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  1. @GunMedia_Ben , Fantastic news and congratulations on the success of the game. I for one admit when I am wrong - and I have been heavily critical of the whole Savani Jason thing with the leaks left right and centre. However, I have always thought it a good idea to release it for a fee simply just to give you guys more cash to improve the game - seeing it hit 1.8Million copies sold it seems you do not need it. To be honest I don't want the Savani Jason, however my kids play - before all the hate starts I am the President of an Australian Horror association, am a horror author, I am piecing together a horror convention and so my kids are around horror the entire time - they only play on the three ps4's we got against each other and they watch videos about F13 Game all the time (they want to kill Jason) and they saw Savani Jason and want him - so off course being a parent I'd do whatever I could to make my kids happy. However, looking at the work you guys have done - the improvements that are coming through the reinvestment, the added staff you have brought on to assist, the new gameplays - and after recently re-watching the entire F13 series I truly appreciate the work you have all put in, and how accurate to the movies your game is. Thank you and as the great philosopher Taylor Swift once said "Haters going to hate, hate hate - you just gotta shake it off - shake it off"
  2. Just letting you know I was talking about the previous poster - Snakesound he keeps following me to post and post making stupid comments trying to bait me. I agree anyone who got it for free should be revoked. But the reputation of GunMedia - especially with how quiet they are and seem to ignore these forums now - is taking a battering. I'd prefer them to make new DLC - but seriously if it (SJ) gets leaked on stream they may as well give it up - give you guys a refund and release it to all. Sorry for not being clearer, just getting over what is meant to be adults crying about every little aspect of the game. It's as if though many of these people have never lived a day in the real world and it gets very annoying looking on here at crying and crying, then on facebook at crying and crying.
  3. And think it is safe to say it is well and truly too late for that. But thanks for your 400th post in this thread. If someone is going to follow me around the entire forum quoting me in things trying to bait me like the previous poster its a case of two people playing that game... just like team killers rather than running off and crying you just return the favor. I get it the exclusive skin has been leaked - and hey next week it will probably be on stream. But doesn't make everyone elses suggestions WRONG! Yes you backed it and got the 'exclusive skin' - koudos. However, let's be fair. It is due to ALL of us buying it that they can still spend the time to continue development and hopefully future DLC - it's our funds they are using. The way SOME (not saying you but others) are acting is that we owe them gratitude and need to bow down to them. They soared past the required funds - they didn't do it via $6 skins. I contributed to Kickstarter but no longer have access to the e-mail so got none of my perks - do I care no because the game got made. Everyone is now equals whether you spend $60 previously or $60 when it was released everyone has the same investment. I interviewed these guys ages ago and put it on my old website - and a recent survey found 4000 people from that website went on to buy the game. I guess what I am trying to say is that yes the skin is meant to be EXCLUSIVE and I think it all sucks - but the fact of the matter is the cat is out of the bag. So why can't they think of something unique just for you guys again - sell this make some cash to reinvest. You cant put a baby back in once it comes out.
  4. Geez are you still going on. Don't you have team killers to cry about or something now. I can ask what ever the f**k I want if we have to sit through 327 BS posts from you then the rest can post what they want as well.
  5. What that's what everyone is crying over. That and spilt milk. People need to get over themselves.
  6. I tried to carry my gold fish like that but didn't work out as well. Thanks for sharing the vid do enjoy a good laugh.
  7. To be honest I got bored with all the logos and crap before the video actually got to the point. But this is nothing against your videos I have a short attention span on FB I refuse to watch videos longer that 1:12 - the moment I see they are longer than that I move on. But from the screenshot it is a silly grab glitch - imagine doing that in real life to your kid or wife you'd be publically hung.
  8. I think in all honesty we should look at this in a positive way. At least for 24 hours we had something to talk about and read rather than "this person is team killing me wah wah wah" so really thanks to @GunMedia_Ben or Microsoft or God or whoever the leak came from - maybe, and have we considered that Russian hackers have infultrated our community here? any wikileakers around? Because I for one am so glad not to see what is meant to be adults crying because they got killed by another player.
  9. FFS there will be no freddy or other characters along those lines. We may get new councillors in the future but seriously give up on this bloody question.
  10. Okay my stance has changed since last night. I am sure @GunMedia_Ben and co are looking at how best to damage control this. Last night I would've loved to have SJ released to all at a price. I say this because Gun Media have brought us a game we all wanted for so long - at least by charging $6-$10 you get one over those 'scammy' people on eBay selling it in the hundreds - and also would prefer the money to be going to Gun for them to invest in single player / additional content. Yes backers were offered and Exclusive Skin - let's be honest it is no longer exclusive. But at the same time you did have exclusive usage of it for two months - better than nothing right. Last night after seeing how long it was on the Microsoft store for I was all for just releasing it. @GunMedia_Ben and his team will no doubt stick to their word, they seem the type to do that. However, I do hope they are working on other DLC as really the three maps is getting boring, the same Jasons are getting boring, but just know if you need additional cash you have this one commodity that people are still willing to pay for.
  11. And what did the xBox Store say about it? Because obviously that is something to do with your account and not a game designer. Please let us know xBox' response and the community here may be able to help. Or, if, many of us can suspect - you have not contacted them? Then contact them.
  12. Some good points @StrayDevilFox but not really a punishment with a 15 minute ban on matchmaking with the "don't like to wait? don't Troll" as you say in your post when many of us have to wait 6-7-8 minutes to get into a game in the first place!
  13. Man I just tried perking up and got handed the same shitty perk six times in a row so gave up - now going to be a prick like everyone else and just go and kill people... although AJ's red skirt sounds nice lol
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