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  1. Hi @Tattooey. Please send me an invite to the Xbox group. I get to play after 10pm (Central) one or two nights a week and spend more time hunting for decent groups than enjoying matches. Most of the time, when I find a good group, they're about 1-2 matches away from everyone being done for the night. GT: GeneralLeeFan Thanks!
  2. This could also be implemented if a counselor melees another counselor more than once. Accidents do happen but, if you specifically hit a counselor more than once, you could be a suspected betrayer. Plus, if said counselor is "Helping" Jason, it would make him/her worthless to Jason for a little while.
  3. Instead of just trying to take away xp for counselors who kill other counselors. How about after they kill a fellow counselor, it throws them into a high state of fear and stamina gone for 1-2 minutes (like a morality penalty or their conscience kicked in). Any time we see a betrayer in a movie, we all want them to die. So, how about the devs making "killer counselors" easy targets for Jason? Thoughts?
  4. I was thinking about this the other day and thought I'd share in case this idea hadn't been brought up. I like owning physical copies of my video games. Mainly because in the event I wind up not liking a game, I can sell it or trade it for something else. On the other hand, I planned to own this game physically since the first day I'd heard about it. Even if the game wound up being total shit and I'd never play it (which did not happen), I'd still keep the disc with the f13 movies and documentaries I have. I didn't know until right before launch that it was going to launch digitally with only the possibility of a physical copy being released later. So, on launch day, I went ahead and bought it because I didn't want to wait. Now the dilemma arises that I still want a physical copy and need a reason to justify buying it again. Then it hit me. I really want some of my personal friends to play also. But, with all reviews/videos/comments saying, "this game is far from perfect", "really buggy" or "great (when it works)", my friends who have an XB1 won't buy it "until it's fixed". I can't blame them since they're not as big of a F13 fan as I am and some are really picky about the games they buy. Some just have limited funds and can't afford to take a chance on a game that they might not like. So, if/when a physical copy does come out, I plan to buy it and loan it out for them to try and hopefully buy it for themselves. Even if they don't buy it, I'd still have the chance to play with more people I know. Thoughts?
  5. I wouldn't mind seeing an part 4 Jason in the game. I can understand if they didn't put it in because it's so similar to part 3 but, there are different aspects of Ted White's Jason that just has the best look to me. Changes would include different body/head shape, the obvious bloody axe wound in the mask, darker shirt and a double edged axe.
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