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  1. Do you mean your a songwriter? or you also write fiction? and yeah, hahah...we are truly superior people with no judgment against others and totally even tempers!
  2. This would be totally great! I could definitely see certain shoes giving you better speed or stamina. Sadly I'm not so creative as to come up with my own examples. Can we get a cape as a counselor clothing option? I love capes.
  3. Can anyone explain to me the difference between the abilities "morph" and "shift"? I know morph means moving around the map, but I'm mostly unclear on what shift does. Any advice would be appreciated!
  4. I was just getting my profile all worked out (I set it up as zombie79, but my account sign-in is in my name, so I'm not sure which one I will be using. Anyway, I was going through the site and discovered that F13 does not allow game sharing with other computers in your family. I guess that means I'm going to need to buy another copy so that I can play here with friends/spouse/etc. Hey, what's another purchase of the game, right? LOL... I'm happy to contribute - on a small level, it makes up for me missing the kickstarter campaign!
  5. I ran out of likes, but great to see another musician on here. Don't get me wrong, I agree that not all musicians are artists - for instance, I think a lot of classical musicians really rely on the 1's and 0's of sheet music and don't really like to divert from that. It doesn't take away from the quality of their work, but I'm sure even they don't consider themselves artists. I hope I don't sound flowery... I just try to find the creativity and artistry in everyone, even if it's just a small amount. Not all can fit the bill, that's a given, but I wish all people would take time to enjoy artistic endeavors. Artists make everything better.
  6. Welcome Ria! Great to see LGBT representation here! Us Jason fans come in all shapes and sizes! I hope you consider getting steam too so I can play with you. I am a steam/Xbox kinda guy.
  7. Awesome! Definitely get yourself connected to the many groups that are getting set up on the forms. See you at the camp!Awesome! Definitely get yourself connected to the many groups that are getting set up on the forms. See you at the camp!
  8. Zombie79


    Well welcome, even if you aren't warm and fuzzy you've got a place here. ?Happy murdering!!!
  9. Welcome! Down to earth and funny people are very welcome here!I am on steam in addition to Xbox so I hope to see you in the game!
  10. Welcome! Great to see older players here - I'm 37 so I'm getting there... ?
  11. You sound like fun! Welcome!
  12. Welcome! A bunch of people are starting up groups on the various platforms, so check em out - I hope to see you in one of them!
  13. Zombie79


    Welcome! Hey is that a Dr. Who reference?
  14. Welcome! See you on Steam!
  15. Happy Birthday! That sounds like the best b-day gift in the world to me. Welcome!
  16. I'm preloaded on Steam. Woohoo! Just a couple more days... this is unbearable!! I hope all the backers got their keys and were able to do the same, at least on Steam – it sounds like everyone got their stuff resolved in that respect.
  17. I think it all comes down to creativity an individual intends and what that individual considers themselves. I doubt many streamers or sportscasters consider themselves artists, but there are some that transcend the genre or add an artfulness to their work. I'm totally down with a pop star who doesn't write their own songs considering themselves artists. Yes, some are just straight up entertainers, but many are very creative and artful in their contributions - their voice is an instrument, like any other, and how they apply it is key to the quality of a song. I'm a singer-songwriter, and I consider myself an artist by virtue of my primary desire to create above all other motivations, but I don't think it's necessarily fair to discount the artistry of someone who doesn't write songs when even beyond their vocals, there are many ways they can express their creativity - through visual arts, performing, etc. I guess it really is in the eye of the beholder. I'm not sure we as outside parties are in a position to state who is an artist and who isn't, but that's just my two cents. Like art itself, everybody has a different take on it. ?
  18. Forgive my ignorance, but what is a preload? Does that mean you can play the game as soon as it is downloaded? Will we be able to play the game tonight?? Thx!
  19. Thanks guys - is there a controller that is really good for use in Steam?
  20. Hey there - my Xbox gamer tag is zombieMM79 My Steam profile (i think) is zombie79 (at least that is what they are telling me my profile is... LOL) i hope to get the chance to meet all of you once the game releases!
  21. Hi all - I'm new to Steam and I was wondering if you need some kind of controller to play "Friday the 13th". How do you guys play on Steam? What is the most optimal playing method? I just want to make sure I have the right equipment. Thanks!!!
  22. I'm gonna be on Xbox and Steam... hope I get to play with ya somehow!
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