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  1. Most good sequels add more backstory to the original film. You just have to adjust your perception of what happened based on the new information. To the answer the original question I would assume because we weren't lead to believe that any kids were involved until Freddy vs. Jason. It was also a dream so we don't know how accurate the new information is. You have to decide for yourself on this one.
  2. I'm pretty sure every side in this argument takes this skin as a personal attack on them. Now that new content is rolling out I hope this can finally be resolved.
  3. That's a scary thought. No thanks.
  4. Something that always bothered me about F13's backstory

    I mean considering it was made by the legal rights holders and released by the legal rights distributor I can't see how a case can be made that it isn't canon. It's even the first sequel to be produced by the guy who brought us the first film. Not only that, but the film is used to tie into Freddy vs. Jason and Jason X's timelines. I believe Jason Goes to Hell actually smooths out a lot of the issues from previous films. You can't just wake up in a meat box and start killing people with a giant axe wound in your head and you certainly can't rise from the dead because a bolt of lightning strikes your corpse. The film gives a little insight into why you just can't seem to kill him. Part 5 was an attempt to pass the buck to a narrative killer that fell flat on its face so we needed to get Jason back for those goofier films.
  5. Something that always bothered me about F13's backstory

    I think that's pretty much a given considering what we see in JGTH. It explains his resurrections in FC/4, JL/6, and whatnot. I think she resurrected him shortly after his drowning or after the '58 murders. Jason was probably frightened and hid away when he came back.
  6. I hope that's not the case. I liked watching my friends in private matches play as J after I died on PS4.
  7. I've never been able to spectate Jason in a quick play lobby on PS4. Or do you mean private match? I would hope they don't take that away.
  8. Not everyone religiously follow social media and forums. I'm fine that they don't sell the skin anymore, but people gotta stop acting like people are stupid for not knowing about it. I would have backed a lot of stuff from the backer site in April, but found out they had just ended it in March. It would have made more sense to end it just before the game went on sale in May, but what's done is done. Let's focus on NES Jason tomorrow.
  9. See that's just ridiculous. People are going to stop trying to help soon.
  10. Timeline

    This game is kinda of a parallel universe that doesn't really effect the main timeline, but each map tells you what year it is on the screen when Rob gets killed and the rest of us scatter.
  11. That's what I've said since my first post you HAVE to COMMUNICATE. There's no such thing as doing this without the group coordinating the effort. As long as Jason isn't one of the people in on it, it counts. As for the steps: 2 people go for the sweater and have each others backs. 2 people find Jason and try to get his mask off. 2 people look for Tommy's radio, find melee weapons. Once Tommy has been called everyone groups together and waits for Jason to kill anyone two but the girl with the sweater. Tommy comes into play grabs the mask and everyone else protects him and sweater girl. Everyone melees Jason when he grabs anyone until Tommy and sweater girl are in front of Jason and she activates the sweater. Anyone BUT Tommy (and Tommy must be aware he cannot do anything YET) hits him with a melee to get him on his knees. Then and only then does Tommy wait for his PROMPT to activate the kill animation. It's not as hard as it sounds, it just requires lots of communication and the toughest part is getting the mask and not having your two valuable players die.
  12. BS

    Having a mic or not doesn't make you a cool or uncool person. As I stated I play almost every day with a mic-less person. He always has my back. However, occasionally communication does break down and leads to unfortunate stuff like me not knowing he wasn't in the car. Sorry, hijacking might have been too strong a word, but basically I meant you tried to use this topic to prove the point of your own thread (mic-less hate).
  13. BS

    You were attempting to hijack a topic about team killers and use it as a reason not to use mics (like in your micless hate thread) so I simply said they certainly used their mics to escape and communication worked for them. Team killing is still stupid, but it wasn't the mics fault. I then preceded to tell an anecdote about how I play with a guy without a mic in my normal lobby cause I don't discriminate based on mics regardless, I just wanted to point out it's dumb to say someone will get team killed because of a mic. I'm sure that lobby of 4 would have killed him because that was their plan and not because he had a mic.
  14. Good old Trey never drops his beer.
  15. BS

    What? That I don't whine about people having mics? I mean that's not even what this topic is about. You choose to bring your topic into this thread.