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  1. I haven't been vocal on the forums in quite awhile, i took issue with a certain mod, not naming names they know who they are I'm sure, if not oh well. but 1 thing never changed i always loved this game, an it was fun coming to these forums everyday to chat with people but with the recent announcement, i thought i would at least come back before this gets locked up for good an give 1 final goodbye to everyone. i will miss these forums an i will miss the game, p2p servers will not work I'm sorry, this was shown at launch on console, I do wish everyone who worked on this game luck in all their future endeavors. I really wish we could have gotten Uber Jason but unfortunately that never came to light. Hopefully GunMedia's next title will bring just as much fun as this game did. With one final log off, hopefully one day we can meet again Goodbye Campers
  2. Do you think its possible we could get a stat tracker in the game? I know we have the badges but those are not good enough for what I need them for. I like to know how many of what I need to do to earn trophies, on PC an Xbox i believe you have a way of telling how many matches you have been jason or how many counselors you have killed or how many times you knocked the mask off ect ect, but on PS4 we have no way of knowing without keeping a count ourselves, also be nice to just have a checklist of every kill you have performed for the PhD trophy. Just a nice QoL change
  3. This isnt specifically for Friday the 13th, tbh its not loud on Friday, but for a good chunk of games my PS4 gets insanely loud, to name a few games, Monster Hunter World, God Of War, Dead by Daylight, an more recently Override since it was only $8. I just need to know if I should be freaking out or not bc this does not seem normal.
  4. I have not played this game in ages, i do not know what has been going on in the game for a long time. I do know however that illfonic left an Black Tower took over. But how have they done in comparison to Illfonic? Last time I played was when Illfonic was still here an that was like Sept of last year. If i ever played it was always just Bots an that really dont tell me much of any fixes.
  5. i just dont get how theres no settlement, i know both sides want it but whats the point when its making 0 right now, plus victor alrdy won, why drag this out all it does is hurt the fans
  6. So I haven't been on these forums in almost a year, I haven't been on the game in almost a year, I have kept up with the lawsuit in hopes 1 day we could see Uber released, those hopes were smashed recently. But I just want to know whats happened? I just checked the staff posts, an aside from Matt no one else seems to be here anymore, have they given up? Other than Matt I see the Mods still hop in but as far as Devs/Publisher people go its been close to a year since they last posted or visited as well. I know that Illfonic was switched out with Black Tower or something, sorry for not knowing the full name, but as I look around i see many many many complaints. I just want to know is there still hope for the game? Disclaimer: I'm not saying the game is dead because I know alot of people still play. Any word on client side saves? This is still my biggest issue an all I ever heard was its not a priority. Is the game in as rough shape as I hear? Like I said I haven't even loaded it up in almost a year. I do try to watch Slash n Cast from time to time to get the latest but that dont help, I also watch SleevedBiker from time to time which is how I keep up with the lawsuit mainly. Is Matt the only 1 who truly comes around? I don't really know him because I don't think he was around at the time I was last here. Shifty seems to be gone but his harassment notice still at the top of the forums about Victor even tho at this point I don't think anyone has issue with Victor, at least the majority.
  7. BFV for me idc about but im pretty much done with military fps in general, i bought CoD WW2 an BF 1 an barely have 2 hrs played in either b4 that last i played was BF3 an MW3. I will say tho, if i did care to buy it i wouldnt care about the woman with a prosthetic arm as the marketing focus. Its a game i think people are a lil overboard with that hate. An i too hate EA but I have some respect for Dice, EA is the reason Battlefront was like it was. Dice needs to get a new publisher when ever they can because EA is ruining their otherwise great games not to mention the level of detail Dice is known for. Battlefront 1 still looks unbelievable when compaired to other games today, visually.
  8. the only thing i like about dbd is it has real progression, other than that im not a fan, the licensed killers could be nice, i didnt buy them so idk, but the base killers are so limited its just not fun, plus the backward ass camera is stupid imo, suvivors should be in 1st an killers in 3rd in any "horror" type game, an the suvivors just run around an fix generators an thats it, an then we have the hooks, i like F13 bc we kill our prey, we dont slap them in the back an carry them to the almighty spider, every kill is a unique kill with different weapons, enviromental kills, you can even kill jason, dbd i respect it but i dont like it at all
  9. DeadlyD


    teabaging/dancing does not bother me personally, i dont do it either, the way i look at it if you teabag/dance over a ko'd jason you have no respect for his legacy
  10. i havnt played in weeks, sad to see things havnt changed, but when things do change its for the worse
  11. i couldn't care less about which jason is better/stronger, i play them all, to me there is such a extreme minor detail in the "stats" of jasons, if each jason actually had different abilities then i'd have a fav, but every jason does the exact same thing just a faster cd here or there, an break doors a lil faster. only running is a true difference. i wish we could have seen real differences between jasons, like p9 maybe have a shapeshift to be a lil like his possesion, or p7 maybe take tons of dmg early but each time hes knocked down lightning strikes him an he can take more each time ect. if we had stuff like this i'd care but as it is, to me jason's are only different in terms of some can run, but still thats with 4 jasons so its not unique enough for me
  12. Its kinda hard to say he has a fear of drowing or water for me, he only gets this scared reaction in P8 an FvJ, i mean in p8 he was in the water after the lil boat to get to the ship, an from the ship to NY, then in p6 ending when tommys on the lake jason just walks out to him with no issue, i understand why he would be afraid of these things but they didnt really do any of this till the last entries so for me at least i cant see him as scared of it
  13. yea f13 may have its issues but i'd rather play it than dbd, i'd also rather the iconic killers in dbd had their own game instead of being extremely limited in dbd fortnite is garbage, all BR is garbage, i hate BR with a passion and after the extreme turnaround no man sky has had, even though it is a different dev team an not tied to a ip in limbo, it has given me a lil more hope that F13 could, very slim hope, one day be everything it was always meant to be an more, but only time will tell
  14. the games not dead yet, its only a matter of time till they shut off the servers bc of no income, cant say how long but i hope awhile longer, the only dead part of the game really is content an maybe, just maybe they will pick back up later when they can, as long as they are not restricted for an unreasonable amount of time, but yea its far from dead, player count wise, remember launch? they set up servers based on pc preorder iirc, an on ps4 at least it was unbelievably bad bc there were so many unexpected amount of players, so pc numbers dont mean a game is dead, not by a long shot
  15. ^this i seriously have no real want for dedicated servers, it might be frustrating when a host leaves but i'd gladly put up with that over not being able to use my dlc kills, other jasons, jason skins ect, imo client side saves should be over dedicated servers
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