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  1. No matter how hard I try, I suck as Jason. Can’t we set up a training mode session where people can just go in and kill bots just to test out the various Jason functions? It could be set up for counselors to train too. People like me who aren’t going to the game deserve a chance to learn in a real environment.
  2. So no one gets any homo lovin? Booooooooring.... Kenny and Jenny is ridiculous. Jenny is in a love triangle with Adam and A.J. Kenny wants Adam but Adam is straight so he blows off steam with power-bottom Chad... I mean, have you seen him in his speedo? Dude is just begging to be manhandled. Poor Deborah... she thinks she has a chance...??? its true though that La Chappa wants Vanessa, but doesn't everyone?? She's too busy getting it on with Bugzy so you know what that means... Rosey Palm and her five sisters!
  3. hey man – I understand the anxiety, so don't worry about using your mic. But you should still try to work with other people in the game. Whenever I find someone who doesn't have a mic but they are near me I always try and encourage them to work with me. I call them by "silent Buddy". I stick with them and we work together and if Jason comes I try to be the one who gets to him first so my buddy can get away. I've met some good friends that way. For me it's not just about winning the game – it's about working with people. So don't always assume those people with mica are bad people. Some of us are totally cool and accept you for who you are. ?
  4. Why am I not getting my perks? I am supposed to start with a map, fire crackers and a health spray. So why am I only getting the map? Is there some limit to what you can bring into the game? I paid for all my perks… They just aren't showing up. Any assistance would be gratefully recieved.
  5. Hey there – has anyone else had a problem where you choose your three counselor perks and only one of them shows up when you are in the game? A friend of mine told me that you can't choose three perks that cause you to spawn with items because that is where the glitch happens. I chose as my perks the medicine spray hypochondriac perk, the fire cracker perk, and the map perk. In the game, I only ended up with the map perk, which was my first choice. Does anyone else have this happen? Are the developers aware of this?
  6. I've never understood this glitch - - what is it that people do to where they are able to be on the roof? It's not something I would ever do for strategy because I think it is poor sportsmanship, but I at least like to know how it worksIt's not something I would ever do for strategy because I think it is poor sportsmanship, but I at least like to know how it works
  7. Agreed. I don't want to waste my time listening to a bunch of people bitch about a video game that didn't give them exactly what they wanted when they wanted it. I have been on this for him less and less because of it.
  8. Can someone give me a clear non-bitter response as to why when I go on Xbox I'm lucky if I get one other player in my lobby. Please try to be nice, I am a newbie when it comes to Xbox. I have no trouble getting into the Xbox game, but when I get there it seems like there's no one there.
  9. Please stop 2fast... this is getting ridiculous and you are intentionally contributing to a negative experience for other forum members, including myself, with all of your hostility. There are plenty of people who are upset about the game that manage to express themselves in adult, respectful ways, including many people in this thread. I get it – you're furious. You feel that there is a conspiracy and that there are lies and greed going on here rather than an honest attempt for a small company to continually repair and improve a game they are clearly very passionate about. We get your position. I even sympathize with you regarding some of the things you've said. But posting comments like this or repeating the same negative points over and over and over achieves nothing but a lousy experience for people who are here to really enjoy the game and the community. I'm trying to be respectful - I hope you realize that. I've honestly thought about leaving the forum just because of all the negativity here over such small things – over a little silly video game no less. I've got real problems in the world, real things to deal with, and maybe I'm going to sound entitled by saying this, but I feel should be able to come here for an escape. Disagreements and debates are welcome! I don't care if people agree with me or disagree with me, and I don't care if people have real, genuine problems with the game and its release and want to express them. But what you're doing is not debate. It is trolling and flaming, pure and simple, and that is against the rules of this forum. Similarly, attacking administrators and moderators is also a violation of the terms of this forum. I realize I am not an administrator or a moderator, and even besides that you have no reason or duty to listen to me or even consider what I say. I'm just a forum member who hopes that you can take a look at how you're approaching your contributions and consider the enjoyment of your fellow community members. Alternatively, maybe just do yourself a favor and step away from the forum and the game for a while, since it is causing you so much stress. I'm sure you're really nice guy in person, and maybe we're just catching you at a bad moment. I'm sorry that things with the game haven't gone the way you hoped. But I have faith that you can consider what you have to say and not let your anger affect others who have no control over the situation. I'm not even trying to single you out, though I know it looks like it – I say this for everybody who is taking things too far and losing perspective of what I consider the big picture, which is enjoying each other and enjoying the game. Anyway, thanks for reading and sorry that was so long!!!?
