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  1. PeopIe are already intentionally spoiling the kill on the steam forums :|
  2. While I get some of the points hes trying to make in this video this is just a terrible review, there is a ton of misinformation
  3. It doesnt matter if your intent was 'not about showing favortism' , its what you did. If this game was a standard launch and not a kickstarted title I would have no problem with press passes. You're a business and I get it, you want to see this game succeed financially as best as possible. Its just becoming painfully obvious that you will always choose money over your backers/fans, between this, no stat resets, the way delays were handled and the lackluster clothing pack this whole launch has left a sour taste in my mouth.
  4. I think youre underestimating the dedication some streamers will put in to make sure they have all the cheesiest unlocks before the wave of new players arrive.
  5. I might do it jokingly a few times with friends but I definitely wont use it as an actual play to win strategy in public lobbies. It goes against the game and what jason would actually do.
  6. 2 - He can run, also the first f13th movie I watched 6 - Throwing knives 9 - I find his bloated baby face hilarious, don't know why.
  7. This looks really good! I love minor details like this in games.
  8. Yeah I agree, my post was mainly in reference to the OPs title.
  9. Just saying hi! Ive been following this game for a good year or so now, I can't believe its releasing in a week!
  10. It would be community suicide to start banning people for using discord/teamspeak/etc The VOIP in the beta was decent but very unreliable, until this game hits E-Sports I cant see it being smart to enforce ingame VOIP use.
  11. I would hope they add clothing DLC in the future to keep to keep the game alive, unfortunately that does nothing for the folks who paid 9$ for reskins this time around. Gun should have known this was an unfair price to charge for what we're getting. I have no issue supporting the game, technically I bought the DLC unseen so I can't really complain that much. Im just disappointed this cost me 9$
  12. Im still going to be happy with just about any level of character customization but Id be lying if I said I wasnt disappointed, most of these look like very lazy re-textures. Absolutely not worth a $9 price tag. Maybe theres hope of actual 'outfits' in the future.
  13. I voted for the Grendel, mainly because I think it would be a nice change of pace from the camp site/cabin style maps that'll be in the base game. I think Jarvis house would be really cool, and probably the easiest to put together and model as a lot of assets can be reused from other maps. Honestly, most options would still be great to see Ill be happy with just about any map addition.
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