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  1. Whitebabyjoker

    Pinehurst in 1986?(TIMELINE PLACEMENT)

    I'm not sure what update changed it but Pinehurst does now say 1989.
  2. This is the internet. No room for your logic and compassion.
  3. Copy that ghost rider. Thank you for playing along. Also Kodiak is S.A.F.D.
  4. That was easy. I was bored. I saw your post with your extensive vocabulary and knew you'd bite. Thanks for the read. DBD is shit.
  5. Change DBD to Friday the 13th, same thing for some people. Also the OP asked a question, you decided to post a derailing negative comment. That's not very nice and you've been extremely toxic on the forums as of late. So is everyone else, just move on if you have nothing of value to ADD, not say how much you dislike something. Here's one of the rules for ya to catch up on. Please Post with Purpose: Be advised, we do offer areas to blow off steam and generally horse around, but in areas that are meant to be serious, we wish for you to post with intent, rather than simply 'up' your post count. This helps weed out spam, keep discussions on topic and gets information out there quicker. This includes "bump" posts.
  6. The most recent update broke a lot of stuff, just like every single update this game has had. The party playing together is broken, you can try all you like but I've wasted 2 hours trying it. I've read and seen others try and succeed but that seems to be a rare thing. Keep trying but just know there is an overwhelming chance it will not work. Good luck.
  7. Whitebabyjoker

    Revisiting the Gun Media beta test!!!

    During the beta you didn't need to find the fuse. You just needed to find the found box and make the repair. The finding the fuse step was added after the beta.
  8. Whitebabyjoker

    The game

    Steven was saying that he is sad and instead of saying nothing or being supportive in the slightest. You were cold to him. Life is a lot more fun when you're nice to strangers on the internet. Except if you hate them, then they deserve it. And I really dont think you hate a random people for no reason, you seem to be a rational person.
  9. Whitebabyjoker

    The game

    Like being an asshole on the internet. You're right!
  10. Simple YouTube search and you can find the video to do it or just ask and I can tell you how it's done.
  11. Whitebabyjoker

    Questions About Future Content

    I dont know why you feel the need to sexualize things.
  12. Whitebabyjoker

    Questions About Future Content

    Kid? You're cute.
  13. Whitebabyjoker

    Questions About Future Content

    That's exactly what he said. Everything we have, is all we get. All those people on Twitter, as of today, are right. It's now a officially a dead game.