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  1. Whitebabyjoker

    Quickplay Kick

    You cannot kick people in QP. AdmiralJT said it best already.
  2. Maybe alot of people play on counselor preference.
  3. Calm down. Plenty of games didn't let you skip cut scenes. It's a small thing, don't make mountains put of mole hills. But that is what this forum does.
  4. Whitebabyjoker

    Jason Selection Tickets n Salt Mines.

    Nope. It's been confirmed. You can leave after you die and get zero salt. Multiple sources on these forums alone.
  5. @fourkillmaster No thanks my dude. If it's a game mechanic and they aren't using exploits, let them kite Jason as long as they want. How do you know they aren't trying to get the Survive the Night patch? Just like you said, Vanessa is your best bet to survive for 20 minutes. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean people have to change, you have to deal with it, because it's apart of the game
  6. You are correct, tanking is purely situational. In QP ill tank 9 times outta 10. Regardless of how many people are left or how long the match has gone on. QP is for fun, mostly trying to repair everything as Tiffany. In Private matches, I use those pocket knives. Mostly because, just like everyone, I play with friends who know what they are doing and we all have a mics.
  7. False I play the game how I want and you play it how you want. Don't tell me how to play then allow for someone else because you like them. Remember Alder, I learned my counselor skills from the school of @Pappus. Have fun buddy.
  8. I usually tank most traps. Knives are too precious to waste on a trap unless it's just one.
  9. Whitebabyjoker

    Deadliest warrior: Playin stoned vs playing drunk

    I am high 90% of the time I play this game. It's alot fun.
  10. Whitebabyjoker

    2nd crowd fund

    @F134Ever86 You can do exactly what you're asking by purchasing the extra DLC. It's a total of $7, they will never have another round of crowd funding.
  11. Whitebabyjoker

    Part 1 skin!!!

    Using the search feature is hard.
  12. Whitebabyjoker

    Best Kills for Part 2

    Can't remember the name of the kill but when Jason sticks the pick axe in their head and turns their head around 360 degrees. Sounds good and looks good.
  13. Whitebabyjoker

    Weapon Swap Idea!

    @Left2Right Great idea, love it. @HuDawg Damn, they never stop feeding you. 😉
  14. Whitebabyjoker

    PC has to wait for console

    Correct. Just like what I said but with more words.
  15. Whitebabyjoker

    PC has to wait for console

    On steam, if the game starts. The update is approved and everything on PC is much easier to do than on console. On console they have to jump through every ring Microsoft and Sony throw st them. It's no excuse for not having dedicated servers or at least host migration on launch. But at this point having optimism is all I can do. I can't change your mind and I appreciate you for that. Thanks for the chat my dude. Back to waiting...