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  1. Devs said they got rid of special abilities because it caused some counselors to become much better than others. So they weren't taken out for whst many people have already said, balance issues.
  2. Confirmed/Unconfirmed DLC

    Instead of counting the chickens we do and don't have, how about we let the eggs hatch first.
  3. Opening cinematic glitch?

    I've only seen it on the small maps.
  4. Maybe it's for The Bangles.
  5. Nope. If the match doesn't end you don't get jack shit. Except for things like achievements or trophys. @Tex138
  6. If Jason activates stalk, and you do not see him, then uses shift, there is no static that shows up.
  7. Marathon and Night Owl

    I have a 10% marathon. I've tested it personally and I feel like it gives you an extra '1' in stamina. From Lachappa to Vanessa. I can tell an that it does help As far as night owl, I have no idea if it hides you from sense but with that perk and stumble advoidance chance on Jenny. You never stumble and it takes around 5-7 min around Jason for my screen to lose the mini map. Hope this helps! @JennyMyers1984
  8. You got 2 months at least to level up. Plenty of time.
  9. That's why it's a couple months out. I'm more excited for the new visual weapon bugs. It's gonna be great.
  10. Lost connection to host !

    You aren't alone. I get this at least once a week on Xbox. Hopefully the update in April/May eill help with this issue.
  11. Why the hatred for slashers?

    Hey man. Don't poke the bear. He said his peace, his doesnt agree, and thats cool. He is right, slashing is very boring to watch. It's still has style, just lacks pizzazz. We all have different opinions and will NEVER agree, so instead of being antagonistic or rude, we should all just have a nice cup of stfu and move on. We have a game where we can literally rip eachother heads off, why do we argue on a internet forum board?
  12. Why the hatred for slashers?

    I would love a slashing only lobby. As counselors we would escape most of the time. And a slashing only style is a gameplay style. You can't discredit it. Yes it is quite boring, but if you're not Jason and they are, then it's not your problem. Here's a nice analogy, it's much easier to side steep and watch than it is to road block and demand. I know exactly what you mean. I agree with you, it's lame as shit to watch, especially if you die first. But oh well, do what I do, load another bowl and relax. You got about 10 min to the next game. Personally I sit outside and stare in my window, now that I put the TV and Xbox back inside. So I smoke a bowl. Kill a cig. Then back to Jason, I'm living the 80's as I play my man. Make your own fun. Sorry for rambling.
  13. Why the hatred for slashers?

    It's still very easy to play Jason. It was made easier with the recent patch. Personally I grab kill or environment kill everytime. But if someone wants to slash kill everyone, they aren't less good at Jason. They just have a different play style. The only wrong way to play Jason is to be killed or fail to kill anyone. I understand your points but they seem selfish, (assuming no one is cheating/hacking) why can't people play how they want to? Because is boring, lame, dumb etc. Is completely acceptable, but please elaborate if you will.
  14. Why the hatred for slashers?

    I disagree with things you said, I have no idea how to put it into words without sounding insulting. So good job on making me think. But I respectfully disagree with showmanship in this game.