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  1. I'm out of likes otherwise I would give you all of them!!!
  2. OMG xwred5 - you are my fucking HERO!!! It worked!! I'm on now. I hope I get to play a match with you sometime soon. Are you on Steam or Xbox? Can I give you my first born? lol
  3. Do you have a suggestion for a direct X standalone? I really appreciate your help!
  4. I don't have the virtual cabin. I think it was for backers, right?
  5. well I downloaded https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145 and I'm still getting the dll error message. Ugh! Help!
  6. I keep getting this message: Do you think downloading the virtual cabin will help me?
  7. Hahahahah it makes me feel SOOOO old when the kids don't know about the Friday series before going into the game. And everyone should know Mike Patton - he is one cool dude.
  8. You can let it make you upset all you want, but it is called business. They need streamers to spread the word to gamers who aren't familiar with the game. All games do this - surely you know that. We want the game to be as successful as possible, and mass exposure before release helps that. How are they going to see the big numbers they need to give us more awesome content if they don't reach maximum exposure and sales? I'm just asking you to be realistic. Thanks though, for being reasonable about my comments. Respect.
  9. This is awesome. I couldn't agree more. Thanks for posting it! And the image of an ice sculpture of Mike Patton's butt… ??? someone needs to get on that, stat!
  10. Well, can't blame a guy for trying.? I do think it's awesome that you hooked up your friends. I'm in the process of doing that myself – I've even going to buy the game for a couple of my sisters - they are hardcore Friday fans like me so we're gonna have a ball. Even though I'm creepy, I hope I still get a chance to play with ya on the Xbox! ???
  11. I know I asked this already, but are you looking for another friend? I'm a really good friend! ???? Wait, does that make me sound creepy? Lol
  12. Blood, I'm sorry to be a dick because that's totally not my style, but you've been one of the most negative people here, and you're really bringing down my experience. You're completely overreacting. There's always going to be a difference between what someone says they can do (in a perfect situation) and what they can actually do in reality, and for you to go on and on like there are these lying villains just because everything didn't go according to the way you wanted it to is so over-the-top. I'm sure they tried their best to get everything right, but nobody's perfect. Seriously man, reassess. There are much bigger things in the world to worry about. ?
  13. Yes! Thank you for posting- I was going to say the same thing. IT'S JUST A GAME PEOPLE! So many of the backers (and I realize it's not ALL backers, but...) have this crazy sense of entitlement, and the complaining is getting way out of control. Just accept the fact that Gun Media probably did everything in its power to deliver the best game possible and meet the expectations of their fans, but with any launch of a product there are going to be unexpected bumps along the road. They can't be everything to everyone. I am personally grateful to them, and I don't care what goes wrong (even if I do have the impossible hope that the Savini Jason comes back for sale down the line, ha ha – won't that cause the complainers to lose their panties! ?) In all seriousness, remember that a few months down the line no one is going to care about these silly lunch issues! There will be corrective patches, more DLC, and we are all going to be too busy enjoying the game to care about what happened in the past. We are all huge fans and this is a dream come true! So let's all try to be positive and happy that the day is finally here! The game we thought would never happen has happened and we are all about to play it! Together! ? Ki ki ki ma ma ma.... ❤️
  14. I will definitely be adding you! Hoping to get everything set tonight. The only thing I'm not sure about the steam: is your gamer tag your profile name or the login name you used to sign in? I know, dumb question, but this is my first steam experiment.
  15. You got five? Do you mean five copies of the game or of the game and different items? I'm going to go check my Xbox now.
  16. What the heck is going on here? Did I miss something? Why can't we all just get along?! Lol... you're all cool people... let's just put our differences aside for the greater good - murdering people in horrible ways!!! ?
  17. Well one way or another we've got to play together! ?
  18. I definitely NEED the pitchfork...especially if they really never do bring back Savini Jason... That said, the regular pitchfork that was in the original commercials was so much more fun IMHO. Other ones I really want: 1. Hunting/Butcher knife - I totally agree. I'd really love to see some more close-quarters Jason attacks, plus just imagine all the moves he could make with a butcher knife... or a CORK SCREW!!!! just sayin... 2. Sickle - come on... Do it for Maddy. 3. OMG - the grass trimmer with the round saw blade??? YES!!! 4. Environmental weapons.. I just want Jason to have the chance to pick up random shit and start effing people up with it. Fine if the counselors can get access to them too. 5. A noose - let's get Jason hanging people! 6. A meat cleaver... because, Mark. C'mon... 7. That big spike thing the Doctor-Jason used to split that girl in the tent in half. Yeah....Debbie!!!!! 8. Skeptik is right - C'mon.. let Jason break a window or something and be able to stab people with it!!! The party horn sounds awesome too! 9. Harpoon gun!!!! 10.Dandop -- YES!! The Flying V is a must!! God, I can't wait for a possible Lazarus map. So amazing!
  19. hahahaha god I wish they could add an option for us hiding under beds so we can ambush people getting it on... I know, that would probably be a major overhaul of the system... but what if having sex in the game if you are a counselor gives you more stamina or composure or something? It could be pretty cool... or am I just a perv?
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