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  1. Haha - I made a post like this yesterday. I suck so bad! I've had virtually the same experience with you, except I can't kill anyone as Jason. I can barely get the navigation right…I can barely get the navigation right…
  2. Hey developers – can you please add in a patch where people can go in the game to do a little training? It's tough for newcomers to work out the navigation in the various buttons… Even if it was only a couple of minutes it would make a difference. Thanks!
  3. I just played is Jason – I didn't kill a single damn person. I barely even got a couple slashes in. Mother would be so ashamed of me… ?
  4. I'm sure a lot of you guys are hard-core Xbox players who can totally navigate this game, but are there any of you that wish there was a training space in the game so you could at least learn how to properly navigate and use the buttons? I'm really terrible at the game and if I'm not playing with friends, like in quick play, I get totally shit on for being so lousy. It's amazing how immature people can be. I've started muting the game. I'm sure I'll get better with time but it's really frustrating when you're under The fear of death and learning how to walk at the same time. LOL ?
  5. You just equated a video game company giving you a bonus character in a video game to a flesh and blood human with whom you are in a romantic relationship. I rest my case. ?
  6. Well I think the price is too high, but the idea is good
  7. Heaven forbid! Lol What, nearly a half a year of exclusivity isn't enough? Jeez... i think it's a great idea REDDOG.
  8. You and I have a lot in common Dash same age, very similar screen name, and a huge love for the F13 NES game! Welcome! I hope to see you on Xbox or on Steam!
  9. Great idea ?-- These "join my game" threads are getting Cray Cray…These "join my game" threads are getting Cray Cray…
  10. Thanks – that's what I tried. I think everyone's just not available. There's a bunch of people who can't log in as well, so that sucks. I guess I will just practice with strangers for now… ?
  11. I'm in the group, but how do you make it where you can play with your group? Do you need to be invited? Do you set up your own private match? I'd much prefer to play with you guys instead of randos - even if it means you guys seeing me play like a jackass. ?
  12. Omg. I can't wait to join this hilarity! I am soooo bad at this game!
  13. If any of you suck at F13, come here and share your pain! No judgment! Maybe we can help each other to be better players!
  14. Haha well that makes me feel a little better, but not much. I am using steam, and I got the steam controller that is supposedly super good, but I can't navigate for shit. It is impossible for me to tell where I am going. I do a lot of backing into hard surfaces. I think that is my biggest problem - navigation. I'm just not used to these kinds of games. Maybe I'll have better luck on Xbox. Either way, consider me an easy kill when I get into your game!
  15. I have played a few times so far, and two of the three times I was killed by Jason in the first couple minutes. Ha ha ha ha. The third time my character was frozen in place and I had to quit. I really need to get in some good practice… I am pathetic! Still, this is serious fun! Any other lame duck players?
  16. Awesome, I'll find you on Steam. They've started a group on there if you are interested: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/F13forums thanks again for being awesome - sleep well!
  17. Joined!! i don't have a mic set yet - I hope that's cool.
  18. There's a bunch of you I couldn't find from your posts, so I hope you'll take the time to add me! My name is zombie79 Some people I couldn't find: Lumi frankcastle5586 Simu (you're private) Ploxorox ft. subweezy (private)
  19. Are U sure you aren't Babalonkie on Steam? I looked up th Can't find you dude, under either name- what is your avatar?
  20. Are U sure you aren't Babalonkie on Steam? I looked up the name you gave me and nothing came up.
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