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    same, what's your tag? Make a lobby & I'll join
  2. Release times

    But wouldn't that make it 12 pm then instead of am? I think it's 9 pm tomorrow
  3. Release times

    12 am EST is like 9 pm PST right? So like 9 pm on the 25th?
  4. Just found out after watching a stream that Tiffany is still the last counselor you unlock at level 18. Literally gonna have to grind this weekend
  5. So basically we can buy/sell a clothing pack but just not talk about it or mention it here at all right?
  6. I can't wait to start checking ebay, amazon, & other places every now & then for people selling their clothing packs after seeing what it looks like. There was more negativity towards it than I expected judging by youtube comments. I personally love all the clothes! Hopefully I get lucky, fingers crossed !
  7. Tiffany, duh. I literally had sooo much fun playing her in the beta & her stats are totally my fave. In my opinion repairing things with her was actually really easy for me tbh.
  8. Clothing Packs

    I was thinking that too, I hope they aren't too overpriced though
  9. Clothing Packs

    I completely understand where you're coming from. Having it availible later wouldn't make it as authentic. Honestly I really do hope they make further clothing packs down the line. The color palettes are cute too.
  10. Clothing Packs

    Hopefully people start listing them soon on EBay because it's totally empty of any F13 game content ATM
  11. Clothing Packs

    I know I've literally been subscribing to strangers for a chance to win