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  1. why keep paying people for stuff that will probably never be released? like he said its bad business, they have to focus on what might make them money now, and that is a game that isn't bug riddled and broken. They have finite resources and need to use those to fix what is a big mess.
  2. that was never the OG rubberbanding glitch and i've never seen it described as such, the glitch as posted many many times was if the car got stopped if you tried to run away on your screen you would get away, even get in cabins, but on jason's screen you were just standing there, not moving giving him a free kill, sometimes you even get snapped back then try to run away and have it happen all over again
  3. 2moar

    Sale? Update : It is now on Sale!

    they've already brought up bad business about wasting resources about content they wont get to add, seems like half a step away from, its no longer viable to support this game.
  4. that's just about what he was paid, really nothing to do with this lawsuit, which is whether or not he has ownership to the copyright. 2 Way different things.
  5. not on the list but the car, the rubberbanding is still a big issue for me.
  6. they post were tweets about stuff that coming, not really post at all, even before that communication was few and far between. Look at how long it took them to issue a statement about the harassment issues, 2 days, that is unacceptable, really wasn't until enough people called them out and posted screenshots on twitter. the best communication recently was the known issues thread and what were the high priority bugs, stuff that like should be weekly at least, if not more.
  7. Glad they made a statement, shame it took 2+ days, I know have i reported lots of post here, which is sad. Hell i finally twitted shifty some screenshots, cause it got to be way too much too stomach for me
  8. for all it's problems, they did the movies justice for the most part. you actually felt like you were being chased and that you were jason. The Best movie based game for the current gen for sure.
  9. when the suicide escape is happening to multiple people on different systems multiple times, the whole well they did x steps to cause that is pure BS, its the same thing Wes tried to say about rubberbanding being lag related, or them not being able to recreate it, all they had to do was play it. If it was an issue that wasn't widespread, then maybe that excuse of well they looked at their friends list, while unplugging their controller, and they had their disc for gta in, would fly. But with the amount of bugs that have gone unnoticed shows the QA is lacking. Hell how long did the dropping the items and they fell through the map bug exist for?
  10. Do we really need the name calling in the first post, topic would have been great without it, and then you even had mods posting in here.
  11. 2moar

    Is the Game over now?

    not just your post, but many post with good insight are gone, sad to see this happening, now of all times. when post insulting and targeting a person are staying up longer than ones that point out what gun/ill have done wrong, it shows you what the mods/staff are really doing
  12. doesnt matter, anything in the game is under the f13 banner, the game is a licensed property.
  13. I predict this topic will be dying soon enough as have many others this day