  10. Yes, I'm a terrible counselor. Even though I have no problem surviving (at least for a while) with all the other Jasons. I'm so glad you diagnosed my problem! Do you charge a fee? Will my insurance cover it? ?
  11. Haha I played it recently too! I have a computer full of Roms, plus I have a hacked version on console called Freddy vs Jason where you get to fight Jason as Freddy and instead of killing zombies you kill counselors!
  12. Same here! This is an 80s child's dream come true. I don't care if it is a reskin or has the same weapon - it's NES Jason! How many of us raised on the series couldn't get enough of the NES Jason game just because it was so amazing that it even existed. We were of the type that gathered any kind of Jason material that was out there, and that game does have some awesome points to it. I got the game for Christmas one year as a kid and nearly peed myself in excitement! Thank you sooooo much for these amazing cool perks Gun and Illfonic!! I've never had an issue with the game or the way it has released, bugs and all - with adulthood comes patience, sometimes – and this is just the cherry on top of the sundae. You guys rule!!! I'll always wish I could get my hands on Savini Jason but I'm over it.... bring on purple Jason!!! Ps. Anyone who has issues with or complains about FREE stuff that Gun and Illfonic are giving us to make up for problems with the game has major issues. 'Nuff said.
  13. Savini Jason is absolutely the best Jason. He has other strings but that one is the most damning to counselors. I've played against him three or four times now and I am dead within literal seconds. Nobody cares about his slow movement or inability to swim fast. It's the fact that he can break down doors in a moments notice when getting into the cabins and barricading the doors are such an important part of surviving in the game. Add to that his shift strength and weapon strength and you get the most damning Jason to counselors. I've played against him three or four times now and I am dead within literal seconds.
  14. In general, I hate people who play Jason out of character. I certainly remain silent for the entire game. If people don't like it, too bad – I'm fucking Jason, goddamnit, not that baby from Family Guy or some Witty McWitterson. Don't get me wrong – there are some genuinely funny Jason's out there, and I have enjoyed them in the past, but it's rare. The idea of someone dissing you because you want to play Jason as he is intended is just silly.
  15. I often get killed within the first 45 seconds of the game because of where I was spawned. Who cares? Jason is there to kill people. If you're in the wrong place at the wrong time it's your bad luck.
  16. If you're up for it, I suggest getting the steam version and playing it with your Xbox controller and headset. Steam really doesn't have many issues as far as bugs ago – I've had a ton of amazing games with no problems whatsoever. I have the Xbox version but I haven't played it much because it's tough to login and they haven't resolved all the bugs on that platform. I definitely suggest getting a handful of friends to start private matches, or at least get a few friends to add to a party before you hit quick play. There are a lot of jokers out there that can ruin the game for you.
  17. I'm just saying that at this point they have poisoned the well and that they should give Backers a new exclusive skin and just sell this one. It would make Backers happy and since so many non-backers have the skin, they might as well make some money on it. Do you see what I mean? I don't want the backers to get screwed, I just think they deserve something new that is all for them.
  18. Absolutely same here Solidus. Couldn't have said it better. He should've just made an exclusive window for the Backers and then opened it up to the public. that's what I've said all along. Some Backer's will bitch and moan but the truth of the matter is that it's a company that needs to make money and this could help to improve the game. That said, I don't even really care anymore about the Savini Jason. I am grateful for gun media making this game but this whole Savini Jason thing has been a serious mess. Too many people have had access to it – just give the backers a new special skin and release this one. It seems like the best solution.
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