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  1. they wont give any time frames because they dont want people to tweet or post if they miss them, like what has happened in the past, they stop giving time frames a long time ago
  2. lol of course shifty pops up and post about banning accounts in a topic about patches. And we never did get the known bugs topic about the last patch, so we dont know really what's even being worked on other than 4 big issues is it?
  3. "Art Bully Productions was tasked by Illfonic to create the Jason, Counselor, and Notable Prop assets for Friday the 13th: The Game." just a nugget of info.
  4. that would be a great idea, but with how hard it is to get in full lobbies much of the time already, it wouldn't work. Plus if you can't get in a lobby with friends, i can't imagine this going well either
  5. no where did he say 100% of people do that, but a great majority of people do just dance and teabag, that's a fact. It's backed up by tons of post on these very forums. Better have dancer than the people who used to hide parts, or jason teamers (which is very much still a problem). Also for fun, I dont think its fair to assume everyone from stupid town is stupid, law of averages and all. And really is the internet, people use the mic drop gif when they make a point and don't care what is said next, cause someone will always have to have the last word....
  6. when 8 out 10 matches have someone get the interaction glitch, yeah its too broken to have fun with. At least if they just dance, they wont get stuck and not be able to do anything. I'd rather play with a dancer instead of a team killer. if someone paid their 40 bucks and dancing gives them their monies worth, good on them for making it worth while for them. If they keep the playerbase up, who give a fudge.
  7. see this is the kind of stuff that they could be doing to interact with people here. what's the harm in answering stuff like this.
  8. i wrote it to show that what you posted was dumb and hypocritical because of what gun did rushing to market would you prefer people not post? cause there is plenty of people doing that already, as well as not playing the game because of their treatment here.
  9. hmmm a free game with continued content vs a game with nothing new coming, and few and far between patches for 40 bucks. really can't backfire at all
  10. I wonder if they dont patch more often because its not patches at all on consoles, like they are waiting for more than a couple bug fixes, because they know they are making people download the whole game every single time they update it. But that of course leads to why can't they actually patch it like other games and so on
  11. are you seriously saying that another game is more cheaply thrown together than this one. DbD hasn't been plagued by game breaking issues almost every update, or by refusing to admit the issues with the game, or by outright lying and denying certain issues.
  12. to say steal is wrong, if people want to play their game they will. Hell look at what happened when DbD set their console release date, suddenly f13 had a release date, even without the single player that was the reason it was delayed in the first place. So to stay a game is stealing players is so wrong and really unjust. if people want a game that actually is getting content and patches, good for them go to DbD. for a game that is focusing on patches, a month between them is a joke.
  13. with how gun treats their fans(well i guess more like how they treat f13 fans), no way will i ever buy a project they are involved with again.
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