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  1. Jason is fine to be honest, especially after the rage buff
  2. That could be the case, wish we can get one of the guys to explain this great effect
  3. but wouldn't we at least see a little of the explosion itself?, also no matter how small it is, its impossible we cant see that and that they can go through at the exact same time as it falls apart
  4. Its not explosives since they immediately walk out the door, also we would notice the tape
  5. No seriously, I want to know how they actually made the effect. not about a joke on hollywood
  6. I notice in many horror movies a whole door is smashed apart by the killer charging through (very common in friday the 13th) but how did they do this effect, the doors dont have cracks when we see them, and they always massively fly apart in all directions, so Im curious how since theres no CGI
  7. will this fan film also be released on youtube like never hike alone?
  8. It looks great, maybe it will do just as good as never hike alone or better. I hope you have great reviews
  9. I thought the 7th one was good I heard, and was horror
  10. from my experience on roblox, you can copy other games, just not roblox games
  11. Only things his mother approves, so no rock or metal if she doesn't like it, he is a momma's boy
  12. I find that this is actually true, specially the part 5 arm slit kill, it just blood splatters instead of visible slashmarks Another Think i hope they do, make the kill animations more like single player, or at least like the kill pack kills, more cinematic to them, feeling more like a movie instead of being one angel it cuts to different parts of the kill
  13. wait I cant find what happened to Adam, Maybe im just blind but can you tell me
  14. I hate to be that guy, but savini not mainly because of his strengths and weaknesses (But it is really good) but because of the design, its so good If we are talking about non dlc, Part 4, Itsv my favorite friday the 13th movie, favorite Jason look, and favorite playstyle outside of savini
  15. Well this isn't exactly canon but in 2 comics, Leather face vs Jason and How I spent my summer vacation, are two friday the 13th comics that actual dive into the fact Jason would never attempt to kill someone who was also facial deformed (Leather face is like him so hes sympathetic, and the kid in the other one was also facial deformed) He did kill the bullies in how I spent my summer vacation, and they are kids in like there grade school years, It does make sense movie wise he would act this way as he probably never has met anyone else who was deformed like him. in the movies, I think its more of what he feels like at the situation, Jason didnt kill the kids in part 6, but he seemed like he was actually curious about it, and left after he was distracted. Jason definitely wanted to harm, or take Tommy, since he busted a window trying to get him. overall his behavior with kids is passive aggressive unless situation calls Also Jason has never killed muffin, in the ending muffin comes out the door alive
  16. Ok besides the Pamela part at the end, it was great, Enough deaths to satisfy, and more slow and painful, it definitely feels like a Friday the 13th movie here, its nice to see multiple characters survive, as the highest it ever been has been just 2 of the main cast.
  17. If I actually included the Mortal Kombat system, Jason would be able to break titanium with a karate chop, but that doesn't count for the simple reason it being something all the characters can do. Also the fact is I should've said most, your right some characters are weaker, but in the case of the main cast, Sub zero can freeze someone impossibly fast, Scorpion cannot die by normal means and also has more tactical power, so on and so forth. making them stronger then Jason
  18. Im talking about mortal Kombat X, and if It wasn't a surprise attack
  19. thank you, I haven't read all the books about Jason, but I have read all the comics, movies and games, and have taken every fact, the reason Why Jason would win is just simpley because no matter what, Jason is tankier, and stronger by 5x compared to Michael, Its like when people compare Chucky to leprechaun, it aint a fair fight since leprechaun has blown people apart with just his magic long range. people have to realize this with some matchups, honestly Jason even tho hes in mortal kombat, would probably be destroyed by all of them in a real fight canon wise. a fun fight against Jason would be victor crowley, since they are the same amount of strength, durability, and such
  20. Ok if we are going by Jason Undead And Original series micheal myers, Jason literally dunked a man's head so hard that it came out his ass If you count the game, Jason can also stop a car, Micheal gets hit by a car, and he goes flying Also natural electricity empowers Jason, while man-made stuns him, but with electricity Micheal was legit put him down in Halloween resurrection Micheal has squeezed a skull before, But Jason legit crushed one, Jason also has ripped entire limbs off with his bare hands, Micheal decapitated someone, But Jason cut someone inhalf, He also ripped a guys heart out which micheal never has done close to Physicality, Jason is way stronger then micheal, Micheal would be completely destroyed honestly, it aint a fair fight with undead Jason Also the fact Jason actually DOES know how to use a gun, bow and throw knives (Harpoon gun counts as a gun) Jason has more range with machete and is more deadly Jason also had to survive for years on his own if you remember, making bear traps, eating animals, ect, So survival wise hes better Stealth wise, Both are equal, But I guess Micheal is slightly better Micheal can drive a car Jason honestly has so much advantage over micheal, Even the mask if you think about it gives him a edge in the fact it counts as a defensive face protection, Micheal is just a rubber Jason has been lit on fire and kept going, Micheal has been lit on fire and went in a coma for 10 years, Pistol stunned Micheal Myers, Jason took a bullet to the head directly and ignored it, same for a shotgun Jason had a house collapse on him, and, If you actually think about this, He did survive for alittle bit after tommy slammed the machete into his face, he was still moving Micheal has never had a machete to the face, Or that serious amount of damage, So you cannot say that he would survive that People make the excuse Micheal never died, But he never took the same amount of abuse as Jason Jason has super regeneration if you read the comics and in Jason x, Micheal doesnt have or atleast the level that he cant regen from a grenade to his side Even the fact that Jason literally blew someone apart with just smacking them with a gun makes him stronger, Micheal mightve impaled with a shotgun, But he literally destroys this guy with a rifle Jason would win the fight, even living form honestly, or if you don't count the comics, But that is my opinion
  21. I honestly feel in the picture Tom morga has the best costume and close second is C.J, I really don't like how kens costume looks honestly, doesn't look like FVJ
  22. So who was who, was it all the actors who actually played each Jason or some of them random, I know CJ and Morga are actually playing theyre parts ?
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