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  1. I'm still trying to figure out which button controls the horn on my pc controller. :-/
  2. It just started working again, so never mind
  3. After this update my perks are not working. Not sure if it is all or just some of them. I've tried changing them ect, nothing works. Anyone else?
  4. Going to backerit and pulling up the surveys worked for me to get dlc
  5. Mine keeps coming back and going away, wait is what i will do
  6. I went from level 13 to 0 and it won't reset. Restarted the game and still locked at level 0. I have my badges and progress , but not able to access any level required items.
  7. Thanks everyone! Feel free to add me on steam
  8. beulahboi


    Just wanted to say hello. I joined the forum to find people to play the game with. I don't like the idea of playing with randoms. After watching the beta plays I see it can be crap to have screaming / rude people ect ect. So yeah, I'm a 35 year old guy who plays too many video games. I'll be playing this a lot and will have chat on in game and would like to find people who are going to play seriously and take turns being Jason and everything. If you want to add me My name is the same on Steam and Discord. I'll be lurking around here in anticipation of the game's release and hope a few of you will add me if you need serious players to get good games going. Cheers!
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