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  1. When this happened on ps4 they were on on Twitter two minutes later saying this is an accident and blah blah blah but they haven't said anything about this. That's why I think this was on purpose to kiss Xbox player's ass for the month long wait for a patch. Ok you want to give them a double xp weekend ok cool I understand that but I paid more backing the game just for the skin then I do for my car payment cuz I was PROMISED this would be exclusive. And I don't care that I play I ps4 and this happened on Xbox. it's about honesty and integrity to me.
  2. Terrible and horrible. I've never once regretted spending 250 dollars to back this game until this weekend. Call it a paid lesson on what not to do next time I guess as I'll never get a refund.
  3. I won't be shocked if it doeant come out today. Though I have to agree that if this isn't launched today it's not going to look good for GunMedia or Illfonic. This is meant to be a way of apologizing but what happens if they botch the apology? I can hear the demand for the Savini Jason all over again.
  4. From what I've read and heard if a counseler escapes with the keys or the fuse it will wash up on the shore of the lake somewhere. Don't know how true this is though.
  5. That's not what I was told would happen when I backed this game. When it leaked on psn I was ok with it cuz shit happens but this seems like they are planning on selling it and then that means I was lied to about it being BACKER ONLY
  6. In the tweet the guy asks if they plan on selling the Jason savini skin in the guy from the game respond not at this time but this may change in the future how is that not then planning on selling it later so all us backers were lied to and this is the proof that we were lied to from their own mouths on Twitter
  7. Can anyone tell me if they have set a time that we can start downloading the game off of psn for those of us that missed out on the pre-order?
  8. I'm having a real hard time killing time till the games release. So I was just wondering what everyone else is doing to kill the time? I've mostly been watch the beta videos on YouTube and coming up with strategys for when I can play.
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