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  1. Regular Xbox One Group Every Friday

    Sorry, I haven't been around - dealing with the health insurance and the surgeons and the hospitals has been, like, a whole THING the last two months. The good news is that my surgery is now set for Feb 6th for realsies. And, I'm even getting to live out my Star Wars fantasies by having it done by a robot (called the "Da Vinci" robot). Thanks so much for the best wishes @TheHansonGoons Now I tend to play from around 12am PST until around 4am PST on both Fri night / Sat morning and then again on Sun night / Mon morning. We usually have about 3-5 regulars in the group and then just pull in randoms from repeated group posts to fill in the rest. I finally popped the Phd in Murder Achievement the other day, so now I only have the "Play ___ Multiplayer Games as Jason" and "Play ___ Multiplayer Games as a Counselor" ones left, so I don't see myself stopping playing the game anytime soon.
  2. I haven't read this whole thread, so apologies if this has been talked about, but is it possible to unlock achievements - specifically Phd in Murder - against the bots? Because I played a game yesterday, got the barn fence kill I have been needing, checked the achievement and it said 98%. Then I turned off the game for a bit, came back on later, and it was back down to 96% again. I have another friend who plays that has had the same experience.
  3. If you watch this video, at about 18 seconds in you'll see an example of how over the top terrible the grab is now, and why I now, for the most part, just play a slashy Jason. https://gameclipscontent-d3018.xboxlive.com/xuid-2533274827118599-private/e63ff397-49f4-48f5-bb24-e18aeb03ba5e.MP4?sv=2015-12-11&sr=b&si=DefaultAccess&sig=RFRIqWQo4Su0fUXN4y3t5jSCKBNxfadEu%2Bze8mKgsCY%3D&__gda__=1513078183_05fec1c1599d695602d0866ddd0fd894
  4. Regular Xbox One Group Every Friday

    Whoops - sorry, I've been dealing with some health issues this week (I have to go back in for another stomach surgery soon), so I forgot to mention that we have moved the day to Sundays now, to better accommodate various peoples schedules. Again, if you are looking for a good group of horror fans to play with weekly, just friend me on XBOX Live and send me a message telling me you are from the forums, or follow me on Twitter and do the same: https://twitter.com/RKSDooM.
  5. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    Cool redesign on the forum guys - takes me back to the old Friday the 13th films forum days.
  6. As I recently said on twitter, I will never be able to see this game in an unbiased light. Firstly, it's based on one of my favorite things, and it does a pretty good job of letting me experience that thing. Secondly, I have met so many awesome people because of this game. Thirdly, it was because of playing this game that I landed a gig writing for Dread Central... So, I mean, yeah. It's not perfect, there were some real, REAL issues with communication in the past, and I hate what the most recent patch has done to Jason, but playing this game basically rebuilt my social circle, gave me the opportunity to write about horror, and allowed me to experience what it's like to be Jason Voorhees and hunt down and (virtually) murder real actual people. So, even if they did something to the game tomorrow that totally destroyed the game, I would still have to say that I got my money's worth a thousand times over. YMMV.
  7. I haven't read this whole thread, but I will say that I have been playing with the same core three to four people since about three weeks after the game launched, so the "the counselors have just gotten better" comment is pretty hilarious to me when I see those same players going from 6 - 8 kills per match down to 2 - 5 kills, because it's now impossible to grab a counselor standing slightly to Jason's right or left and pocket knives seem far more abundant. Does it make the game unplayable? No, but it does make it less fun - as a counselor (because I want to be scared of Jason) and as Jason (because I want to feel like an unstoppable killing machine) - and feel a whole lot less like Friday the 13th. I'll keep playing if they don't fix it, but I'll always feel like they took away a huge part of what made the game feel special, and that sucks.
  9. The Axiom Review

    "The Axiom is an ambitious, well directed, impressively acted and stunningly shot independent horror film that has just a few, teensy little flaws holding it back from greatness (and therefore will have to settle for just being really, really good, instead)." https://www.dreadcentral.com/reviews/260666/axiom-review-stylish-clever-slice-independent-horror-2/
  10. I like the stacking trap thing. I think that's fine. I like pretty much all of the changes that have been implemented into the game except for these: Jason's grab range - I absolutely hate it now. If it was too long before, it is way, way too short now. The windows and door changes - Why can't I just hit a window with my weapon and break it? Why would you take that out of the game? This is so mind boggling to me, and the way that it is now, I find it next to impossible to hit a counselor climbing through a window, regardless of circumstance. With the door, having to go into the awkward door chopping animations make going after skilled counselors, who are already jumping in and out of windows that you can't hit them through, that much harder. The abundance of pocket knives - it sure feels like there are a lot more pocket knives on the board now. I haven't read through this thread, so maybe I'm just crazy or had a bad "roll of the die" the last few times I was Jason and , but it felt like there are around 5 - 7 knives in play when it used to feel more like 3 - 5. These changes have made playing Jason feel a lot less "Jason-y" then it used to, and made a scenario that was already challenging - playing against a lobby of experienced counselors - into one that is frustrating. In addition, I feel like it is forcing me into a more "slashy Jason" playstyle, that isn't as fun. Anyway, that's just my two cents. If everyone in this thread is already bitching about these same things, and I'm just adding to the chorus, then I apologize. I haven't actually read through it yet, but came here to write down my thoughts first. EDITED TO ADD: I LOVE the addition of the items showing up on the maps though. I think that is an awesome idea. EDITED TO ALSO ADD: I also love the changes to Tommy, which I think were needed. I know I'm bitching about the pocket knives up above, but Tommy spawning with one was something I always thought was necessary. You can't really expect the guy to drop everything and go run to play interference on Jason if he's just going to get grabbed and killed, and it's a lot easier to play Tommy that way if you're not having to stop and search houses first.
  11. Hey, a bunch of guys from my regular Xbox One group that play every Friday night (starting around 7 - 8pm PST and ending around 2 - 3am PST) are dipping out for the holiday season, so I'm looking to bring in some new, regular or semi regular players. So if you want to play with some solid, good natured players either friend me on Xbox Live and send me a message, saying you're from the forum, or do the same thing on Twitter. Some of us are part of the "Film Twitter" community, so that's where we tend to gather and let everyone know who's gonna make it and who isn't :). Hope to see some of your ghouls and ghoulettes at camp tomorrow!

    The hashtag is "WhoisFive" and there is a picture of a (incorrect) hockey mask with blue markings at the end and the mode is called "Paranoia"... Are people really confused about what the mode is going to entail? Because it seems pretty obvious to me. The only question I have is whether or not, once the cat is out of the bag and the killer is revealed, their appearance will change to look like Roy or not. *fingers crossed that it does*
  13. I'm running a little behind today, probably be about another hour!
  14. There, there little butterfly. Just fly your precious wings up and away. This world is too dark and disturbing for something as pretty as you.