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  1. DeadlyD

    Season 5 of Fortnite buries PS4's servers.

    i dont even get the BR appeal, if you like fine but to me its load up game, stand in lobby, load to map, drop to map, pick up like 2 things dead, repeat i dont like how often you will see a load screen, an anybody who say "get gud" will be ignored
  2. glad its not just me i was worried my crash messed something up
  3. Am I the only one getting this right now? This was a message we were getting at launch an its back? I have restarted my game, restarted my PS4, an even tried other games, which btw work online. I was playing earlier, but the game crashed an i didnt try to go back in i just took a break, now I come back an this is all im seeing. When the game loads up i see connecting...connected then my rank of 74. now though i have been trying to get in for like an hour with no success, anyone else or just me? Offline works which i guess seem right but theres no client side save which leads me to believe i'd only be level 1 but nope im 74 its just QP/Private doin this.
  4. DeadlyD

    Shutting down

    I may not be a huge name but i am Day 1 player, a paying customer, and a backer who was super hyped for this game. An yes I have truly enjoyed playing this game, I still play it today, hopefully I will for years to come *hint* *hint* I dont know if any of the people in my PS4 msg group "F13 Party" are still here, kindof dead these days, I know i've seen @malloymk an @gtdjlocker311 hopefully hes the same guy lol also with some of my favorite users gone, @BrokenFattHardy, @lHeartBreakerl, @AldermachXI just to name a few, but I cant be in these forums anymore. I wont give any reason, but I will say they have changed. Maybe i'll see some people when I go online as rare as that is, but I'll end with this, I may have issues with Gun/Illfonic but I do wish them luck going forward, unfortunately i will not be a part of any future products. To the rest of any forum members who may read this, good luck getting the answers you seek. Deuces-
  5. if its the video im thinking of it looked like it would have been fun to play, an i found it hilarious to see basic cabin doors where the sliding doors were suppose to be, it was just placeholders but it was still funny
  6. DeadlyD

    July Friday the 13th

    I havnt been a huge name in these forums but i have been here since around games launch, an @AldermachXI has always been "the guy" to me, sad what happened but im hoping we see this too.
  7. Fan film, free on youtube, i guess there was talk Never Hike Alone title
  8. DeadlyD

    July Friday the 13th

  9. Guy in a hockey mask without red chevrons, a fish face and overly heavy footsteps, is it obvious im not a super fangirl?
  10. I know this is old but just to be clear when i 1st read ur 1st post, i read " i think I just reacted to my own post" reading back over the entire thead i realize u said he reacted, thats why i asked "is that a thing" but again 1st page vs 7th page so lol
  11. DeadlyD

    I’m not leaving but...

    yep, there is another thread i could link to but i wont
  12. DeadlyD

    Future Content

    unfortunately having an opinion here is against the rules, its very fine print
  13. we all saw how you handle pm's thats not goin away
  14. an yet we know of 1 who tried to do it in a pm an was shown to have done this publicly, but yeah "people" are banned for it, these forums are dead, theres no point for me to return to them