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  1. I'll be on with my regular group still most Fridays and Sundays from around 10 or 11pm PST to around 1 or 2am PST. We plan to keep going until we can't fill the lobby anymore :). Hope to see you around, man!
  2. I'm all for skippable cutscenes, but the hysterics over them not being skippable are also a lot of fun... so I'm good either way really.
  3. Not only do I like it - it's actually giving me an erection at this very moment.
  5. I love Ash and Evil Dead, but I'd rather other horror icons stay out of this game. Just a personal preference and not a slight upon any other franchises.
  6. Just like I would be happy to enjoy DC films as a Marvel fan, I would have been happy to enjoy DbD as a Friday fan. Unfortunately, in both instances the competition is lacking.
  7. The problem with Michael surviving Halloween isn't that he was shot six times, but that he was shot six times, stabbed in the neck, stabbed in the eye and stabbed in the chest and still got up and beat cheeks at the end of the movie. This movie seems to be going with the idea that he didn't get far, and was immediately captured, however, so the "non-supernatural" idea is still - barely - plausible. (As opposed to the same concept being applied to Jason, who gets macheted in the chest, hung, stabbed a couple of times and then gets an axe in the head, and still gets up like nothing happened)
  8. Hey there, buddy. I have a regular group on the xbox one pretty much every Fri and Sun starting around 11:30pm PST. We also have a twitter group that reposts all the updates and just generally socializes. You can friend me on xbox or follow me on twitter under the same name as I post under here: RKSDooM. Welcome to the game!
  9. See, I'd just tell my friend: "It's a kickstarter game, it has bugs now and then but it's still a unique, awesome time with the right group of friends. Also, if you're so bothered about it, maybe you shouldn't let people influence you so much regarding what you choose to spend your money on, you weak-willed, blubbering little manbitch." Problem solved and no shame felt!
  10. The engine update was a total freebie that they never promised, so I was never expecting too much from it. I just want the other goodies coming with it. Thank you guys for the update, it is much appreciated!
  11. Been playing at least twice a week for a year with, more or less, the same group of people. I had zero friends on my xbox friends list before I played, but since starting I've made lasting personal connections (I met my best friend through this game) and professional ones (I started writing at Dread Central because of people I met through this game) and, aside from that period early this year when Jason sucked (TOO MANY POCKET KNIVES) I've pretty consistently had a blast. So, you know, maybe - JUST maybe - the problem isn't the game.
  12. If you read the novelization of part VI you may be remembering it from there.
  13. Regardless of whether or not Mark ends up in the game, he is certainly not confirmed at this point. Anyone that claims otherwise is simply being, at best, obtuse.
  14. It figures the only time I got to play with @Risinggrave and @lHeartBreakerl as Jason I would suck it up with a 2 out of 8 (just one of those, "everyone gets every objective going at once" games - whatchagonnado?), but it was still a great time. Both of them are good guys who play with the "it's just a game, after all" mindset that lets everyone laugh off even the most annoying of mistakes. Yesterday really was a blast!
  15. Pretty much exactly what I was going to say. I cannot wait to use Savini Jason with an axe or machete.
  16. Wes just posted this on twitter: "I wish we could have had the update done today, that would have been cool, with the calendar date and all. But it's not quite done yet. We weren't going to rush it, and release a bad update. Please be patient as the team @IllFonic continues to bust ass." I would have been nice to have the exact same thing posted here yesterday, but at least we heard something about the update. Ah well, not a big deal. (And to his credit, when I was slightly irritable with him about his tweet, he liked my response, so they are probably aware they should have said something yesterday)
  17. My friend that covers video games for Rolling Stone and Variety told me pretty much the same thing - that he would be shocked if this game ever gets dedicated servers. I can't think of any time the developers have just straight up lied to us about anything, however, so I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.
  18. Here is the way that bots work with this achievement, from personal experience. I had four kills left. I got three of them in one offline match. My percentage for the achievement raised by 2%. The next day, I went in to get the other kill. When I checked my achievement beforehand, I saw that it had gone back down by 2%. So, in online play, I got three of the four kills I was missing. Then, in offline play, I got the remaining kill I needed and BOOM! The achievement popped. What I took away from this is that the offline bots DO NOT COUNT UNLESS you only need one more kill, or get all of the remaining kills you need in one play session. If you do that, the achievement will pop before the game has a chance to yank the kills away from you.
  19. And I agree, they don't OWE us anything. It would just be nice if they used a smidgen of common sense combined with a tiny bit of effort to realize that people might be hoping that the "possibly April" update would land on Friday the 13th and give us an update on things. If they don't, I'm not going to lose my shit about it or anything, but it does seems a wee bit dickish for them not to do so when speculation regarding that date is so obviously going to be a thing.
  20. "Those crazy kids - speculating that the update might hit on April 13th just because we said it might hit in April and that's a Friday the 13th and our game is called Friday the 13th! Point and laugh at the way their insane minds work!"
  21. If your game is called Friday the 13th and you say an update may hit in April, and there's a Friday the 13th in April, maybe let everyone know before that day that it for sure isn't going to hit on that day. It's not the end of the world if you don't, but, considering the minimal amount of effort required I don't see why you wouldn't.
  22. I thought there had been more, that's my mistake. And yes, I am aware that something is happening tomorrow. I never said there wasn't, I said it would have been nice if they had made a brief statement saying that the update isn't coming tomorrow. I don't understand why that should be a bother - to either Shifty or the other users here.
  23. They told us to never expect anything on a Friday the 13th? Hmm. Firstly, I have never heard that. Secondly... that's weird. Since not a single Friday the 13th has passed since the game released without SOMETHING happening on that date.
  24. @ShiftySamurai Come on, man. It's mid-April and it's a Friday the 13th. You guys had to know we were hoping for the big update on this date. If we don't get it because it's not done, that's cool - no promises were made - but it would be nice if you could at least tell us one way or the other before the actual day of. It's not like coming in here and saying: "It just wasn't ready in time for Friday the 13th, but it will be out relatively soon" takes more than 30 seconds.
  25. No, that's an opinion. No need to attempt to bolster it by claiming it as a fact.
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