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  1. That is playing the game. Just not your way.
  2. When the game first came out and people knew about the out of bounds on pacanack big. There was a 2nd Jason shack with working sweater.
  3. The fact you banned on this game should mean either, you're lying and you did something with hacks or mods. Or you accidentally killed someone who hacks and figured out how to apply bans to people's accounts. It's rare, but at least you didn't get banned for calling a Jason teamer a cunt. And she just happens to know devs of the game. That event should have shouted at us like church bells.
  4. Whitebabyjoker

    Jason Anti-Kill Glitch?

    Never let the voices of lambs affect the thoughts of a lion. In 2018 terms, fuck em. Do they get a special trophy to show their friends and family? Nope, only a little e-pen for the day. And remember, everyone on the internet is a virgin, except you and your mom.
  5. Whitebabyjoker

    Can't hear the boat?

    I agree with you completely. He should have said something with meaning instead of 'you can still hear boat repairs' which leads me to believe that you could hear the boat start. Now you cannot and that's why he said you can STILL hear board repair mistakes. We have nothing to talk about anymore. We are talking about sounds that may or may not be there.
  6. Whitebabyjoker

    Can't hear the boat?

    Show me this "confirmation", cause when you do. I'll show you how you're wrong.
  7. Whitebabyjoker

    Can't hear the boat?

    He didn't confirm or deny anything.
  8. No. That's not how that works. Its existing content that was performing incorrectly.
  9. Whitebabyjoker

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    They will not get banned. Even if they get banned. They will be unbanned a few months later.
  10. Whitebabyjoker

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    Oh you're totally right.
  11. Whitebabyjoker

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    Anything that updates the in game features counts as an update to the game which would be in violation of the lawsuit. Like they can't even add a tree into a map without getting hands smacked. Also when the game first came out there was a chance of getting stuck in that hiding spot for the rest of the match or until killed. Also there was a big to where your character would breathe super hard regardless if your stamina was 100% or not. So they have made them better, the only time I find them useful is when I'm in a cabin as a slow player and there is a fast character with me. Nine times out of ten, Jason doesnt know you're there and will chase the fast counselor as they run away. Then exit the hiding spot and move. Also beds make the least amount of noise when enter and exiting.
  12. Whitebabyjoker

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    Hiding works as intended. It's a last ditch effort kind of thing. Voices and sounds being messed up are super low on the list of things to fix. The hiding mechanic cannot and will not be changed because of the lawsuit. Adapt, learn, overcome. Aka dont use hiding spots if you have problems with it.
  13. Whitebabyjoker

    Why the Lack of Communication

    The next update will be out before or on the day the mask edition comes out. I guarantee it.