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  1. @CryptM Wow you're thick. The words "there may be" indicate speculation. And you ignore everything I say in this thread because you know you're wrong and you cant admit it. It's ok. I just now know to never engage with you on this forum because you can't handle it
  2. @CryptM I think you owe Jpops an apology now. For putting words in his mouth, assuming he was more than a volunteer and for general elitist behavior.
  3. Because it says he isn't in his bio and that he is a volunteer. So yes, he is doing this for free. Also he was trying to help a situation, again you are way too upset about this and it's affecting your reasoning abilities. Again, please point out to me where he called you a liar as you claimed he did.
  4. He is not a Gun Media employee. And please point out to me where he called you a liar. And the evidence doesn't clearly point anywhere, because if it did we wouldn't be having this conversation. You are just throwing anything you can hoping it sticks.
  5. You are over reacting and you don't even know if your right or not. We are waiting on clarification from shifty. So right no you're being an ass for demanding an apology.
  6. Also we have left out the fact grab range isn't what made Jason weaker. It's because he can no longer block fire crackers, flare guns and instantly stand up from getting knocked down.
  7. Really? I'm pretty sure that was the most complained about thing in the game for a while. Aside from crashes and game ending bugs of course. My point being, people bitched constantly about Mr vacuum arms. Check out posts from June, most are complaining about it saying such things as glitchy or buggy range.
  8. He wasn't nerfed, they corrected an issue that we, as players, got used to. It may seem like a nerf but it was actually a bug giving him longer range based on a myriad of issues, mostly latency.
  9. I read all 4 of those sentences and the grab range wasn't nerfed, it was corrected.
  10. So you want people to do something on the internet? Good luck with that.
  11. Only getting 10% of XP

    Working as intended.
  12. Halloween Costumes!

    I've rewatched this movie recently and my mind had changed. He's the good guy and Daniel (the karate kid) is the bad guy.
  13. Discord info that I think many of you may like.