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  1. Same here! It's all about having a good time, which I'm sure we will! Less than a week until we find out! ?
  2. Zombie79

    Hi All

    I had no idea about that! Well, welcome and kudos for your obscure reference! ?
  3. Growing up I always thought it was Ch Ch Ch Ha Ha Ha, so I'm fine with this interpretation!
  4. Don't worry Andy- I work a ton and I'm very new to these kinds of games, so I'm sure you'll be able to kick my ass! Welcome!! ?
  5. Part 6 is one of my faves. Welcome! So glad you decided to come out of the shadows!!
  6. Welcome!! Wish I had some time with the Beta but I'm still ready to kill it (pun intended)!!!
  7. Awesome! Welcome! I hope I get to play you on Xbox! ?
  8. I'm on Xbox too, though I haven't 100% figured out my name yet.. it will probably be zombieJMC79. I hope we get to play together!
  9. Welcome!! Yeah the only way right now is to preorder on Steam.
  10. Welcome Capricorn! I'm on Steam and Xbox but I'm sure you will have a great time and please share your experiences here on the forum!
  11. Welcome from one Matt to another! ?
  12. Happy Anniversary! I'll be on Xbox so hope to see you there!
  13. I'm with you, man. About your age and hoping for a great experience free from trolls. What platform will u be using?
  14. Welcome! I can't believe we are only a week away! Can't wait! Hey, what platform will you be playing on?
  15. Welcome! I'll have to check out your vids!
  16. Zombie79

    Hi All

    Are you referencing "Friday the 13th: Bad Land"? I've wanted to check out the comics for a while and I've read about them but I haven't had a chance yet. Anyway, welcome to the forums!
  17. Welcome Chris! I'll be on Xbox too (my Xbox name will be something like zombieJMC79 -- I haven't worked it out yet). Can't wait for the opportunity to play with ya! ?
  18. 1. Jason 2. Pamela Vorhees 3. Ginny 4. Tommy Jarvis 5. Alice 6. Chris 7. Rennie 8. Crazy Ralph 9. Megan 10. Tina 11. Dr. Cruz 12. Paul 13. Ted 14. Steven Freeman 15. Shelley 16. Melissa 17. Trish 18. Pam 19. Rob 20. Roy 21. Violet ( honorable mention)
  19. I bought this at when it first came out, and it is great to get a bunch of the movies in 1080, but getting "Jason goes to hell" without the uncut version is a sin. It's the only watchable version of the movie.
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