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  1. Maybe I'm alone here, but I like that he can chop at a window. It makes it scarier and suspenseful going through it. I mean, is he supposed to say, "go ahead and get through the window, I'll wait." Also as mentioned, jump through it if you can. If you can't because you are low on stamina, I think it would be silly for the game to give us a handicap.
  2. Quick match is still behaving the same for me as it did before the patch. Hopefully it'll be 100% soon though.
  3. I didn't expect to find so many chill people playing this game. It's been a lot of fun, and we've suffered through the pain together.
  4. So... I guess you don't read their updates.
  5. Look at all of the films from after 1986 to before 2012. Including the half-baked AvP films. It was good. It was damn good.
  6. No sense of entitlement here. They'll fix them when they can, we have to wait a little longer. So be it.
  7. I couldn't agree more. Here's to hoping the bugs and issues are fixed in a timely manner, and people come back to enjoy it.
  8. Lots of truth in this. It's a real shame that popularity of the game is what's massacring the reviews. We'll see how the bugs are dealt with later this week, but even with the glitches, the game is so much fun. On the other hand, I think people need to keep this into perspective. It's a small developer and it's launch weekend. Even major games out there have suffered this fate. I can't wait to give this game more attention later on, and I'm happy to see the quick games are working. I'm also happy I've been fairly preoccupied this weekend to dodge the frustration of playing.
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