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  1. It happens again, seems that traps stick to the lamp not to the roof.
  2. I placed trap just outside door, when animation ends trap jumps on the roof.
  3. well... this glitch was already in the beta, Im surprised no one reported it.
  4. So I escaped (last survivor) and Jason shift or morph same time when animation of my character running away started. Animation played normal, it start at score menu. I had this effect until loading to lobby screen. Sorry for my bad English.
  5. Hello, I used shift into the house and I attacked a wall after first attack my skills start to be unusable. I also couldnt do any finishers, knifes throwing etc. Sadly I could just walk and lessen from other players that Im a faggot and how bad Im in this game. Steam: Autistic Ninja Thank you for great game guys, I really love it
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