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  1. Thank you Jack – I didn't have the opportunity to back the game but that doesn't make me any less of a fan. I have followed this film series since I was a little kid. I am a little sad that this window happened for PlayStation and not for other places like steam or Xbox but I understand it was a glitch. I would love to get the Savini Jason, but I sympathize with the Backers too. ugh... what a mess. At least some random people won out in this process.I wish I was one of them!
  2. Well, I sent a request to Ben to see if he would sticky this thread. It is a great asset. I hope my pictures will be useful for you should you update your tutorial. ?
  3. Agreed. Hard-core fans love this game. We are not looking for critical reception. And most of the critics if you read the reviews are solely focused on server problems and bugs and not the actual gameplay. I've never looked to critics for anything regarding Friday the 13th and I'm not going to start now.
  4. I just have a few questions for the brilliant @Kodiak: 1. Because I haven't had the chance to try it, what happens if you have multiple small items (can of spray, firecrackers, etc.) and you have to choose between them to use them. What buttons do you press? 2. How does Jason set his traps? I couldn't figure out what buttons to press. 3. On the Counselor Controls pic I put up, what is the Y key "Use Ability" mean? can you give me an example? Thanks again Kodiak. This thread is the best on the forum! Administrators -- PLEASE STICKY THIS!!!!
  5. in case you want to add them to your instructions... control screen shots: COUNSELOR CONTROLS @Kodiak
  6. Did the steam patch already happenmaybe the fixes for the steam password different than the ones they listed for Xbox?? My friend was playing and she said that she had an update but that all of the bugs she's been experiencing like getting stuck in windows were still occurring. Just wondering…maybe the fixes for the steam password different than the ones they listed for Xbox?
  7. Would love to play with you Bobby!Would love to play with you Bobby!
  8. Steam ID is zombie79 here - I've met a lot of great people here and joined some groups, but generally their matches fill up quickly and I'm left doing quick play with dip shits! ? If anyone wants to add me to their group or friends list, go for it! I'm not an amazing player by any means but I do enjoy teamwork, i've got a working mic and I don't pull shenanigans. Like the above poster, expect to survive the night if I play as Jason, haha. I'm usually around late night California time and very late night on the weekends. 38, huge Jason fan and just looking for fun.
  9. Amazing - Thank you!!!!! This should be mandatory reading. Soooo helpful, especially for terrible players like me!!
  10. Wow – awesome! Do you guys who are hitting 10 and above feel good about your playing abilities? About what level do you think you started being able to really get into the more tricky parts of the game like starting the car with all of the tools and using the boat or stuff like that? How are your skills as Jason?How are your skills as Jason?
  11. I thought it might be fun if we had a thread about people's levels as they progress. I'm curious about how other people are doing beside me, ha ha. I just made it to level seven and I feel very accomplished! ? Needless to say, I'm not the world's best player. What level are you up to? No judgment!
  12. I am so terrible at planning Jason – I haven't killed a single person yet! I'd much rather be a counselor.
  13. I am totally going to add you dude!I am totally going to add you dude!
  14. Why don't you just call them out? Then we will know who not to play with.
  15. I watched the video. While the voices are all obnoxious, I didn't see any cheating. Can you point it out to me? maybe give me time codes?
  16. Yeah, that is total bullshit. What is wrong with these people? This isn't the hunger games!
  17. This is bullshit – the easy way to fix this is to make it to where Jason cannot hear anyone who is a counselor once they are dead.
  18. Suggestion: the ability to open up a private match to outsiders if you don't have enough people. Basically speaks for itself – I usually find out my friends are busy on other matches when I'm on, but I may have a few friends available for a private match. It would be great if you could start a private match, get as many people as you can and then have the option to open it up to strangers who want to slot in a game. Thoughts? Seems like that would be an easy patch.
  19. Whether it's login problems or the network fails just when I'm about to start a quick play, I haven't once been able to play the game since I got it. Also, the how-to section doesn't appear on the Xbox version, at least not on mine. Luckily I have the steam version. Anyone else having the same problem still?
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