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  1. Matt said in discord he checked and the servers should be up and working, so there isn't anything new from them, sadly
  2. it should just work, you shouldn't have to work around, if you can run any direction by diagonally, it's stupid. you shoudn't have to be stuck with clunky controls
  3. you need to remove it but you aren't in a hurry, is that what i'm seeing?
  4. shouldn't have to use another controller to fix the issue, plus that still hasn't worked for some people. no one should have to use another controller its a game issue, not the joy cons
  5. Lawsuits are never about settled, until its actually done and the paperwork is approved and signed and all that legal jazz, they can't do anything like they said, so this seems like a pretty big mistake
  6. tbh i don't think you quoting and posting the same thing isnt helping much, and isn't really on topic
  7. look at some of the videos, that is not what is happening, stop with the lag line, its not what the players are experiencing, and its a pretty dang vital issue, its a core gameplay mechanic
  8. if we are being real here, the shift/sense issue would not have made it past one test match, the barricade issues wouldnt have either. And that has nothing to do with who coded the game, the fact that they made it into a publicly released patch shows you so much. Doesn't matter if its their code or anothers, these type of glitches/bugs/issues should never make it out to the public. To say there was testing, is a dubious claim, either there was testing and it was pretty dang poor, or there wasn't. Both are fricking horrible tbh, but if there was testing and this is what passed, that is way worse than no testing.
  9. I wish that instead of blaming lag, or it being isolated, they would be honest and say yeah ok, it is an issue. People have posted videos, more than one person has reported it, So come on, be honest and stop feeding us stuff we know isn't true. The barricading issue is just like the car rubberbanding, it was never lag, it will never be lag, its an issue within the games coding.
  10. they wont give any time frames because they dont want people to tweet or post if they miss them, like what has happened in the past, they stop giving time frames a long time ago
  11. lol of course shifty pops up and post about banning accounts in a topic about patches. And we never did get the known bugs topic about the last patch, so we dont know really what's even being worked on other than 4 big issues is it?
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