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  1. Update???

    Just leave this game, it's purely shit without content and a lot of bug.
  2. I left this game since 2 weeks, we have only 3 maps please..
  3. Hi, My suggestion is to make a vote to choose who will revive as Tommy Jarvis. When two peoples died, then the alive counselor can vote by pressing one of two button of the controller or keyboard. I play a lot at this game, I'm level 101 and when I see Tommy Jarvis is hiding on an hunt, I become angry. Tommy Jarvis should help other counselor to escape.
  4. Just learn to play and brain the car. It's easy to stop them when he reverse...
  5. Is it me....

    It looks yeah
  6. We can kill peoples like that. Seriously, we can do nothing against this.
  7. Hi, On PS4, we got a trophy called A Ph.D in Muder, Perfom every kill in the game at least once. I don't understand how to get it, it's a bug ?
  8. No, I'm level 36 and got more than 30 hours of playing so no. Just play and you will get the level you're looking for.
  9. Say to PSN/Xbox support your child bought this game without your autorision. They will offer you a refund.
  10. Refund

    Just wait for them to fix the servers ? It's a little company without a lot of money. If you want, Call Sony and say them your child bought this game without your autorision. They will refund you.
  11. Hi, I want to pre order the game for PS4 but I don't find it. Do you know why ? Thanks!