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  1. Thats not exactly wat im talking about, these would be brand new kills, shift+grab, jason still picks you up, so you see it coming, im suggesting a kill that litterally u dont see it happining till its done, like maybe your in the lodge at packanack, as you walk through a doorway you're hit in the head with an axe, this is basic but maybe the devs could be creative with the idea
  2. So after playing this game for awhile i thought why doesn't Jason have a stealth kill? In the movies he does this alot. Someone doing some random task and peek-a-boo Jason kills them. 1 example, I cant remember which movie it was or exactly what happens after but, theres a guy doin something in a kitchen, he turns around and Jason stabs his hand to the table, no escape. Maybe we could get some instant kills like this but with high requirements an hard to do. My example, Jason needs to be in rage, he needs to use stak, an the counselor must never see him, if these requirements are met, depending whats around he could instantly kill, by passing pocketknifes. Im not sure if this can be done, but its an idea. Thoughts?
  3. I agree its broken but untill its fixed theres no way around it, still tho if it was fixed full vanessa easily stopped, traps objectives, chase 1 nonstop, she dont hav infinite stamina, if u hear a trap, morph, kill, replace trap, find another, if theres another better repairer or sumthing target them 1st, either way full vanessa is ez to deal with albeit annoying, its only full aj i worry with bc its just crouch n seek. I honestly think the "alive" from waiting 20 min should be removed, it shud be escape, kill jason, or die but thats just me
  4. I'd love to get a match like this as jason, no1 can hide, an tbh if ur gd at shift+grab, vanessa will die everytime, if ur surrounded wait till ur bak up, morph asap, dont matter where u could easily find them, stalk an kill them easily, b4 the game came out i was worried about full vanessa or full aj lobbies, while i personally think full aj lobbies are full bs, full vanessa is a ez win 4 me, ive nvr been stunlocked either, all u do is wat i mentioned above or spam ur basic weapon, ur guaranteed to hit b4 ur stuned again if they keep u surrounded, even if they hav sprays theres only so many per match, bug n vanessa dead
  5. So the boat kill is here as seen n the video, just wondering if any luck doin it or word from the devs yet
  6. Im not very good at knowing how game development works but, I heard that Jason X was pretty much confirmed as dlc, I was wondering if ppl think it would be possible to have uber Jason start as he was in the 1st 80% of the movie and when rage mode activates he becomes uber Jason, then maybe a spaceship map that switches Tommy out for, i 4got her name, the android chick, with a redesigned shotgun, i mean she destroyed Jason with that thing lol an last come up with a way to kill jason by knocking him out of the ship? Im a lil unsure of that tho.
  7. I made a suggestion in another thread that when theres only 1 min left all counselors remaing should be seen in Jason's sense, for ex. AJ and Tommy will not be highlighted unless high fear an can just sneak in the woods or something unhighlighted, this could turn them red in sense regardless of their stealth. Its the best I can offer without making something else overpowered.
  8. Yes if multiple players in a cabin is the way to do it, but if you're the last survivor and u hear Jason music or escape a grab, it would be nice to run to a cabin and actually be able to trick Jason by hiding but as it is currently theres just no doing that. If I hear building music I will leave a cabin immediately since its just a way of sayin "here I am Jason"
  9. The only hiding I cant deal with are the ppl who swim out to to edge of a map an just sit. If ur hiding on land, like in the woods or something i see no issue.
  10. Seriously, I just don't understand the point. Sure we can hopefully fool the Jason player where he'll attack the wrong spot an we can run, but he just morphs or shifts and its pretty much game over. Just because we are hiding in a cabin, it does nothing since it's still highlighted. I'd like to propose a change, if we are hiding an holding our breath the cabin shouldn't be highlighted. I originally thought why not not highlight if we are just hiding but that could allow people to stay hiding under a bed the entire match, so i say holding your breath too. Currently I see no purpose to hide in a cabin. If you're outside in tents, ect, its at least giving you a chance to hide.
  11. Yea it needs its, so far 2day instead of playing Friday The 13th: The Game, I was playing You Have Been Kicked: Host Has Quit The Game: The Game
  12. Stalk also increase ur hearing, thats y standing still with it can be very useful
  13. When the game starts, morph to the phone or car, they will b shown on ur map, its gd to place a trap under phone box, at the gas tank and battery side of engine. Put traps at the 4 door car (Leave the 2 door alone for now). Use every ability, morph to "hotspots" boat cars phone or the lodge on packanack, always use ur sense to look 4 counselors who might be in wooded areas and use stalk alot as it will increase ur "hearing". If u hear a trap go off open ur map and warp to the highlighted trap, if u hear the cops called run to the phone and use sense, you can also hear when a car starts open map an look for which 1 is moving an morph a lil ways in the direction its going, if u see a house highlighted break the windows an keep sense up during breaking the door to know if they leave. If tommy or aj are in your view kill them asap as their high stealth makes it very hard to find when u lose them. Get your throwing knifes 4 the runners to hurt an slow them. These are the basics for me. Hope it helps.
  14. I've hit him also, what i'm saying is if the jason player knows the controls of the game, he cant be hit when he grabs a counselor bc they dont really have range with melee. Its mainly bc they do these really long wind ups b4 they hit, or the 100% priorty jason has. Im not sayin it needs to be easy to kill jason, i agree it should be a challenge, but theres a big difference between hard and impossible.
  15. He cant b hit while breaking a door, if u try to hit him during door he'll see u, turn n grab, ur dead, if he does grab u an ur n a group he can walk away from ur team n no1 can connect a hit