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  1. Whitebabyjoker


    Tell me what kind of movie genre this game is based off of? Slasher.
  2. Whitebabyjoker

    Broken shotgun

    That's new to me. I shot Jason from inside a cabin 2 days ago.
  3. They all have the same health. The only thing is Thick Skin, but its universal so it can be on any counselor. They all have the same size health pool.
  4. Whitebabyjoker

    Chances of a Switch port???

    Would cost too much and a switch port would be considered new content. If it didnt exsit before the lawsuit, it cant become a thing now.
  5. Again, dont lie. OP did not mention opinion at all. He asked a direct question. If you want to give your opinion that's fine but done lie to me and say that's what someone wanted. Own up to it.
  6. Dont lie. We arent getting any of that stuff.
  7. Pamela feels a little OP, especially with the 1 hit kill now and arrow. Sadly Uber would be my least favorite Jason to use. I valve Stalk and Sense more than the rest of Jason's skills. I would use Pamela a lot, the permanent stalk would be the shit.
  8. Whitebabyjoker

    New Packnack Roof Glitch

    I now have a new way to fuck with people tonight, excellent.
  9. Whitebabyjoker


    You are absolutely correct.
  10. Whitebabyjoker

    Jason and counsalors

    First off, Counselors is the correct spelling. Secondly, Jasonkillsbugs.com is all we have because they cant add a report system at this point because of the lawsuit. We were told they were working on it a month or so after release. I mean it took them 15 months to get deciated servers on console, something that was "close to being done" for over a year. Never expect anything from this game. You will most likely be let down at some point.
  11. Well high ping bad, cause problems. Low ping good, no cause problems. Its your internet.
  12. Whitebabyjoker


    Dont help in public matches. Do all the cheating in private matches.
  13. Whitebabyjoker

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    You didnt know about this a few days ago. You had an idea or a thought. But you didnt know; the papers were just filed today. Unless you are Cunningham or know him, I don't believe you. But we all saw this coming anyway, right?
  14. My previous message had a lot of salt in it, I deleted it. In private matches with people you could do a no perks mode, doesnt have to be added to the game. Just need 7 other people who are willing to have fun.