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    You are absolutely correct.
  2. Whitebabyjoker

    Jason and counsalors

    First off, Counselors is the correct spelling. Secondly, Jasonkillsbugs.com is all we have because they cant add a report system at this point because of the lawsuit. We were told they were working on it a month or so after release. I mean it took them 15 months to get deciated servers on console, something that was "close to being done" for over a year. Never expect anything from this game. You will most likely be let down at some point.
  3. Well high ping bad, cause problems. Low ping good, no cause problems. Its your internet.
  4. Whitebabyjoker


    Dont help in public matches. Do all the cheating in private matches.
  5. Whitebabyjoker

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    You didnt know about this a few days ago. You had an idea or a thought. But you didnt know; the papers were just filed today. Unless you are Cunningham or know him, I don't believe you. But we all saw this coming anyway, right?
  6. My previous message had a lot of salt in it, I deleted it. In private matches with people you could do a no perks mode, doesnt have to be added to the game. Just need 7 other people who are willing to have fun.
  7. I'm with @HuDawg, we need a no perks mode. Rollable Perks were a super late addition to the game. In the beta it was perks that unlocked at certain levels and it showed each counselor was to have a class ability. My guess is those abilities were made rollable perks. This game was balanced for static perks. Also most of the Jason bashing problems go away with counselors hurting counselors. Gun having no idea how to deal with team killers led to them just turning it off instead of fixing it. After that change is when everyone found out how easy it is to bully Jason with two or more people. Also I feel as if stuns might have been countered with old vacuum hands Jason. Cant really dick around trying to bait free hits when he can grab you from 2 counselor lengths away. TL;DR Lack of experience and bad planning led Jason to be in the pinata state he is in now.
  8. If you're on PS4 they are having issues today. If its xbox or PC cant help.
  9. I'm guessing the whole #fuckvictormiller slash n cast is pinned for starting.
  10. Whitebabyjoker

    got banned

    @CuzImPata you have over 1000 hours played on Friday the 13th the game. Also your profile has had multiple bans on different games. Why would you cheat? You should know this game like the back of your hand. Good to know they are still banning blatant cheaters.
  11. Whitebabyjoker

    victoria sterling outfit

    Level requirements for counselors dont make them any better or worse. Everytime they added a new counselor out of the original set they get a level requirement higher than the previous one. Originally Tiffany Cox was the last counselor to be unlocked at level 18. Good times.
  12. Whitebabyjoker

    Roll perk

    @HauntyMoto Also, if you didnt know, it is much faster to roll perks while in a lobby than at the main menu.
  13. Nah, that's for lames. I got a seeing eye goat.
  14. Whitebabyjoker

    Update on Content

    This is also info only from Horror Inc. I feel we should take what they say with a grain of salt. They could be bending the truth to make it seem like it wasnt Horror Inc that started this. And it is 100% Horror Inc that started this whole lawsuit that stopped the game because they didn't want to give Miller what he deserved. Now that the courts agree with Miller, Horror Inc is being pretty, trying to shame Miller. Horror Inc not trying to settle with Miller is why this case when to court. Now that the court says Miller gets his share, Horror Inc is doing everything the can to make it look like it wasnt their fault that the lawsuit started. Again, it is 100% Horror Inc's fault the game stopped future content.