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  1. You'd almost wish they were shady and not this incompetent and over their heads. still can't believe there was a delay and people still didnt get what cause the delay in the first place, and the make good poster is all folded to shit
  2. so let me get this straight so i understand, OK so backers disc copies were delayed so they could the slip cover, but nobody has gotten the covers or steelbooks cases yet? but its only supposedly affect a small number of people? its that right? if so, seems like the glue issue was somebody was huffing it all
  3. I'm positive the game wont last a year. my thoughts are they've broken more than they've fixed, and barely comment on anything, some backers are still screwed out of things. Dont want people to be negative, fix your game and stop saying soon.
  4. yes they must be edited cause they prove a point you dont like, yeah ok
  5. so anything that is a real and prove argument must be a joke dont like it stop playing
  6. the has, still is and will always be in jason's favor. they've reduced stun times, taken down weapon damage. As seen by the many post of people talking about the 9/8 10/8 glitch, the balance hasn't changed. Jason starts with traps, and gets powers as it goes on, counselors dont start with shit unless they have a perk, pocket knives are very limited. Seems like your argument is that you only want jason to have fun. every game there is up to 6 other people that want to have fun too, Really its not about having greater odds, it's the appearance of having greater odds. People still have to find the items before they show up and that's no easy task, omg i can't grab a counselor from halfway across the room anymore, change it back, change it back. And you really thing people would help them kickstart another game? lol, shit they haven't even gotten backers their shit yet, and the game has been a complete and utter shit show since launch, its getting better but still if you would give them more money for something else, you must not like your money
  7. so far the change really hasn't affect how many people escape in my experience, and based on how many people are posting 9/8 or 10/8 errors, seems like the end result is the still same. having the parts on the map doesn't change that Jason can trap the objectives, plus you still need to find the parts, which with how often people just straight up miss stuff, isn't a small part of the equation. As it is now, I haven't really seen it shift the game balance at all, but it does make it more fun to try and survive, you have more hope, but not necessarily more of chance to survive. If it makes the game more fun for 6/7 people, its a good thing, and the game is still heavily in Jason's favor as it should be. Maybe it will make people learn to play Jason better, counselors have had to learn how to adjust gameplay almost every patch. The last few jason changes have gotten reverted pretty quick, the window and door change. So, I say, suck it up and deal with it.
  8. i think the Jarvis house has the worst frame rate issues, small maps are still bad, but man the Jarvis map is borderline unplayable
  9. cause they aren't patches, but new builds of the game sadly
  10. still have frame rate issuse one xbox one, game stuck on black screen at the end of match. jason static screen effect stuck on at the end until back in the lobby
  11. not every "needs" to escape, its more about giving people a reason/ a hope to look for things and play together. you need the illusion that the majority of people can escape, without it no reason to play that map.
  12. hell no, don't keep it, so far 70% of the time the propeller doesn't spawn in a place where you can grab it, so have one 2 seater to get out, and then the rest of you have to wait on the phone. I want the game to be fun.
  13. had a 2 seater and boat spawn on the javis map, and the boat was effed because the propeller wasn't something you could grab, was the most northwestern cabin also at times various counselors were invisible to the person playing them, happened like 4 times to different people playing different counselors
  14. thats all i got before the guy quit cause he was glitched out
  15. just played on regular packanack and died, switched to watch tommy and he was in a hole