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  1. pretty much my opinion J3o1e1 you did the right thing
  2. Guys in the movies Jason could Teleport EVEN roy Could In part 8 he teleported the most tho he has done it in 1 scene in part 7 where he was suddenly in the water just right after a kill There are many times were he teleports
  3. whats so bad about sinner101
  4. Content Vs Constant

    honestly the only thing i dislike in this game is small maps if jason gets buffed slightly on those maps so hes as good as the fact counselors can fix the car in 1 minute then the game will be great for me (I really hate small maps)
  5. Content Vs Constant

    who actually said that? ^ (not the show the person who said we dont care about new content) i still kill people 5/7 as part 7 so Jason isn't as weak as people say but i do admit they could make him more menacing for example adding a feature if you go near Jason while hes on the ground he would grab and if you don't hurry kill you (this is to prevent t-bagging but just a suggestion)
  6. i asked for ben not you
  7. @GunMedia @GunMedia_Ben does anyone know the answer?
  8. I'm pretty sure Ben if he asked would know the answer to our question so its worth a shot also they have the original people so they would know
  9. since im revisting my own topic ive decided maybe we should ask @GunMedia_Ben to tell us the truth of this situation since he works with the others Are the tapes canon ben?
  10. just finished the uber part but theres gotta be more its only 1.7 we need to find 1.8 and 1.9 and finally 2.0 but this is for sure gonna take awhile
  11. someone please how do you put the konami code on a keyboard im pc so i need help
  12. hey i got to the last section of the game but i dont know how to do the konami code please help im on pc so i cant use a controller
  13. PC not getting update today

    i still want to know when the dlc comes out ok? is that so much to ask?
  14. PC not getting update today

    actually they technially reduced the amount of meds and they made them at campsites which means i can take em out 1 by 1