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  1. Hiding works really well with multiple players in a cabin. One takes off and after a quick scan jason just goes after the runner. also time is precious for jason. There are times where he doesn't want to spend to much time in one cabin while other stuff is going on. hiding is next level meta and works really well if your skilled with the juke with a high stealth character
  2. Yea gotta be careful. Make it too strong and suddenly jason gets punished for killing players. maybe a puesdo rage mode that allows the last survivor hints on item locations?
  3. First game in a long time I constantly hear little ass kids saying the N-word. Reason I don't do much PC gaming... racist pretty much ruined the social experience... oh well I guess I'll just stick to my private matches. I can't enjoy the experience without it.
  4. There is no chance Sony is going through any of that. It's already a dead issue to Sony at this point.
  5. If it had merit they wouldn't have deleted it. I'm sure they requested Sony to refund and now are probably waiting for a response from Sony. a whole game was released early on US psn and nothing happened like a month ago.
  6. I feel like this is fake news. Sony is not releasing a tweet about forcibly removing an item and issuing refunds for such a small game. they've made similar mistakes with bigger games and never even aknowledged it lol. ill check later on tonight to see if mine is still there.
  7. I doubt gun would even push for a return. Not when there is nothing else from the game to spend money on at this time. ill take that 6 bucks to street fighter so fast... gun loses in the end in both scenarios. Might as well just let the slip up rock.
  8. As true as this may be. Without regular purchases this game would die faster than they could fix it. They probably quadrupled their pot on day one alone. We appreciate backers who took the risk but don't expect regular purchase folks to gravel at your feet. They don't owe you a damn thing.
  9. I told everyone in the lobby that is was available when a message popped up in my psn. I wanted everyone to get it who wanted it. the whole lobby changed to savini mid lobby lol.
  10. Sony isn't in the business of giving money back. I highly doubt they will be pulling add on content. Can you imagine if they pulled backers shit to on "mistake"?
  11. This actually happened to Street Fighter 5 a few months back. Sony updated the season pass page and instead of say 3 additional characters they named the next character about a month before Capcom wanted them to. SFV is a lot bigger project than this with a pro tour backed by Sony... This really could have happened to any publisher.
  12. Add fame_mcswagg got 3 looking for more on now.
  13. Have 4 in quick match lobby looking for more add fame_mcswagg north America only as PS4 is region locked right now. full now
  14. Looks like a region lock. So I'm in the US.
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