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  1. Here is your future content: https://www.amazon.com/Exec/Obidos/ASIN/B07FM9NL8Y
  2. I'd like to know what Paranoia was as well.
  3. I would like to know if there was awareness, especially during the Kickstarter Campaign, that this project could be killed at any time because of the lawsuit. If this is the case, why wasn't any info divulged to backers? I think that is a fair enough question.
  4. I see what you are saying. I should have highlighted some positives, which would be the free Jason's because to me that is a definite plus. However, the empty promises and lack of a solid timeline with release dates is what got me. Plus, knowing now that the game could be affected by this lawsuit from the beginning is a bit irritating. I've worked in gaming for a long time, and I get that companies can't dev content not knowing if it will ever be released, but I feel that EVERYONE working on the game could have been more transparent from the beginning. Just my opinion.
  5. I tweeted to Wes and never got a reply, so I will just leave my .2 here: I was a backer for this game. I forked over $275 bucks for the Steelbook Edition of the game, along with MORE cash for the art book and soundtrack (that still is not here) as well as all of the available DLC that was sold independently. I hyped this game so goddamn much it was insane. Now, just like everyone else, I find out how the rights to the Friday the 13th license that were given Gun and Illfonic for the game, and it seems like they knew that the pending lawsuit could impact the game in itself. Yet none of this was disclosed to any of the backers, or made public until the shit hit the fan. The best part is, this whole DLC cancellation is because of Cunningham's lawsuit against Miller, and Cunningham gave them the license in the first place. DLC was promised and never delivered in a timely fashion, bugs plagued this game and still do, the worst being the host bouncing out and players losing all their XP, and must I not forget the "accidental" releasing of Savini Jason on both the PSN and Microsoft consoles that was originally supposed to be a backer specific item. To me, this whole thing reeks of a cash grab, and I was a huge proponent of the game (got my buddy and his 5 friends to buy the game and also just got a physical copy for a friend for his birthday literally the weekend before the DLC cancellation announcement was made). I can't help but feel duped. Also feel free to correct any misinformation if I listed anything that is not correct. P.S. - I am still waiting for the digital version bloody splatter outfits that were promised when the physical version released last year.
  6. As a Backer, who spent near $400 on this game between the Steelbook and add-ons, this is extremely disheartening.
  7. To solve this problem, there should have been a download voucher included with the game.
  8. This answered all of the questions I had....with the exception of when Backers would be receiving their Steelbook Editions lol. It makes sense to see Gun/Illfonic release this DLC as part of a bundle for Digital Copy purchasers at a later date, which I am sure will happen.
  9. While I am a little irked about this whole situation (I backed the $275 tier + an additional $100 in add ons), shit happens. However, the fact that the same shit happened twice on two different platforms boggles my mind. As a Backer, I think there should be some sort of new Backer specific reward, and just make the Saivini Jason available to everyone. Give us Jason X or something with special kills or even a permanent 2x XP multiplier, something to compensate for our exclusive stuff not being exclusive. I ain't gonna lose sleep over it, but I do think that the pooch has been screwed too far at this point and there needs to be a statement from Gun and Illfonic.
  10. I've tweeted the Devs several times about it, and nobody is acknowledging it. Really irritating as my buddy and I lost probably 7K XP from 4 hours of gaming.
  11. Is this now fixed? I had heard it was, just haven't had time to confirm.
  12. My buddy and I are also seeing this on PS4. Started last night around 11:00pm (PST) on 7/7/17 on PS4 and is still an issue. No XP is being accounted for after each match. We earn the XP, it just isn't going to our level whatsoever. Frustrating to say the least.
  13. Lol if you believe they "sold" a Beta Client, you are misinformed. I worked in the gaming industry for 7 years on many titles, and platforms are not always in-line with each other. Menus differ, images within the game differ, among other things, and this is based on approvals from the product side. It is a common occurrence and for people to say they were "Sold" a Beta Client is laughable. The XB1 version is a bit broke just like ANY of the other versions. Gun Media along with Illfonic has been very transparent and active in posting updates, and I think they are doing a damn good job at conveying info to both the Backers as well as everyone who purchased the game. Patience is a virtue.
  14. While it may not be settling, all the theme consists of is Jason from the title screen of the game. Same animation, same music. Nothing too spectacular but cool nonetheless. Probably not what you wanted to hear but you aren't missing out on much.
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