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  1. I have a friend having trouble. He's at 490kbps Yes kbps I'm 100mbps. Is that why he can't play? He says it's normal and he played before fine... Even had a good ping
  2. The issue is, players have gotten better. Everyone knows shack locations. Everyone knows how to use exploit shots to keep Jason down until his mask is off. You don't need to take away medsprays What you need to do is move the shacks once a month. To3 or 4 totally different locations every month. THAT IS THE CURE. The only other thing you need to do is make it so Jason isn't ALWAYS stunned when hit. Don't lower it too much, just give him a chance that he won't be levelled by a baseball bat hit. THATS ALL YOU NEED TO DO. Yes, as players get better, it has become more difficult for Jason and easier for counselors, but Jason is still more powerful, you just need to take away the advantage of map familiarity. THATS ALL YOU NEED TO DO
  3. The new grab is AWFUL. The jump scare and music queue is great but Jason is paralyzed way too long. Then there's the delay throwing knives, flare guns not stunning jason at close range, and you should prevent people hitting jason as he comes out of animation. Give him a second to move or block or sompin.
  4. lol what do 1-3 and 2-5 even mean? This info is useless. You ruined the game because of whiners who cried to you instead of upping their game. I still got 8/8 when cars started in half the time and my dads a cop cut it nearly in half. Youve made some mistakes placating babies. Weapon swapping is the worst idea ever. Each Jason should have 10 unique kills, not swap weapons.
  5. and no fixing counselors hitting jason thru closed doors? also too many empty drawers, too few knives, medsprays, and shotguns. I can see reducing them but u overdid it and since u increased jasons strength, speed, and knives, why reduce our defense too?
  6. Muting players and party chat shoukd be disabled in game. just another bullshit way of cheating
  7. This is BULLSHIT! There are already too many times i cant find a knife.Plus im ALWAYS searching for spray. Its like the complainers are just people who suck at the game and arent giving a realistic portrayal. As Jason i still kill everyone. Yes knives piss me off but so what, thats life. Everyone agrees this is LAME and increasing jasons grab, radius is absurd .He already grabs you when youre a car length away from him, what more do u want?
  8. wait a minute if people are hacking the game and BRINGING pocket knives, then how are u helping by making them less common? WHAT ABOUT US? the players. youre only making it so we cant have them. they still will. i deserve a pocket knife in every round. You need them to set off traps and to protect yourself I acknowledge, as jason its frustrating to get knifed every time you pick someone up but the solution isnt LESS The solution is to make us DO SOMETHING TO ACTIVATE THEM. i am 100% opposed to less knives and will complain until you bring them back. As Jason, my kill rate is prolly 8/8 80% of the time. Even with the knives as they are. Instead of making it easier, tell players to work harder This is BULLSHIT
  9. I am usually part 6 Jason because I am a shift reliant predator. But he is so slow breaking down doors. He has the slowest swing and the te it takes to hit a door 6 times is just too much. Also, the small maps have too few throwing knives hidden around. But i play with some of the best players around and i still kill them all most times. I can get frustrated if pepple gang up but you must adjust strategy. My only complaint is hpw everyone knows the shack locations and certain counselors can knock jasons mask off in one hit
  10. I am beyond dismayed that they invented these lame characters instead of using characters from the films. It reduced the awesomeness of the game by 50%. EPIC FAIL. Ive seen it coming a long time because the beta vids i watch on YouTube always had that black girl that doesnt exist in the films, but i was hoping theyd realize the cataclysmic turn they made and fix it. I guess not. People who want this game love Friday. They want to be submerged in it. They want to play Alice or Ginny. Andy or Debbi. The Higgins Haven level should have Chris, Rick, Andy, Debbi, Shelly, Vera, Chilli, and Hippydude. They truly destroyed an epic opportunity. All the actors are alive and could have come in for voice recording. I realize itd be a lot to have different counselors for every level, so just pick 10 of peoplea favorites. Alice, Ginny, Chris, Trish, Tommy, Violet, Jimmy, Andy, Tina, and if you want to be PC Julian. BOOM! Now THAT is a game! Playing your favorite characters, giving them a chance at a different fate. Instead we get these millennial losers. eh I guess Ill be rocker chick or Chad. I do fear the game being too focused on the surface, of what dumb people buy rather than what truly made them great films. People who believe the PR ruin everything. But we'll see. i also dislike the whole stats thing. Too video gamey, but i guess you have to do that. Do you? Well so it wont be the ideal dream game. But it could still be cool. Not as cool as beig transported into a film, but better than nothing.
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