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  1. I saw it and enjoyed it. Might not be the best horror movie ever, but it kept me entertained throughout. If you were thinking about seeing it, go check it out.
  2. This was awesome. Thanks for making this! I'm defenitely more likely to rewatch this than some of the real movies.
  3. Chad's look clearly needs to be a little more stylish than the others. So yeah, he still needs the cape or SOMETHING different.
  4. Chad is god as far as this game is concerned. I rarely play as anyone else, but sometimes I get stuck being that Jason guy. I'm surprised everyone isn't Chad all the time! If only they could make an alternate physical game cover featuring Chad..
  5. I feel my best Jason game was today as Mr Sackhead. Normally I don't play against the greatest of competion(Mostly quick match) and I kill most people when I'm Jason. Today I was in a great group that was getting stuff done, despite me using all my traps. They had a ton of pocket knives too! Was trying to stop a couple of them in a car, and I knew the cops were being called but didn't want the car to escape, so I let that happen. Eventually I stopped the car, but I had to start killing fast to prevent them all from escaping. Must have still been like 5 alive when the cops arrived. I managed to kill 7/8. Only 1 escaped after all that. I really earned it with how these guys were getting shit done, juking me, and beating my ass! My best counselor game is any game where I waste a ton of Jason's time(Im always Chad/sometimes Tommy) and give him a good beating/tea-bagging and piss him off. Thats when I seem to be having my most fun. A good escape where I'm running to the cops, out of stamina, and have to stun Jason to escape is great too.
  6. I probably saw it and didn't even see his name in the credits. Binged that show pretty quickly.
  7. Good thing he didn't get that Elm Street 2 role!
  8. I REALLY want this to be good. A TCM prequel COULD be a good idea. However I really only liked the first two original TCM movies, so I'll also go in with low expectations. The trailer didn't help at all.
  9. I'd watch 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, H20, then Resurrection. I'm not huge on 5(Shut up, Tina), and I love Halloween 6, but all these movies have their good if you ask me. It's all a matter of opinion and personal preference. I even like the Rob Zombie remake, for the most part. The second zombie Halloween is GARBAGE though. I won't watch it a second time.
  10. This is pretty much the order as far as how much I enjoy watching each film, and how likely I am to rewatch it again. 1. Halloween 1 2. Halloween 2 3. Halloween 6 - just loved so much about it. The atmosphere. Tommy Doyle being the next Loomis. A lot doesn't make sense, but i really enjoy it. 4. Halloween 4 - liked the characters a lot. 5. Halloween H20 6. Rob Zombie's Halloween - I enjoy it, but it is annoying how every other work is "fuck" and the rape scene wasn't need. Wtf? 7. Halloween 3 - The song itself almost gets it to this spot! 8 more days till Halloween! 8. Halloween 5 - I HATE Tina! If only she died earlier. 9. Halloween: Resurrection - Still has it's moments. I'll watch it sometimes 10. Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 - Garbage. I will never rewatch it. The vulgar language was even worse, and it was ridiculous Rob had to write his wife into this movie with the ridiculous horseshit! Think Annie and her dad were the only likable characters if I remember right. And Loomis and Laurie were supposed to be the lead characters? Hate what he did to Loomis. Yeah. There's only one I actually hate and won't rewatch. I love the Halloween franchise.
  11. I normally pick Chad, since he's good at battling Jason with a baseball bat while wearing his dashing outfits! And he's THE man! How dare you speak negatively about The Chad! Honestly, it was a good read. Someone had to do this for these characters.
  12. Tina killed her father sometime after part 6. They showed Jason underwater, and he wasn't nearly as rotted as in the rest of part 7. He still had those gloves on. Yeah, I wish we had a legit timeline on this stuff. Quite a few years went by!
  13. I'm not for it either. First time I EVER teamkilled actually. But i know how much it sucks being Jason, having an idiot on that roof. Or watching with them being the last one alive, taunting Jason for 5-10 minutes.
  14. No. I was Chad and saw the guy on the roof just before Jason got me. I came back as Tommy and immediately ran over there and shot him, then proceeded to help myself and the two remaining counselors escape to the police. Tommy accomplished a lot there!
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