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  1. I really, fervently dislike PART V. I know that it has its fans, but I would be lying if I said I understood why (unless it's because of Tommy, Tommy is awesome in Part V). Often, when I say something like this, people assume that the "no Jason" thing is the reason I don't like ANB, but Roy is the least of this entry's problems. The direction is poor, the effects are poor, the writing is terrible, and, like the later Paramount Friday movies, everyone that dies is uninteresting at best and detestable at worst, so there is no suspense or fear factor. The movie was directed by an ex-porn director, and it feels like it - with unnecessary scenes like the one where the chick shows off her rack to... herself (?) lending the whole thing a trashy feel that, despite what critics may want you to believe, was never really a part of the series. Virtually the only things that I like about this film are its depiction of Tommy Jarvis and the genuinely scary bits where Tommy keeps seeing the "real" Jason, haunting him. Coming after Part IV, which I would consider to be the best slasher movie ever made, and before Part VI, which is also very good, doesn't make it look any better.
  2. ... Well... I'm glad you aren't letting your issues with the release get in the way of trying to enjoy the product you supported .
  3. This is so... adorable. I just imagine such teary-eyed betrayal in your quivering voice as you say this. (One of the developers should totally make this a quote in his sig.)
  4. Well?! How about it "GunMedia"?! IF THAT EVEN IS YOUR REAL NAME!!!
  5. Well you got me beat - I didn't start gaming until the early 80's, with the ATARI 2600 (amusingly enough, two of the first games I can remember playing were the TEXAS CHAINSAW and HALLOWEEN games for that system - oh how the picture of LeatherFace on the instruction manual for the Chainsaw game used to give me nightmares!). But I have, literally, been waiting for this game since I was 10 years old and the LJN FRIDAY THE 13TH game failed to live up to my imagination of what it would be (although I do have very fond, nostalgia tainted, memories of that game as well). So, yeah, it appears glitchy. Yes, some of the animations are wonky. And, yes, I'm a little irritated by the shadiness of how the developers handled the clothing pack... But it still looks like a blast to play, and it still looks like the game I had in my head when I was 10, so I am still extremely honored to have helped make this game a reality.
  6. How is killing Jason in any way going to be a regular thing? If a female counselor gets the sweater and Tommy is in play and I am playing Jason, then you can be damn skippy that I'm staying the fuck away from the chick in the sweater until after I kill Tommy.
  7. I'm not really bothered at all by the fact that streamers killed Jason first. When I backed the game I don't recall ever being promised first dibs. And, frankly, what were the odds that you were going to be the one to kill Jason first anyway? 1 in however many thousands of people are playing the game? "Oh no, Gun took away my 1-in-bazillion chance of doing this one thing first that they never promised me in the first place."
  8. Man, this last day is just painful! I cannot wait to play this freaking game!
  9. The only thing that really bothers me about the intro is Jeff's non-reaction to being cut down. He's just so ho-hum about the whole thing. I get the feeling that even if Jason hadn't gotten him, Jeff probably wasn't long for this world...
  10. "Its so annoying they go out of their way to say positive things." Don't ever change, internet.
  11. I went to the world premiere of GODZILLA: TOKYO S.O.S in Los Angeles back in the day (back when it was still called GODZILLA, MOTHRA, MECHAGODZILLA: TOKYO S.O.S.) and got to meet the designer of my favorite Kaiju, Gigan. That was pretty amazing. George Takei also showed up and talked about his work dubbing some of the voices in GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN and RODAN. And I know that GODZILLA: FINAL WARS isn't for everyone, but I love the total wackadoodle craziness of it all!
  12. Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake... ...HOPE YOU SURVIVE THE EXPERIENCE! I'm also a big fan of the NES FRIDAY THE 13TH game... I mean, I sort of know that it's terrible, but still have a deep affection for it. In fact, the only Jason action figure that I currently own is of the NES Jason!
  13. Not to further derail things... But I'm also a massive kaiju fan. If you look around the web you can find some old reviews of mine for various Godzilla flicks that I wrote under the name "The Reverend Tegoth," as well as some articles I wrote about GODZILLA: SAVE THE EARTH when it was still an upcoming game. Always nice to meet fellow Goji fans :). Also back on topic... I am so, so SO grateful that single player was added to this game. As a console gamer there will inevitably come a time when the multiplayer stops being supported, and this way decades from now I could still theoretically take the game for a spin - the same way I still play the occasional game of YAR'S REVENGE or SUPER MARIO BROS.
  14. Here's the light that I made at my FALLOUT 4 settlement in honor of the upcoming release:
  15. I think the issue is that people were being misled into believing they would be receiving a steak and were than given a McDonald's cheeseburger. Stating "Oh well, $9 isn't a lot of money anyways" is rather spectacularly missing the point. And I say this as someone who is still incredibly thankful that this game exists and proud to have supported it... but is just pretty disappointed by how shady the developers were about this particular aspect of it.
  16. The Doctor is in... sane! The Doctor is out... of his mind! Welcome to the forums from a fellow noob :).
  17. The description for the kickstarter was reprinted somewhere else in this thread, and it does specifically say the word "outifts" in it. I thought the backerkit one did too, but now I am doubting myself...
  18. I'm not going to lose my shit over it or anything, but I will feel pretty misled if all we get are palette swaps, since the description when I bought it specifically stated new outfits. It's not a deal breaker at all, but it would be disappointing and a trifle shady.
  19. If I had to guess why people voted for JGTH Jason I would say it's because they liked his design. If I had to guess why people aren't voting for it in this thread I would say it's because they gave him a weapon that he never uses in the film.
  20. I love Part IV to the point where I actually consider it to be the greatest slasher film ever made... but I'd still rather have JASON X stuffs (maps, Jasons) because I do think they would look and play much a lot more differently than Part IV stuffs would. Which isn't saying that Part IV Jason is *exactly* like Part III Jason or the Jarvis Cabin is *exactly* like Camp Packanack or whatever. But fingers crossed that we just get all the Jasons and maps eventually!
  21. Grendel, hands down, just for the awesome variety of it. Manhattan / S. S. Lazarus as my second choice, for the same reason.
  22. Okay, well, sidestepping all the stuff about the differences between being a pro and being famous and what constitutes "famous" anyway... I am also disappointed that there is still nothing about FRIDAY THE 13TH on Xbox Live yet, with under a month until release.
  23. I'm gonna try them all out, but I love the part VII look, so that's the one I am most eager to play.
  24. Hey all. Super long time FRIDAY THE 13TH fan here. I used to post on the old FRIDAY THE 13TH FORUM (and then later, FRIDAY THE 13TH FILMS FORUM) that Blake and Brenna ran all those years ago (under the name The Reverend Tegoth, for any other old folks like me, lingering around :p). Anyway, this game has been a game I have dreamed of playing since I was literally 10 years old (and I'm a lot closer to 40 than 10 at this point) and it was my honor to get in on the backerkit and help make it happen. The beta videos on Youtube make the game look like so much freaking fun, and while it may lack the polish of your triple AAA titles, somehow it just seems appropriate to me that a game based on FRIDAY THE 13TH, while lacking in some areas, still looks like a blast to play. Anyway, Hello everyone. I will be playing on the XBOne and my gamertag is RKSDooM :)!
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