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  1. Hey there – I was wondering if you guys could help me – I need to know what the best headset and controllers are for playing this game on Steam on your PC. I've never used Steam before so any advice you can give me I would be grateful. Are there any links on Amazon or other sites that can direct me to what I need to order? I want the best tools to be able to play the game. I currently have very limited controllers that I doubt will work on the game. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. It does make you wonder how Gun Media was able to get the rights not just to make this game ( getting the rights from Sean Cunningham) but to also use the settings and all sorts of other IP from the series, including Tommy Jarvis. I can't imagine a lot of these details fall under the purview of Sean Cunningham. The settings and the Tommy Jarvis character from the sequels were specifically parts of the film adaptations of Sean's property and have their own writers and Directors. I would guess that the contribution of other writers and directors for the sequels were hired work-for-hire and that the resultant proceeds of their efforts were owned by Paramount. But did that mean that Gun Media needed to get a license from Paramount to put such series specific details into the game? Cunningham didn't create Tommy Jarvis, for instance, so they would've had to have acquired a separate license for material in the sequels – and I'm not just referring to getting Thom Matthews's likeness license. I would love to see Gun Media break down for us exactly how they got the rights to each and every detail of the game. How did they get the right to recreate Higgins Haven verbatim, for instance.
  3. I loved the show, and thought it was very clever and well acted. I remember at the time thinking "What the eff does this have to do with Jason" but I became quickly obsessed with it. It got ridiculous after John De LeMay left (why did he? such a dumb move...) but there were so many classic episodes. For some reason, the really campy one with Vanity comes to mind. And the one with the cursed camera/projector.. I actually love the Mormon episode, for the record, lol... I remember that whole thing where Jason's mask was to be the last item to sell... I'm sad they didn't have a chance to do it. They should have just made that the pilot (though I did dig the doll episode with little Sarah Polley (Dawn of the Dead remake) in it. I really need to get the show on DVD now that it's been out officially for a while. Side note - why the hell was "Freddy's Nightmares" never released on DVD?? My bootleg of it is all I've got, and it's crap quality...not that the show even came close to the quality of F13 The Series.
  4. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Paramount got back the film rights and still has them. There was a deal a while back where New Line gave back the Jason rights in exchange for being able to co-produce "Interstellar" with Paramount. At the time, as has been said, New Line only had the rights to "Jason" and Paramount still had the right to the title "Friday the 13th". I bet Gun has a limited, non-exclusive license. That's usually how it works with things like this. The IP holder would never want to limit their options as far as interactive goes... it's how Mortal Kombat was able to license Jason... their deal was non-exclusive too. I totally agree w/ you Komatose re: LJN. That company has folded and been folded into so many other companies. The latest is that Acclaim Entertainment bought it and closed it down, which raises a lot of questions... Is LJN's option for the game still viable? How are merchandisers able to license Purple Jason for toys? If, for example, Gun was to try to license the old game in an effort to update it as an extra on this game (I doubt they'd go down that route, but it would be awesome), what hoops would they need to go through? Head spinning indeed. I'd kill for Purple Jason in this new game! hahah! Did you ever see the video for "Friday the 13th: The Game: The Movie"? Totally awesome.
  5. Used to do that too with my siblings... It was like this crazy version of tag and Jason's mom's shrine was the base. So ridiculous, but you had to repeatedly say "Jason it's your mother, Jason it's your mother!" to get him to leave the base. I still tease my sister about it all the time because she was so little and pronounced it "Jaysuhn its yuh muddahh, Jaysuhn its yuh muddahh..." hahah
  6. Hey all - which of these is your favorite tune from the Friday the 13th franchise and why? Hell, pick more than one - I left it multiple options. I stuck to the Paramount franchise because it was easier, but feel free to fill in a post-Part VIII track if you want. there's a ton of greats, and some... not so greats. Some are awesome only because of the scene they are in... I doubt anyone is still rushing out to get songs from FM or Stan Meissner (although "Darkest Side of the Night" is pretty damn cool). For me it's a toss up between "The Friday the 13th Theme" and "He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)" - those Alice Cooper songs in Part VI are just iconic... I could have picked any of them, but this one is the best. That video! Jason is only in clips but...Alice's costume! And come on.. the disco theme? Try to lie and say you didn't boogie to that number when you were a kid (or an adult - no shame!). Of course, you know I love "His Eyes"... the scene is my friggin avatar... I'll add that too.
  7. Well, I guess that basically answered my question. If we are going to play with each other we have to do it on steam with separate computers – hopefully we can work out the whole game share thing... and then take turns on the Xbox... unless I get a separate Xbox for us to play on! Thanks for all of your advice! ?
  8. Just a couple of questions: Are any of your partners/spouses/roommates interested in playing the game with you at home? Are they fans like you are? If so, how would you go about playing with or against them... Just get separate Steam accounts with separate purchases of the game? I am not used to Xbox or multiplayer and I was just thinking about how it will be impossible for us to play against each other on the same system (yeah, I'm dumb that this just hit me). I cant even use my steam on my computer to play against a spouse or friend/houseguest on my Xbox version. Come on - we would all love an opportunity to axe one of our loved ones! Has anyone thought of any work arounds for this issue? Does Steam allow you to have multiple players on your account so you don't have to buy the game several times? For now I'm just going to have to settle making a bunch of new friends online and playing with them I guess… ?
  9. There was a movie called "the horror show" (never saw it) that was sold in certain territories outside of the US as "house 3", but that's as close as it got to an actual part 3. ☹️
  10. Yeah, no Xbox pre-orders… I got a copy on Steam just to be sure, but I'm sure it will be available on the 26th.
  11. My main thing is that the game is super successful and we get more DLC. It sounds like the makers want to focus on developing this game to be the best it can be rather than making sequels, so I plan on supporting it 100%. That said, outside of the horror world, I don't think there is a lot of awareness. More of the friends I've asked about it have no idea it exists - and some of these people are hardcore horror fans...
  12. I totally feel you RKS – it sounds like you and I had a very similar experience with the movies and the games. I am on Xbox so I hope I will meet up with you soon!
  13. Hey Dr! I think we've talked before, but I love the NES game – it came out at the perfect time as far as my love of NES and horror movies combined. I know people hate it but it will always have a warm place in my heart. Since you will be on Xbox too I really hope I get the chance to play with you! Welcome!!! ?
  14. Welcome Arthzull - I will be on Xbox one too so I look forward to playing with you!
  15. Welcome Tommy! I know the game is going to be great, especially with this crowd playing! ?
  16. Hahahaha I love "Revenge of the Nerds"!!! Welcome Suck It Nerd! I am super excited for the game too! Hopefully will have a chance to match against or with each other!
  17. Welcome Vursoli! Looking forward to your posts here!
  18. Zombie79


    Hi Damon - you were the first person here to welcome me and I really hope we get a chance to play with each other! I'm 37, and I'm basically looking for the same thing you are – plus I'm on Xbox, so I will be looking out for you! ?
  19. Zombie79


    Welcome Beulahboi! I'd love a chance to play with you. I did get the steam version so you never know!
  20. ThAnks for the heads up about CharminEX!! ?

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