain isn't a deal breaker but it would be nice if there was a thunderstorm every now and again.
  6. The game size is so small because there's not much to the game. It's only 3 multiplayer maps. A game like gta's file size is something like 20 gigs and well that's an open world game. I know I'm not getting technical here but that's the short version.
  7. There's only 3 multiplayer maps for the whole game, why would there be a large file size ?
  8. Ok, since when has this game felt like the devs have handled a lot of this games release properly? And I'm the dumb one? Lol at you for having such high expectations.
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