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  1. Sorry, but I don't buy that bs. Fortnite plays just fine on the Switch sticks.
  2. It is quite suspicious how it wasn't mentioned in reviews. This is not something that someone might have just not noticed, it completely ruins the gameplay. I love the game on PS4, but the Switch version is not worth owning if it is going to stay this way.
  3. What?!?! If that is true then I will be trading in my copy to Gamestop.
  4. How did the Switch version even get released with such a glaring bug? It makes the game completely unplayable for me. I was so excited to start playing this game again now that it is on Switch, but quit after one game.
  5. I’ve only ever been killed once and they did it without even knocking my mask off so I don’t feel too bad about it. if I died legit, then I would be a little salty.
  6. I see people mentioning the mask being off. Did they make that a requirement again for killing Jason?
  7. I died as Jason for the first time tonight because I didn’t realize getting the mask off was no longer a requirement to kill Jason.
  8. I can’t answer about the bloody skins not showing up, but don’t try to blame Gun because the shop owner told you it was a GOTY version, it isn’t and was never marketed as such.
  9. Tiffany. And being completely honest, it’s just because of her banging body, not for any real gameplay or strategy reasons.
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