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  1. Yeah, I'm thinking there's going to be a ton of amazing DLC on this one. They already said as much – plus they've already hinted that instead of developing any sequels they're going to put all of their energy into enhancing this game. Can't wait!
  2. I really like Adam and Deborah, but I know I'm going to want to use Chad because he's just too funny with the goofy face and rich boy clothing. I can't wait to use all of them! And especially play Jason and slaughter them! ?
  3. Yeah, the Savini designed Jason character (the one who looks like he's back from Hell) is the main exclusive DLC that people like you and me missed out on. It's super awesome - I'm so bummed! But I know I'm going to be crazy happy with the game, and I guess I've learned a valuable lesson to pay more attention to a cool game's development! I do hope they'll change their mind some day or maybe have a few contests for the people who missed out. Other than the counselor preorder clothing pack, which is also no longer available like Resolution said above, I don't know of any other items are not going to be available for regular purchasers. I can't imagine that things like the soundtrack, art book, etc will be unavailable to regular buyers. They are too much actual "products" to not be released. I certainly haven't heard anyone say otherwise at least. Just FYI - don't reach out to anyone in the forum about purchasing the missed out on DLC codes. The admins said they will suspend people who do it. Just wanted to give you the heads up! ?
  4. This is an awesome idea Brigadius. I would love to see young Jason as a playable character - sure the stats might have to be tweaked to ensure the best most effective villain, but it would be a blast! I'm holding out hope!!
  5. Surprised to so few people responded – I'm going to be using Xbox one and I will definitely sign up for your team.
  6. I love this movie. And it's sequel too! Part IV was awful, and it was so lame that they couldn't figure out a proper Part 3...
  7. JGTH is definitely a mess, but the unrated cut with all the gore (the camp/tent scene! The restaurant massacre!) made the movie so much more enjoyable. Definitely the worst in their treatment of Jason and all of that mythology mumbo jumbo, but still a lot to enjoy. I'd probably still pick A New Beginning as the worst - a lot of campy fun but just not up to par with the rest of the series. And Jason X, as campy as it is, is also a total mess. That said, I love all of them, even the crappy ones... except for the remake. It was so pointless. I guess I would pick that as the worse because it was so unimaginative with its kills and the characters were awful.
  8. There's a Ninja Gaiden version of SMB?? That's amazing! I've got to look for that. Yeah, I'm surprised too... it's such a legendary "bad game" you'd think someone would have taken the time to "remix" it.
  9. That would be awesome too, and certainly less of a rights rumble! 8-bit Jason anything would be amazing.
  10. Yeah, I'm definitely hoping for Final Chapter Jason next.
  11. Yeah, Jarvis house for me - especially if we can get the house next door and some of the wooded areas they show in the movie. I would definitely love the S.S. Lazarus though - it would be awesome to be in such a confined space, and I can imagine the gameplay through the different cabins, etc. would add a whole new level to the game... Hmmm.. maybe I'm changing my mind...
  12. Thanks everyone for the welcome! DamonD7 - Thanks for the response, and I'm sure you're right! I remember reading that LJN got wrapped into so many different companies that it basically doesn't exist any more, and so finding the rights chain (and working out what is probably a dead license with New Line) is just the beginning of the potential legal issues. A guy can dream though! I know no matter what I'm going to love the game - I can't believe we're so close (and yet so far away)! I feel totally over-indulgent but I'm actually buying an Xbox One (I've never even PLAYED an Xbox, lol) for the sole purpose of playing the game. I've really got to figure out what other games are cool for the system... I heard "Alien Isolation" was pretty good. I'm honestly more of a Nintendo person. Even if I don't end up with Savini Jason ever (I doubt it, but ya never know), I can't wait for all the future DLC including new Jasons! It's going to be great!! OK.. I'm rambling. heh.
  13. Just wondering if I'm the only one who hopes this Kickstarter goal comes true: "Revising history... the game that should have been made in 1989 is playable within the game!" I actually love the original NES game, don't judge me, and I love the idea of them remixing and remaking it. It had so many problems back in the day but it would be so easy for them to make it into something that fans really enjoy. An 8-bit Jason game that actually works, is playable, is survivable, and expands from the original design… Sounds so cool! Am I alone? Lol..
  14. Such a great idea! The Friday Four setting could have so many opportunities for creating an environment, not just the two houses that are nearby.
  15. I'm not trying to be a jerk – sorry, I'm a newbie, but I don't understand why people have such a problem with non-backers and non-preorder people getting this as DLC down the line. Gun could definitely set it up in a way where you don't get it for six months or so, so that the pre-order people get to enjoy their exclusivity, and then people have to pay three times the amount to get the DLC… I wouldn't care in my case. It would be worth it to me. I totally understand that it is a reward for people who really supported the game, but not all of us were aware of all of that. I work long hours and I was only tangentially aware of what was going on with the game development until the release date came out. I truly wish I had been more aware and more supportive, but I just didn't have the time. Maybe that means I don't deserve the exclusive, but I feel like the Savini Jason is more than just a simple perk like counselor clothes – it is an entirely different character. There's got to be a way to do this that is fair to both the hard-core fans and the newbies. Ultimately I feel like everyone who purchases the game and it's DLC should feel satisfied with their experience. Just my two cents.
  16. Hi to all you fans out there who are as excited for the game as I am! I've been a Friday fan for as long as I've lived and, unlike most, I loved the 80's Friday game (don't judge me - I was a kid and desperate for more Jason action)! I only wish I had gotten involved with the whole campaign and pre-Order sooner. I had no idea what cool stuff they were offering, so I missed out on all the perks and the pre-order stuff, and it just kills me. What a bad fan I am! But I will still be waiting with baited breath for the premiere of the game and I am willing to spend whatever money it takes to get all of the DLC! The game just looks so amazing! As far as my favorite Friday films go, I'm really partial to the first four because of that awesome 80s feel that couldn't be replicated in later sequels. I just loved the grittiness of them. Then again, I love Jason Lives for being so clever, and while the later entries weren't as great as they could've been because the MPAA, Kane Hodder is king. Who am I kidding? I love all of them! Is there anyone other than me that really hopes that the Kickstarter goal of a remade 80s Friday the 13th game will be realized? That would be too cool!
  17. Me too! If anyone wants to sell the Savini Jason code, I'm willing to pay top dollar. thanks in advance for any takers! I suck that I didn't get it in time, but I just wasn't aware of it. I'm really hoping that Gun will do something "by popular demand" in six months or so and offer it for $25 or something like that. I think that that would be a good compromise as far as the devoted backers and new players go.
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